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  • In a rather dull clearing of their territory, Jailbreak had begun to set up some activities that would include farming, as well as some bonding exercises. The land was satisfactory enough to actually farm and grow fruits and vegetables, or so Jailbreak thought. He was rather adept at growing things, if said things included flowers. That was how he utilized his plant manipulation the most. This would be out of his comfort zone, but nothing extraordinarily difficult for him. However, the focus of this little 'event', if it could be called that, would be on the Haveners, not himself. He would assign partners to each little square he had dug out. It had taken him all day and night, but it had been worth it. The doberman, usually white and pristine, was coated in dirt and dust. He appeared more brown than white, the only thing signifying it was him being his blue optics. He glanced down at his dirtied paws and shuffled them over one another, emitting a soft chuckle. His eyes eventually flickered to the squares, as well as the table that carried various seeds atop it. There were plenty of fruits and vegetables for the partners to choose from.

    Jailbreak shook his body, a cloud of dust floating from his body soon after the action. He then stood up straight, his optics focused on some people who happened to be approaching. Perhaps it was out of curiosity, perhaps not. Either way, he would begin to explain what all he had set up for them. "Hello, everyone..!" The advisor called weakly, his voice not as loud as he would have hoped. "As you can see, I have dug out some patches for you to begin farming. However, I will assign you a partner, and you must work together to till the soil, plant your seeds and water them," Jailbreak explained in a rather simple tone of voice, a blank look, aside from a small smile, upon his features. His smile widened a bit, hoping to be more inviting for those still steadily approaching.

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  • Farming? Viktor would have never pictured himself farming in a million years, yet here he was. The idea was rather intriguing, thus he would give it a shot and see how he would fare. He was a healer, after all, and when herbs grew short, maybe growing his own would not be a bad idea. Unlike Jailbreak, the tabby did not posses any powers that allowed him to grow any plant of any kind. Viktor was an ice type, power wise, and ice did not tend to mix well with plants and foliage. That, and he never once tried to use his powers. He knew they were there, but managed to keep a cap on it until he found a time to work on it. Viktor was glad he was not one of those individuals who did not know how to suppress their powers and would reek havoc wherever they went. However, he supposed he needed to knock on wood to keep up the good luck.

    "The only thing I'll probably grow is mud," spoke the guardian as he arrived at the scene He felt bad for whoever his partner was to to for they were surely end up making some sort of chemistry experiment rather than a damn vegetable. It would call for a good laugh in the end, and those were the best outcomes anyone could ask for. "But I'll go for it."

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  • Declan stared at Jailbreak quizzically. Farming? That was certainly a new concept, though it sounded right up her alley. The scenery was what had drawn her to Wind Haven in the first place. The girl had merely followed the colorful flowers to the lush territory she now called... well.. home.


    She was getting use to calling this home. The fem smiled to herself wistfully, contentment washing over her dainty frame.

    As the canine mentioned partners, Declan glanced around shyly. Admittedly she wasn't the the best at making friends. The girl chose to think it was because she was never around long- though, the opportunity had presented it's self a multitude of times. No matter. Wind Haven was a fresh start.

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  • Jericho can smell freshly-turned soil, earthy and sun-baked, long before he hears the Advisor's call. He knows the scent well, after all, being an avid gardener and farmer himself. The little tabby spends long hours every day tending to the plants in the garden he shares with Dusk as well as the clan's shared Garden of Eden. It's been his favorite hobby ever since he was a kit — he's lost track of how many gardens he's gone through over the years, or how many days and nights he's spent simply existing among the plants. It's what first drew him here, really, the ripe soil and soft flower-dappled meadows. His very first memory of Wind Haven is the scent of nectar-sweet flora and the crisp, clean wind blowing down from the mountain as he deadheaded flowers, and then finding Dusk among the plants and realizing this place is where he belongs. He's always had that sort of connection with plants, the kind that brings him comforting ease and a feeling of home no matter where in the world he may be. And, whenever given the chance, Jericho always welcomes the opportunity to share that love with others.

    He first limps towards the doberman out of curiosity, wondering what the canine was doing in the dirt. He then catches the vague, faint scent of seeds and seems to brighten with enthusiasm as he continues his pace, only then hearing Jail's announcement. "This is a lovely idea, Jailbreak," the tabby purrs as he nears, casting a small but radiant smile in the direction he can hear and scent the deputy. The tom himself really doesn't need any lessons on farming himself but, well, he never minds getting his paws dirty just for fun. Besides, he'd love to help out his clanmates in that regard should Jailbreak need a paw in giving instructions or helping some of the Haveners who have less of a green thumb. "I'd love to join," he adds as he settles down to sit, waiting to be assigned a partner and begin work. Perhaps it'll be a chance to better get to know some of the others as well he thinks, blindly offering another meekly kind smile to the other duo who stood waiting.

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  • This was what he was missing. For so long, Ninja had dreamed of having soil under his hooves again. Seeing the interest of farming spark up- well he jusr couldn't resist coming over, perhaps a little too excited and eager at the chance to jump into something comfortable. It reminded him of home. Of MoonClan. It was a familiar in a land of unknown and the unicorn would welcome it dearly. "Yes!" he'd near squeal from his bubbled excitement. "Count me in. One hundred percent!"





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  • Duskstar wasn't terribly great at farming and gardening yet - his only real experience had been building the backyard garden for Jeri. He was eager to learn a bit more, though, and to perhaps bond a bit with his clanmates. The cream tabby padded up and sat beside Jeri, greeting the blind healer with an affectionate nuzzle of his ear. This was right in Jeri's element - he wondered if the red tabby was excited about that. Part of him wanted to partner with his beloved Jeri, father-of-his-children, love of his life - but part of him wanted to work with everyone, to make sure he befriended some of the newer members and to give Jeri a chance to make friends, too.

    "I'd love to give it a shot," Dusk told Jail with a smile, nodding.

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  • ⌠★⌡ Honey had learned a bit about farming, back in the vault; they all had to learn how to cultivate life, but Honey had only ever paid enough attention to perform well on the exams and nothing more. All he'd known then was his role to take life, never to nourish it, but now, with Bianca sleeping in a yellow sling from his neck, maybe that was something he could work on. He and Wash had managed to start their own little family- who was to say he couldn't give gardening a shot now? Wouldn't be too difficult here. Easy to grow in Wind Haven.

    Bianca had tired him out, and he was still recovering from that -while also struggling with a heightened paranoia that'd kept him from leaving their home for a few days- but it wouldn't be anything strenuous. Odds were he'd have to stop at some point to feed their little Bee, though. "Shouldn't be too hard." The lion tucked her in slightly closer, reminding himself that no one here would be any danger. Dusk and Jericho were having their own children, even. "I'll do it."

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    Farming was the least interesting of the activities that Wind Haven participated in, in Aradia's opinion. The thought of sitting there, digging in the dirt, seemed exceptionally boring to her. The kitsune clearly had no problem getting her hands dirty - with blood, not soil. Aradia was one to destroy life, not create it.

    However, the Guardian still felt as though she had to participate in this activity for some reason. Duty to Wind Haven? Possibly.

    The kitsune approached the growing group of Haveners around the plots of soil that Jailbreak had set up. "I will participate as well," Aradia spoke, trying not to allow her disinterest to show. However, Aradia sounded disinterested almost all the time, what with her monotonous tone. Pity the fool who had to end up as her planting partner.