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  • With the days growing warmer and longer as the valley teeters on the verge of summer's onset, the gardens are bursting with their bounty. Jeri has been tending dutifully to them each and every day; and though he's already stolen some fruits to take home for Dusk and himself, Eden is overflowing with more that the little tabby could ever eat on his own. There are many late-spring plants still full of life as well as plenty of early-summer ones just beginning to blossom the perfect opportunity to harvest before some of the vegetation begins to rot and still have time for more growth before the next season is fully in swing. Thus the Abbot can be found crouched among the plants, a woven basket at his side as he gingerly pulls a fruit from its stem and deposits it carefully onto the pile. The sweet taste lingers in his mouth strawberries are his absolute favorite and he has half a mind to eat the next one he comes across, but truth be told Jericho has already snuck a couple to snack on today. He lifts his head and parts his jaws to taste the air and it's filled with nectarous, honey-like smells wafting from the garden and all its contents... StarClan, it's heaven. The temperate weather and fertile soil makes for fantastic farming, and now he hardly knows what to do with all he is now reaping from the sown. If he remembers correctly and if his nose isn't lying, he has quite a bit more harvesting to do, and it's going to take all day and more at the rate the three-legged tom is going. But, then again, perhaps he wouldn't mind some company...

    His warm amber gaze seems to brighten at the idea and the ginger feline tries his best to straighten his small stature as he clears his throat gently and calls out, "Ah, would anyone like to help me harvest? There's lots of fruits and vegetables." ...A problem to gather on his own, and yet not a bad problem to have. He flicks an ear towards a stack of baskets he'd found and set aside earlier and then adds. "I — well, I was thinking we could put together some baskets to send with the ambassadors, too. We have lots of berries, oranges, peaches, apricots, tomatoes, cucumbers, corn, carrots, and... ah, well, a lot more than that, actually. I could use some help." He smiles a little sheepishly as he grows quiet once more, waiting for his nearby clanmates to approach. Jericho admits that he isn't usually one to ask for aid he doesn't want to bother anyone else with his requests after all but there's something about the luscious scents of the garden and its orchard and the warm sun against his back that makes the idea of having a friend or two to lend a helping paw sound very appealing indeed.

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  • Declan was completely thrilled with the idea of farming. The concept was equally curious and enchanting. She'd wanted to learn about Havener's agriculture ever since she'd arrived.

    The girl hadn't experienced a true harvest, but it made her nostalgic. She recollected picking berries off and on when she wandered around as a young child. They were never sweet or even remotely appetizing, but it was such a darling experience that it stuck.

    As she padded over to Jeri, the fem purred fondly in greeting. Declan seemed comfortable in his presence. At least more than the girl usually allowed herself to be around others. It was partly due to the gratitude she felt in reference to the healer. However, it was also because she was sure he was genuine - one of the good ones. The male just radiated that vibe.

    "I would love to help!"

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    "I suppose I'll help too," Aradia said as she made her way over, six tails flicking back and forth. The gardens were rather unfamiliar to her even though she was now a Guardian of the Haven, and most of the territory was second nature to her. However, the gardens were not. After all, Aradia never ate the fruits or vegetables or greenery there - why do that when she could have fresh meat and warm blood? However, she still wanted to make herself useful, so she supposed she could help her Clanmates with the harvesting, no matter how disinterested she was with the farming discipline.




  • The tabby brightens visibly at the arrival of two of his clanmates. The first — Declan — he recognizes from her injury, and who he automatically trusts for her kind disposition; then again, Jericho seems to automatically trust just about everyone. Then there's Aradia, a fellow Guardian who he was unnerved by at one time but whom he's grown to appreciate during their shared time in Wind Haven. They're a good pair to have helping out, in the Abbot's view. "Wonderful! I think that gives us enough paws to start with, ah, even if I'm short one," the feline announces, a lightly joking hint entering his tone as the three-legged tabby references his missing fourth paw. He sets the bounty he's collected so far aside so as to gesture with a flick of an ear in the direction he recalls placing the baskets, his blind gaze flickering searchingly in the area as if he's struggling to remember exactly where he placed them. "There's baskets over there, I think — I was getting some strawberries, but there's blueberries and blackberries nearby, er, I believe. You could start picking some of those or gathering the vegetables, which are closer to the orchard. Oh! And there's lots of fruits on the trees, like peaches and lots of citruses and — " Jericho realizes after a few moments that he's begun to ramble, and thus abruptly cuts himself off with a sheepish smile, the skin just below his auburn fur briefly heating to a similar shade of red. His clanmates are smart enough, and with the added advantage of the eyesight he lacks, Jeri's certain they can figure it out on their own. Even if they were as blind as he, the overwhelming scent of nectarous fruit from all angles should give them a hint as to where to start.

    He turns back to his basket, carefully depositing a couple more strawberries before he decides that he should move on. The three-legged tom grips the handle between his jaws and attempts to lift it, but the load is nearly as big as the little tomcat himself. He wobbles with the weight of his pile of strawberries, nearly toppling over before he regains his balance and plops the basket back down once more, not far from where he started. ...Maybe he'll leave the transporting to his clanmates, too. He smiles, good-humored even in his embarrassment, and elects to hurriedly move on to picking raspberries. Their juice seeps onto his tongue as he moves the fruit to and fro from vine to basket, strongly sweet and tart undercut by a subtle floral note. He savors the taste and thinks how he can't wait to share with the other Haveners, all his friends and family, all they've grown. "...Or, ah, you could work on getting baskets ready to give to the ambassadors if you'd rather," he speaks up again in suggestion, his tone softer and more distant with thought now as his concentration lingers on his own harvesting.

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  • Draco came forwards, a little bit late. With his newfound interest in the art of farming, an opportunity like this was too good to pass up. His purple eyes gleamed with excitement, knowing that this would lead to more doors to be opened. Eventually, he'd have a farm of his own! His white paws were stained purple from a picture he had been painting previously, which was sitting and drying as he abandoned the project. "I wanna help!" the tom spoke, hoping he wasn't too late.

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