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  • Hi everyone I am new to this site but am eager to get back into the roleplay scene. It has been a little over 5 or 6 let's see what I can come up with shall we? :-[

  • Welcome to the site!

    If there is anything you need help with, feel free to ask (:

    What roleplays do you plan on participating in?

    Character descriptions for one. Thinking back at some rps I viewed in the past some could be elaborate others not so much. And the same thing would happen in the rps would you stop that from happening?

    I would like something animal based with the occasional off-topic.

  • Welcome back !! For what you’re looking for you could have some luck roleplaying in free over here in the Other animal boards but there’s also a specific fan warrior cat threads that can be found Here

    But if you want something more constant you can check out Agrelos our extended game which you learn about in this Codex it may look complicated but it’s super easy and if you’d like some help figuring things out feel free to ask questions or PM me !! Basically dumbed down its a world of talking magical animals who fight and talk with each other

    There’s also Warrior cat rp which works just like the Erin Hunter books!!

  • Welcome to the site! If you like animal based RP with magic and powers, I'd definitely check out Agrelos! If you're looking for something more akin to Warrior Cats, definitely head over to Traditional. If you have any questions, the Help Den is a great place to ask, or send a conversation to one of staff! (or one of the helpful people above)