dear mccracken [tesfaye]

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    the world seemed to move slower, as if halting under her paws. the soil felt different, and maybe it was from her long disappearance. no longer did she recognize the faces of shadow veil, only seeing unfamiliar gusts of wind fly past her. no..she could no longer hear the soft chatter of the chickens she had brought, no longer see the sun rising above the clouds and shining down upon them. no longer see corpsepaw. in a selfish way, she wished to have kept him by her side. a constant sun-ray to beam down upon her despite his morbid ways. it felt as if everything had gone away from her, that the girl had been plucked and thrown in a world that was not her's.

    yet, there had been a small, wavering, constant in her life. the appearance and the disappearance of a dear friend. it was as if he had been cast down from a cruel god. luring her in further with the sweet nothings he had said. yet, when all was said and done, it was her heart that had suffered the most. she had always wanted to ask him why his soul was so restless. why he felt the need to tie a string around her neck and leave it tight as he had gone away. what had the world promised him? he was no regular man. his heart was made of eagle feathers, his voice a smooth poison that felt like ambrosia. at times, it made her sick to stay around him.

    and so, there the vulpine had stayed. knowing that, somehow, he would find her while she was on her own travels. because he always did. as if the feathers had soared and soared until she had shone, until to fly soon after. the world had much to offer, she had agreed, but yellownectar was a type to stay. ever complacent, ever calm, ever loved. tesfaye never seemed to understand the concept of staying still. and maybe that was admirable. but he acted as if the ground would collapse under him, swallowing him whole, if he had simply stayed. perhaps he would never change that fear. upon her way to a new home, honey-kissed eyes had kept a watch for him. a burning star escaped from the sky.


    jsdh my writing will get better i swear


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