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  • they couldn't think of something to say the day you burst

    Meg Masters.  buckle up meg this kid's a disaster

    "you reaaally don't want seconds!" the sight of the serval talking to a leaf that he had pinned down with a single cream paw was definitely not an ordinary one. in fact, this was about the most outlandish thing starlight ever attempted; and that was only because he thought he was clear of prying ears or eyes. the boy had ventured deeper into the shadowed woods that morning with his intentions set on working on what he called his "technique". evidently, the fighting style was a little too much for his opponent.


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    The feathery feline was skilled in ways she hadn't shown to many clans, including her own. Taught by other demons and sometimes the King of Hell himself, Meg knew all the little ways to make someone seethe and burn. She never had any qualms with it, as she was created a demon instead of being turned into one. Although, it seemed that quite a number of clanmembers had different opinions on means of torture and maiming.

    With that being said, when she heard the serval's voice echoing through the trees, she couldn't help but be extremely interested with what was happening. With her paws carrying her through the underbrush, the ex-demon's heart raced with excitement. Was it another squabble with an Exiler? Or was it a random wanderer passing by getting a beating? All of these thoughts filled her head, but soon diminished when she came upon the younger male.

    "You've got to be kidding me," she murmured, staring at the serval pinning down the leaf before him. This was the most disappointed she had ever been. With her ears pinning back slightly, the feline sighed. "You know, you'll actually get more practice if you use something alive," Meg stated, glancing down at her claws and flexing them in and out of their home.


  • they couldn't think of something to say the day you burst

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    "YIPES!" the alarmed noise slipped out of him before he could comprehend what was going on. his dodge to the side preceded the exclamation, so when he finally turned his widened gaze to his unintentional (at least he hoped she didn't mean to be) terrorizer, he was rather hunched over. gradually, he found his breath again and ventured forward. "i don't think i'm there just yet. my claws sorta malfunction when i pounce on things and i've got a feeling i could really hurt someone if that's the case." he wasn't exactly challenging fate when he batted at a leaf, but if he swiped at a clan-mate who knew what would happen.

    swallowing a little, the boy let his eyes roam before he piped up with a "...i dunno if you've had the same problem, but if you know anything about scratching things the right way then i'm all ears." his situation bore a sad humor to it in that one wouldn't expect a serval of all beasts not to know how to properly use his main means of defense. though he'd never say it aloud, the reminder of this irony wore a hole within him.


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    Oh, she wouldn't be a terrorizer to the young tike. She hadn't had a chance to terrorize in so long that part of her felt like she didn't really know how to do it anymore. Having to deal with mortal needs like eating and sleeping took up so much of her time that she had found herself neglecting her practice.

    Watching the frightened male slowly overcome his scare, the corners of Meg's maw twitched upwards. A decade ago, she may have played around with him; threaten him and his family before slicing his throat. But she had gotten soft, just like the fur on her hide. Morals were a messy business. Her thoughts slowly came to a halt as she processed the next words that came out of his mouth.

    "Malfunction?" she echoed, an amused chuckle seeping through her voice. "Were you declawed or something?"

    After serval hesitantly spoke up once more, her dark ears swiveled forward in interest. He was asking for help? From her? On attacking? "Well jeez, it's been centuries since someone asked me to be their teacher," she stated with a toothy beam. She took a few steps so that she was next to the younger feline, observing his stance. She instantly saw issues with the boy if he wanted to fight against others, it was written in his body language and voice.

    "Relax your muscles. Look at me, and take a deep breath," she ordered, not breaking eye contact with the serval. She needed him to be confident for her training to work. It wouldn't be easy for a babbling fool to try and slice some throats if he was constantly apologizing for it - or getting spooked by his own actions.


  • they couldn't think of something to say the day you burst

    "no, they're there alright.", he mumbled, lifting up a paw to inspect the thing absent-mindedly. "it's just...i don't know when to draw them back or my paw doesn't respond well to what my mind's telling it to do. it might be panic, might be stupidity - i...i can't be sure." and here he was sounding even stupider. if he rambled on much longer, he'd probably go off into circles and then where would they be? absolutely nowhere.

    he gave his head a gentle shake, willing the questions to settle down and make room for necessary knowledge. there were brains enough within his skull to trust that he would have to pay heed should the experienced one lend suggestions. emphasizing his thoughts would not make him a difficult opponent to meet on the battle field. no, they would only drive him astray, opening him up to blows that he could have easily escaped if he had only devoted some attention to her shared wisdom.

    how didn't she turn to dust if she was that old? this inquiry failed to see the light of day for he briskly buried it beneath the other ideas that wished to plague him. what did it matter - she was still standing and that meant plenty about her ability to prevail.

    at once, starlight recognized orders and began to fulfill them. his shoulders fell snugly back and soon the weight he previously threw forward was in its rightful place. his big eyes met hers whilst he beckoned in a careful breath then exhaled softly. "now what?" he said out of the side of his mouth.


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  • His response was a strange one. She would have asked why he didn't know how to use his own body, but she didn't know how to either, of course. Many years ago she had woken up inside this feline body, not knowing why or what body she had before. It took a long to get used to it, and to be fair she still didn't entirely know every secret of her body. But she did know how to fight with it.

    Honestly, she didn't know if this training session would help the overthinking young male, but deep down she hoped it did. Some part of her didn't want to see him die in battle, or during a little skirmish on the border. She didn't know what it was, but she would rather see him stay alive. Whatever his name was.

    "Now," she said, positioning herself in front of him, "pretend like I'm an enemy of the veil." Her amber eyes flashed with mock challenge as she got into a fighting stance.