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  • It had been quite some time since the man had visited the west side of the jungle. Although he felt bad, in some sense, another part of him couldn't be bothered to come here. I have plenty other things to be doing besides making conversation with allies. Besides, I hear nothing from the Thunderlands in return, so why should I care? It was a mixture of self-performed pettiness and other mental notes, to say the least. As the coyote arrived at the border with his per-usual gift basket, he tapped an unsheathed claw idly against the ground. "Hello? Ryad here from Solaris Kingdom. Ambassador duties." That was all he needed, correct?

  • And the one to approch the ambassador first was nobody else then Ladon. It was not often he come to cross other people by the border but when he did do that was always trying his best to be as friendly as possible especially when it was about one of thier own alliences visiting them. " W-welcome Ryad."he voice say softly as he got closer over, a friendly smile present along with his shy features. Ladon was not a confident person neither was he one how felt all to comfortable to approch strangers for that matter. He was best described as a social awkward person. There was only people he truly felt comfortable with he could feel more open around. " My name's Ladon, h-how is Solaris k-kingdom doing?." he asked deciding to go a bit for a small talk with this person because what else was he suppose to say?. Hopefully they where doing well though, Lay remembered when he had stayed with them for a short while to pick flowers from thier garden for his medicin. They truly where a nice clan with good hearted people how lived there.



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  • Oh good, someone's here. "A pleasure to meet you, Ladon," though the comment is cool and formal. "Solaris is ... doing well, I suppose. We've had our spurts of inactivity here and there, though I suppose that's my fault. We've been doing the usual: raids, parties, the likes, there's nothing much interesting going on over in the Kingdom except our recent conflicts with the Exiles, nothing big." He pauses a moment. "So ... how's the Thunderlands faring? I seldom hear word from you lot."

  • "Ah, the Exiles. Forever an undying nuisance," Julian chuckled as he approached the scene, halting beside Ladon and brushing his tail against his boyfriend's own as a gesture of greeting. They hadn't been very social with Solaris lately, and Julian supposed that was kind of his own fault- he'd been a bit lackluster in the process of managing the ambassador program recently, something he intended to fix up sooner rather than later. "Things have been... pretty quiet around here, too. Our leader Nymeria was recently bitten by a snake, though- she'd taking some time to recover," the feathered tom murmured, a hint of solemnity in his voice. He was still confused and vexed about what had happened to the collie, and seeing her so obviously frustrated with her condition despite laughter and jokes was something he could sadly relate to. "Oh! I'm Julian, by the way. Pleasure to meet you."



  • A brow raised as Julian arrived, and suddenly a much more pleasant smile eased upon his lips. Ah, here's someone I remember from my other visits. "As per usual," he says in response to the Exiles comment, and he nods his head very briefly. "Bitten by a snake?" A brow quirks. "I do hope she recovers well, yet it's unfortunate to hear that the Thunderlands have fallen into a void themselves. I remember when you lot were a powerhouse. An oh, a pleasure to meet you as well, - " he pauses a moment. "I'll just slide in a reminder that should ever the Thunderlands need something from the Kingdom, we'd be pleased to help." Though I'm not sure what goes on in Ver's mind lately, whether she decides otherwise.

  • The recent 'revival' of the Exiles bothered him immensely, almost as much as the individuals who thought it ok to laugh and joke about the group. They were privileged, lucky, that they hadn't endured half of the things he had at the paws of the rogues, when the sheer mention of them was enough to sour his mood and leave him watching an ally with a frown then perhaps it spoke volumes about the heaviness of his past rivalry with them. Feliks wouldn't talk about it, even as his mouth gaped like a fish's as he grew tempted to correct their insensitivity, he resisted spilling his heart out. "Likewise," the wolf offered in response to the reminder, giving a nod of greetings towards Ryad once he'd approached close enough. Ears seemed to flicker at some of the words spoken and ever the snarky beast, he fired back quickly. "I recall living in SunClan- sorry, the Solaris Kingdom, in their glory days. It truly is a shame how time's dealt them a bad hand, we all wish you a swift recovery,". 'I remember when you lot were a powerhouse', he wasn't patriotic enough to be personally offended by the comment but the wolf felt some spite in the way it was worded.

    Perhaps it was just his head warning him not to grow close to those who'd jest about a clan that slaughtered babies, but that would be hypocritical (even if a long time had passed since the Deputy had been responsible for infanticide). The wolf's tolerance for You have a dark humour, don't you? When have you ever cared for monitoring jokes? He paused to think, tongue clicking against the roof of his mouth. Too personal, I know I'd act the same way if they joked about slaughtering my family. He needed to get off the topic sooner rather than later, his gums felt sour the longer he doted over what was just supposed to be passing comments. "My name's Feliks, since I don't think we've met before,". In a way, the Solaris Kingdom was the exact opposite of what he liked. Royal titles, princes and princess, monarchy, order. So long as their subjects weren't treated harshly, his attention rarely settled on the place, the Kingdom could surely advocate their own freedom if they felt mistreated, they'd never been as obsequious as other groups despite their politics.