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  • She hadn't strayed this close to a border in a very long time. For so long she'd been actively avoiding the clans, favoring exploration of Agrelos' uninhabited lands; solo research was far more peaceful and far less awkward — social interaction had never been Céline's strong suit. Though she would be lying if she claimed not to miss Callianeira...

    Abruptly shoving away the thought, the dainty kitsune came to a halt and looked around through cold blue eyes. All she saw was sand, and a few cacti here and there. Despite having made it her mission to study the entirety of both continents with as much attentiveness as possible, there was nothing particularly interesting to her about the virtually barren Derelict Expanse. It was the Arcane Mountains that she was really here for, but necessity called for passage through the desert, and she supposed that she might as well stick around for a bit and learn what she could while she was here.

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  • There was a lot more to the Derelict Expanse than one thought. It had ruins and a forest - all of it underground - and, surprisingly, an healthy garden that held most of their herbs and some other types of food he's never bothered to try before as well as an oasis. However, because nobody knew all of that, the Suncircle Knight could rest easy knowing no one would raid them for their supply or anything of that sort.

    9S use to be one for solitude as well and research was something of a specialty for him. Though he was particular adept at "researching" behind enemy lines - it was what a Scanner like him was initially made to do. Anything outside of his job was completely foreign to him but after staying in Solaris Kingdom for roughly a month, he's learned quite a bit and has even climbed the ranks while he was here. He had collected enough information about Solaris Kingdom, that if he ever went back to Commander to show her and the rest of YoRHa, he would probably be thoroughly praised. But 9S never intended on going back to YoRHa. Humanity was dead - what use was there anymore? So he guessed this "research" was for himself, and maybe others should time eat away at Solaris and leave nothing else.

    The ivory caracal approaches the stranger on the border with his sword, Cruel Oath, floating loyally at his side. He probably looked something out of royal guard with his pristine fur and his unique weapon, the way he carried himself was confident enough, at least, even while he was blindfolded. 9S seemed acutely aware of the girl's presence and he pauses right before her, his head turned in her direction. "Name and business with Solaris Kingdom?" He inquires of her in soft, boyish vocals, his tail giving the slightest twitch.



  • Sangria didn't know anything to be different about her homes. Both homes were sandy deserted with different types of heat, but both homes were her's, and therefore she didn't try to nitpick the barren lands. Honestly, she probably couldn't tell they were barren, with how often she simply sat to look at her crown or read a book. Did Sangria know what a cactus even was? Who knows. Nonetheless, the cloudy-headed child approached behind 9S, nubby tail wagging. She wasn't yet of age to wander alone, but that didn't really stop her nor the other children that reached the border. She remained silent, waiting for the strange woman's response.

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  • — The only reason why Joe had come to the Solaris Kingdom was for information. She didn't get any of it yet, unfortunately, but she was still holding out on the hope that someone would come someday with information on her family. They were all out there somewhere, and she hoped they were okay. Sometimes, she wondered if she should leave and search for them. But at the same time, she didn't want to leave all the friends she made at the Kingdom. It was conflicting, to say the least. The Solaris Kingdom was a great place, after all, and she didn't want to leave.

    The hybrid shook off her thoughts as she approached the border where a small group has gathered; two Solarians and one unfamiliar face. Joe watched her with a neutral gaze, waiting for her response to 9S.




  • Her ears were pricked as she studied the boy who'd addressed her, curiosity written all over her scarred face. Céline was silent for a moment, glancing back and forth between the cloth covering his eyes and the mysterious sword floating dutifully beside him. He certainly made for an interesting sight, she thought. "My name is Céline Wolfgang," she introduced herself, briefly letting her vibrant gaze sweep over the other creatures that had gathered. Two children, neither of which particularly interested her. "I'm on my way to the Arcane Mountains; I'm an explorer. I'd like to stay with Solaris Kingdom for a bit while I gather information and prepare for my journey, and take a good look at the Derelict Expanse while I'm here as well." Silence followed her words, but it wasn't long before her curiosity got the best of her. "Why do you wear a blindfold?"

    「 AND I DON'T WANT YOUR PITY ——— ・゚✧ 」

    ❝ i just want somebody near me — tags & documentations

  • 9S allows his ears to shift slightly upon his head as he is joined by two of the Solarian youth, Sangria and Joe, judging by their scents. He would briefly dip his head in their direction in a silent greeting, his attention remaining ever so present on Céline. Her words, spoken smoothly with a feminine overtone, formed an introduction and an explanation of her intentions as he had prompted her and such had intrigued him for the lack of better words. This stranger was an explorer and seemed to have no real interest in remaining in Solaris Kingdom for the long-term. 9S was fine with a temporary residence so long as Céline did her part while she was here collecting what information she needed about the Arcane Mountains. It troubled him slightly, however, being the soldier he was - he was concerned about possible exposure if Céline were to ever come across one of their own common enemies. It was a possibility, certainly, and thus 9S did not solidly place his trust in her just yet.

    He would "stare" at her evenly for a moment and then more, her inquiry about him having initially taken him off guard. His expression isn't clearly written on his face, though if she were to see his eyes, she would have been able to tell that she managed to surprise him. "I fight better this way." He responds, and adds further explanation with an inclination of his head, "And all members of our Warfare guild must show their loyalty in some way by wearing the colors of our guild." The Suncircle Knight then properly addresses the more important situation at hand: Céline's joining. "Welcome to Solaris Kingdom, miss Céline Wolfgang. I am 9S, one of the assistant deputies here, also called an Suncircle Knight. It's nice to meet you." He swiftly introduces himself in one fell swoop and dipped his head towards the kitsune, quietly hoping the other youths would follow him and introduce themselves as well. Rolling slim shoulders back, the soldier would let a smile lift upon his lips for a moment as he offers to Céline, "Would you like a tour of our home or would you rather be left to your own?"



  • Simon would be lying if he were to say that he didn't often think of his old home. He missed the Whispering Pines dearly, the grounds filled with texture and tall trees, which held their own wonders within the branches. The temperatures were cool, the atmosphere peaceful. Here, it was all the same. Dull scenery and the constant panting, his dark and thick coat unused to the suns rays. But his mother had brought him to the Solaris Kingdom for a reason, so he'd make her happy and stay. For now, at least. Although as he made deeper connections with his clanmates, he found the prospect of saying goodbye harder and harder.

    The boy approached the group, arriving just in time to hear her name and intentions. An explorer, huh? That was pretty rad. He didn't mind so much that she could potentially use whatever she gathered here as blackmail or telling an enemy clan, but was rather too interested in the idea of what she was looking for and what she's seen. He hadn't gone to many of the other clans, and wondered what else was out there. "It'll be nice to have you, Céline! I'm Simon. You'll have to tell me about your explorations someday. And then maybe I could do some exploring myself." He'd wink at her before breaking into a small fit of chuckles. It was all in good fun. He liked guys anyways.




  • As the coyote strode over to the group, a few certain words made his ears perk. A temporary joiner? You don't see those much. Disappointing. Face expressionless as he stood before the rest of them, he merely dipped his head in greeting before the newcomer, despite being inable to see them. "Welcome to the Kingdom," he says, voice rather flat and chilly. "My name is Ryad, I am the Duskbreaker - or deputy here, if you will. We'll be pleased to have you stay, even if only for a short while. If there's anything you might need - questions or otherwise - send for me. Asking me to find you is rather hazardous, I'm afraid I might end up on the other side of the territory," he snorts as he chuckles, gesturing vaguely towards his glazed over eyes with a small smile twitching the corner of his mouth.