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  • Hello everyone! Ruby here and I'm adopting out a kitten.

    The plot of this kitten is that her mother, a rogue named Blizzard, has a catnip litter with a npc rogue. She kills two of her kittens, both males, and only one survives, getting lost in the madness. You can pick the gender. The newborn is found by another npc rogue, who drops them off at DarkClan's border. There, Jewelpelt (Blizzard's mother) will find them and take them in, caring about her together with her mate. This middle-aged couple gives the kit all the love in the world. Again, they don't know who the parents are. The kit will grow up loved and happy, but they will have flashbacks or memories of her mother scarring them and shaping them too.

    They might find out about their mother sometime soon or even encounter her.

    The family tree they are tied to:

    You can pick how they look as father is not determined. Mother is a small white shorthair with brown eyes and naturally bad hunting and fighting abilities, but hasn't learnt to suppress her kittypet blood. Grandparents are a dead shelter cat and Jewelpelt, and ex exposition cat with extremely soft pelt, now DarkClan warrior. Her new mate is Pinefall, a former tribe cat.

    Looking forwards to all forms! Kit has to stay active in DarkClan until at least warrior or apprenticeship.

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  • OH! I'd love to snag the kit! I've been wanting to reincarnate an old boy of mine and this sounds perfect y e s

    is there a form I should fill out or..?



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