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  • softer than ice —

    a strong scent of exiles drifted towards any nearby haveners. while one would expect a dirty exiler to be waiting at the border, a single ice-blue envelope sits on the floor. it's the source of the scent, but not a soul is around for miles. the letter inside the note reads:


    My name is Princess Penny, I'm from the Exiles! I noticed there were lots of fighting at my home and that really scares me. So, I made a party where we all can just come together and have fun! Maybe we can be friends too! Please come, I'm hosting it in the West Bound Meadow. There's lots of food and dancing!

    Sincerely, Princess Penny.

    // thread link: FEAST OF KINGS -- Princess Penny's Friendly Friend Event!






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  • Ninjasexparty never liked the Exiles. They held quite the sinister reputation- torturing innocents, raiding others whenever they felt like it. Whether things had changed from this over the past year, he didn't know. He stared at the invitation for a long time, conflicted. Was this a trick of some sort? Or was it a genuine call for peace? The unicorn was caught very much off guard. "'A party where we can come together and have fun' ...huh." he'd echo, words slow and careful and... just so wary. He hated turning down a party. If he were a kid again- stupid and aloof- he'd be over there as fast as his legs would allow.





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  • Dusk came to stand with Ninja and read the letter in complete alarm. "This sounds like the biggest trap ever concocted," the cream tabby muttered to Ninja. He stared at the words a while longer, trying to understand what the point of it all was. Was it targeted at them specifically? Would actual other groups be there...? He didn't like the sound of it either way. "I hate the sound of walking into a pit of enemies - especially the Exiles. I don't think we should go. Maybe we could send a spy or two, though... but even then..." Duskstar was on the fence about the whole idea. Was it even worth it to risk lives over this...?

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  • Wash was never one for paranoia. Defensiveness, certainly, but at the end of the day he just blandly accepted it when things went wrong. Oh, you're going to try and kill me again? Alright. He never tried to talk Honey out of it, even if it angered him. A quiet resignation, that was all. But things were different now. Life no longer seemed to betray him at every turn. His family was growing in a place that allowed it, and the people here were wonderful. Friendly, kind. He knew that not everyone on this planet was, but this was, well, a haven for them. To think that it might be threatened has something anxious thrumming in his chest. The smell of this group is a somewhat familiar one and he expects to read something awful, but as the lion carefully treads closer to read with the other two, grey eyes soften.

    "She sounds like a frightened child," he murmurs, a twinge in his chest almost becoming a physical pain. Maybe he can blame Bee for this, though she's with Honey for now. Not somewhere that he can look at her, but he can still feel her little paws. He's tired of seeing a world full of frightened children. "Maybe it's not a trap."

  • "I wouldn't mind going." The unicorn would offer with a shrug of his shoulders. Honestly, he didn't. But there was a small inkling that he did. This whole thing gave him mixed feelings on what would be a good call. Because if on the off chance this was actually a true honest-to-StarClan party, he'd be regretting not going for the next several weeks. His stomach seemed to churn as Wash's comment. "Yo... are you suggesting they might've used some poor kid as bait?" he asked. Would the Exiles really stoop that low? He doesn't know for sure. He wants to say 'yes'. But that was the stereotypes talking.





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  • "Anyone can write a note and pretend to be a scared puppy," Cass remarked as she came close, her eye focused on the letter. Admittedly, she didn't like it any better than the others, however allowing her Clan to skip out on an event simply because they were being cautious? Not on her time, "Then again, if a pro-Clan like us can have someone like Aradia, then the Exiles can have someone that is ignorant to her surroundings," she tried to reason, turning to her Clanmates. Her lips pulled into a thin line, ears drawn back, "What I'm trying to say is, is that I don't mind going. No powder-blue letter is going to frighten me," she finished.

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  • The feline had a mixed reaction about all of this. It was a fair point that this would intended to be a trap, but it sounded almost tooobvious. "If this was a trap, wouldn't they try to be more discrete about it?" mused the male to no one in particular. While Viktor was certain they could hold their own if something were to occur, but at what cost. "I believe staying here might be a good idea. Worst case, we can send someone over discussed as a bird and just see what we can." Who would ever expect a small native bird to be a spy? While the chance of someone exposing the act was likely, a bird would be able to flee before anyone could rally an attack. "I'd be willing to do, if I need to."