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  • It'd been a couple of days since Corrin had joined and settled into the group. Most of his free time was taken up by him sleeping or keeping an close eye on his more fatal injuries. Bandages covered all of his wounds, none of them bothered Corrin aside from the one directly above his eye. It was hard for the young male to see.

    Currently, the male was wandering the territory, a bored expression on his face. A sudden chirping noise alerted him and he glanced towards a bunch of nearby trees, watching as a small, red cardinal swooped down and Corrin stared closely, in concern. He stepped protectively over the tiny bird and he muttered. "I'll call you Lilith."


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    When it came to pets, Leo had once been against keeping them around as he did not like the idea of losing them. It would have been a burden since the feeling of being unable to protect them would have been a painful experience. They were not like humans where they lived a long time and were much more delicate. That was why he had been the child that had always turned down his father's offers about getting a pet to take care of. His siblings had been more than happy to receive them, only to find them dead within a few days or so. His older brother Xander had often taken it well, though he knew that it was just for show as the male always went off to cry in his bed when he thought that no one was watching. His sisters, on the other hand, were the ones that balled their eyes out and held little memorials for their fallen companions. He was the only one that had never went through it as he did not have a 'pet phase'. Instead, Leo chose to read books in his spare time and practice his magic. He was not a fan of taking care of other creatures, aside from his family members. The blonde furred feline planned on never having any distractions in his life...that was until he met his crow, Brynhildr.

    He had come across the bird in the middle of the forest as a teenager when he had been practicing with his tomes. The poor little thing had gotten it's wings caught in the brambles of a nearby bush so Leo had assisted in helping them out. Every since then, the two had become inseparable as the bird had become attached to its hero. Leo was not sure what had influenced it to become his partner but he assumed that it was because they saw him as their personal bodyguard. In the beginning, it had been a little annoying as he was not comfortable with the idea of owning a pet. Time was what kept them together as the crow had grown on him. They were so close to the point where Leo no longer viewed the winged creature as a pet. Rather than being something he owned, he viewed them as a familiar or assistant. It was funny how he had been so quick to change after all that talk as a kitten. He supposed he had to hand it to Brynhildr for that as he believed that fate had brought them together. Every event had a purpose for occurring, after all. His faithful friend and him were meant to have met each other so that they could have accompanied him on his adventure to find Corrin. Speaking of his older brother, the domestic feline was currently looking for the male as he wanted to look out for them.

    A deep sigh escaped from his chapped lips as he scanned the vicinity around him. To his dismay, there was nothing but trees and NPC Blizzardclanners in the area. None of them were his crimson-eyed sibling. He ignored the irritated squawk that came out of Brynhildr's beak and continued to saunter through the forest. He assumed that they were asking for him to give up so they could have head back home as it was a little chilly outside. Instead he padded deeper into the territory until his dark brown eyes spotted a familiar creature. There they were, bandages and all. He rolled his eyes while he sauntered over to ask what they were up to. Leo had reminded them so many times to get some rest and yet they refused to do nothing due to their curious nature. What a troublesome dolt. He opened his mouth to yell for them to return back to camp, until he noticed that they noticed that they were hovering over something. Were they hurt? Without waiting any further, he sprinted over to help them. "Corrin! Are you okay--" he stopped mid sentence to stare at what they were protecting. The young prince blinked his eyes in confusion at the cardinal they were covering before he took a seat beside the feline. "Um...are you trying to hunt that thing? If so, you're not really doing a good job at it." he deadpanned. Brynhildr simply stared at the bird in disdain as it believed that it was superior compared to the smaller creature.


  • Growing up in Nohr, Corrin had often felt lonely in that isolated fortress, so he had spent most of his time with the servants or catching a rodent running wild. Of course, he'd been forced to release every small creature he managed to catch, as Felicia and Flora caught him with the rodents. Then, there was the strange bird he saved and nursed back to proper health. Directly after that, a new servant came to the fortress, Lilith. She had been a good friend to the lonely Prince whenever his siblings weren't around. And of course, there was Silas who often assisted Corrin into sneaking out of the fortress, going on small adventures and having fun. Sanguine-hues focused on Leo as his younger sibling sauntered over. He'd half expected to hear a lecture about how he should be inside, letting his bandaged injuries heal. Instead, he was only being questioned about the cardinal that sat between his paws. "Oh, hey Leo." He mused. "This is Lilith. I plan on keeping her as a companion." The young male explained, leaning down and letting the small bird hop onto his shoulder, though he grit his teeth from the spike of pain throughout his form as he crouched to the cold ground.


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    Funny how it all plays out in the end


    Keeping pets was something Kady was never really interested in. Not until dinosaur eggs had been discovered on the territory and she ended up hatching a small raptor. While Eugene wasn't constantly by her side, she did love her little boy. He was really weird and quite rambunctious at times, but that's the price she pays for love. Her curiosity perked when she overheard Corrin speaking with Leo about keeping the tiny bird as their new pet. Eugene, who happened to be with her today, trailed by her side as she approaches the two with a small smile on her face. "A bird companion could be a lot of fun. Were you considering training them by any chance?" If he did and he needed help then naturally she'd recommend speaking to Canoris since the female has six trained humming birds to assist her in battle. Granted she originally trained them for guiding her when she was blind, but now that she could see she still uses them to her advantage.

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  • Think of the devil and she shall appear. Canoris padded up shortly after Kady, smelling the injuries and responding to her hummingbirds - of which all six were freaking the fuck out... again. She'd learned it was because a lonely baby bird was nearby and in need of assistance after Jonas had also found one. "What happened to you? Corrin, is it? I'm Canoris." She ignored Kady even though she stood right beside her. She didn't glance at their leader even though she could feel everything Kady was feeling.She kept her attention on Corrin and Leo, both of whom she'd yet to meet.

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