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  • Labored breaths were expelled from his mouth, snowy-white paws turning up dirt and grass as he ran. Hazel eyes were locked onto the rabbit that ran for its life. Viktor began noting the creature was starting to show signs of fatigue from the chase. While Viktor was not built for sprints, he was built to outlast, his stamina generally coming out victorious in the end. It made hunting rather easy, that was, as long he did not loose sight of his target. With each stride was the rabbit beginning to slow, weaving in and around of the line it ran, trying its best to knock the guardian off of it. Finally did the brown tabby begin to dig in, picking up speed with a last boost of energy he had been saving for this very moment.

    Right before he lunged did he suddenly feel pressure around one of his back legs and was suddenly jerked back. Hitting the ground with a rather hard thud, Viktor winced in pain, twisting about to see what had captured him. Looking back towards his leg, one of his back paws had become stuck between two large tree roots. He pulled, twisted, and gnawed at the roots to no avail. Becoming exhausted from his chase and trying to free himself, he suddenly went limp, resting up only to try again a few moments later. It was then did he start to hear a slithering sound, one that send chills down his spine. Lifting his head off the ground, he stared into the brush where the sound came from, only to see a small, pinkish little flicker show itself. Narrowing his eyes, he proceeded to stare until a small head popped out. "Dammit, why do you keep following me?" he sighed, allowing his body to relax again. The figure paused for a moment as if contemplating something before it proceeded to slither forward, making its way on top of the cat's collapsed body before falling asleep. "I'm not your basking spot ya snake. Help me get out of here," despite his best efforts, the snake did not budge and he finally let out a groan of defeat. If it were any other snake, all hell would have broken lose, but this particular snake had been the one dwelling inside of his cabin. Viktor had only fed the snake once, and now it only recently began to follow him like a shadow.

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  • Illuna was wandering around when a rabbit nearly tripped her. "Gah, you stupid rodent!!"

    When she turned, she heard slithering, a snake. Then a voice. "Is anyone there?"

    Illuna started towards the voice, black tipped tail twitching behind her and her white fur sticking up on end.

    "I'm coming, don't worry."

  • Dec appeared, eyeing the strange scene in bewilderment. The girl didn't believe she'd met Victor formally, but had every intention of helping him. "Are you okay?" Her concern was gentle, quiet, and conveyed more by her features than anything. Declan was an open book. Her eyes betrayed any emotion that drifted into consciousness. It wasn't necessarily a bad thing; nor did it always concur with how much she preferred to brandish in the feelings department.

    The feline's lips twisted in tentative amusement as she observed. The tom was rather calm as he noted the snake. Calmer than the girl imagined she'd be. "What can I do to help?"

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  • The scene was damn near comical, enough for the corners of Cass' lips to turn upwards in something resembling a smile. She was tempted to make the same joke she made when Declan was hurt - oh no, might have to cut it off, but decided against it. After all, the two instances were far too close together for it to be just as funny, "How stuck are you?" she asked, her hawk coming down to land beside her, "We can try to wiggle you out, if you think that would help," and by 'we' she meant everyone else. It wasn't a situation where she worried she would break a nail, but rather one where she preferred to watch everyone tug and pull on Viktor's foot.

  • Illuna broke through the bushes and had to bury her head in the dirt to stop from laughing.

    "Wow, is that a snake on you?"

    She walked over and started looking at how stuck Viktor was, he didn't seem too stuck...all they'd need to do, was lift his body to the other side of the root and pull in the opposite direction. But still, it looked funny.