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  • It had been a long time since Dusk held a bonfire. He'd had to actually use a torch and a bunch of oil and nonsense to start it, this time - in the old world, he'd just breathe fire and will it into existence. Not anymore. Something about Agrelos had altered his abilities; he held onto his shadowy abilities, but his ability to spit flame was... absent. That wasn't a bad thing. It had brought him a lot of grief in the past - as a boy, he burned down his own house, here. It was good that at least that wouldn't happen again.

    In the center of camp, his tall fire burned bright. Little turned-over logs surrounded the flames - chairs - and there were plenty of snacks stashed here and there. Dusk sat on a soft, well-worn log, and warmed himself by the flames. All that was missing was a bit of company, though he assumed he'd be joined soon. Who could resist a good fire...? Stars overhead, Dusk glanced around him, his blue eyes reflecting the firelight into the darkness. "Anyone want to join me for a bonfire?" the leader asked, hopeful. "We can tell scary stories... or you know. Normal ones."

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  • Ferro was asleep in his humble nest when the white tomcat felt heat on his face. The Prior rolled over to a far corner of the bedding, and yet he still felt it. ‘Is it sun-high already?’ Groggily opening one eye, he saw that it was pitch black, and was immediately awake. He ran outside, noticing the shadows dancing on the crumbled walls of his collapsed home. ‘Fire!’

    It didn’t take long for the outsider to spot Duskstar sitting quite calmly next to the blazing inferno. Ferro shook out his fur, trying to wake himself up, and still the scene remained. “Let me get this straight” he yawned as he warily approached the newly christened Vicar. “You willingly created a fire in the center of camp, and everyone’s fine with it? This is just some common occurrence around here?”

    The white tomcat shook his head in disbelief as he sat on a log. “I swear I will never goddamn understand this place” he chuckled. “One thing I do understand, though” he continued, “is stories, which I’m always up for.”

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    Declan loved the evening sky. The way the stars dappled the gaping darkness, the way indentions in the moon curved. She thought it was beautiful. However the simple beauty of nature was trivial. Her wonderment was cultivated from a rather heavy place in her heart.

    She'd always been alone. Alone and traveling. The scenery came and went, as did her melancholy ideals of belonging. But Declan never felt completely alone. No. The stars and moon were perpetually her own. Her's to keep and hold dear. The only constant she'd known.

    Well, until now... she supposed.

    The little feline recognized Duskstar's voice, ears flicking in gratified thought. Hmm. Dec didn't know if she'd ever get used to hearing such friendly voices. She padded over and sat down shyly, eyes bright with interest.

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  • "And some people think I'm the odd one," Cass passed by Ferro on slow paws, though her eyes were focused on the fire. She, for one, enjoyed a nice fire. Wildfires were fascinating to watch, uncontrollable and outrageous, however controlled fires just as this one gave her similar satisfaction. The woman passed by Declan without a word, settling swiftly beside Duskstar. The idea of sharing stories didn't peak her interest, however she didn't vote against it.

  • Bali was more awakened by the sound of voices than the crackling heat of a fire. She'd grown used to falling asleep in front of a fire, though in those days she'd usually been tucked in the warm nook of a sheath. As usual, she was drawn to the gathering of bodies, and she approached with some measure of confusion. "It's hot..." she murmured, more to herself than anything. "Why is there a fire?" Her wide eyes scanned it, and she let out a breath against the hotness. Her thick fur couldn't really handle the summer heat, much like the added heat of flames. Maybe I should shave it off, she contemplated.

    She clambered on to a log next to Declan, looking towards Duskstar for his leadership. Since he called them all over with this fire, she supposed it was his duty to lead the storytelling circle. But... "Stories!" the canine snorted, rather derisively. "Why can't we just roast something instead? Rabbits?" she added hopefully.

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  • Jericho hasn't been to a bonfire in a long, long time himself — he can't remember his last, but he remembers many held on the islands of his childhood. He's never minded the flames; he welcomes their warmth perhaps all-too readily. The lack of pain he feels when he gets too close has burned him many times before as a kit, coming away with singed fur and bright eyes to his mother's own distress. The tabby has learned to keep his distance since then — and besides, he rather thinks that the gentle warmth suits him better than the searing heat anyhow. He's reminded of those moons past on nights like these, with the crackling fire against the cool nighttime air and the taste of earthy smoke on his tongue. It's nicer here, for he appreciates how the springtime weather in the mountainous meadow is much more temperate and much less humid, and the nights are touched with a comfortable chill that blows down from the peak and settles over the valley like a blanket. He only wishes, sometimes, that he could see the stars from here. He recalls lying on the beach with the loved ones of his youth and then thinks of how clear and bright they must be over the rolling hills, and he wonders if they look the same from here.

    The ginger tomcat limps forth at Duskstar's call, smiling stupidly to himself before he even arrives. His bag is left in their cabin this evening, and the healer, his mind trained to worry about medicine and keeping his clanmates safe, notes that he'll have to just make sure that no one gets too close to the blaze. He seats himself at Dusk's side opposite Cass, pressing his fur into the other's to enjoy the shared warmth of the bonfire. For a brief moment his blind eyes shut and he listens to the crackle of wood being swallowed by the flames and allows his pelt to soak in their comforting glow. When they open again his blind gaze flickers about the other Havens with a smile, with eyes unseeing but knowing nevertheless. "I think it's nice," he purrs, lowering himself to tuck his paws under his chest, "...but you all aren't terribly good at stories." There's a light, kind teasing to his tone, finding a little humor in the way his clanmates find the fire such a incredulous idea. His whiskers twitch at Bali's comment. Jericho personally isn't a big fun of rabbit, or meat in general, really, but he can think of a few other things that'd pair well with the bonfire. "I wouldn't mind a marshmallow," he adds with fond reminiscence, thinking again of toasting them on sticks as a child.

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  • The unicorn loved bonfires. It was a good way to just relax and have a good time with others. Though it made him a bit sad that not everyone seemed to share in the excitement of telling stories and eating snacks. The long legged unicorn would arrive next, settling himself down comfortably and keeping a good respectable distance from those gathered. He wasn't too familiar with everyone and as affectionate as he was, he didn't want to cause any discomfort. "Bet." he hummed to Jeri's accusation. "I think some of us have some rad stories to tell." Everyone had something to tell. He was sure at least one person here had something exciting or scary to share.





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    Aradia didn't think she had ever seen a bonfire in all the past Clans she had been in, either. She had heard of them, it wasn't particularly a rare concept, but for some reason she had never participated in one before. Well, unlike a few of her other Clanmates, she was not going to question it. Fire was very interesting to her, so chaotic and deadly, much like herself. However, the Guardian was capable of being calm, and actually usually was since she began living here. And, fire could be calm too, when it was contained like this one here that Duskstar had created.

    The kitsune made her way over to the group, sitting on a log nearby Ninjasexparty. Her gaze swept over the others gathered around the fire with a half-smile on her snout. "I'd like to hear 'scary' stories if any of you have them. I suppose regular stories would do just fine as well," Aradia commented politely.




  • Duskstar could not resist a chuckle at Ferro. That guy was interesting to be sure; it always amused Duskstar how crazy ordinary things seemed to be to him. Dusk supposed he'd been like that once, too. When he'd transitioned from foster-child to 'sad little orphan' upon joining WindClan with his adoptive siblings, he remembered learning how to read from Felix in the old library and just thinking it was absolutely wild. Stories, recorded in little portable boxes for all time? Insanity! "I'll bet you have all sorts of wild stories, Ferro. Care to share one, perhaps...?" Dusk asked him, raising a brow.

    Declan joined them too - shy as ever. The vicar cast her a warm smile. "Hi, Declan, glad you could join us," he told her. "Have you ever been to a bonfire before?" Having not been to one in a long, long time, Dusk supposed a few people here had probably never attended such an event. That was sad - bonfires were so wholesome. The cream tabby pitched a marshmallow bag to the apprentice. "Here, dig in," Dusk invited.

    Cass and Bali were next to wander over. Dusk laughed at Cassiopeia's remark and shot back, "Some people?" Clearly he was kidding around - he loved Cass like a daughter, after all - but he enjoyed taking cheeky little jabs at the sarcastic mutant feline every once in a while. As for Bali, Dusk shrugged at the canine. "Because fires are... fun?" the vicar tried. "Well, not always. But bonfires are. And hey - you can roast a rabbit. I surely won't stop you." Roasted rabbit actually sounded... good. "Actually, I take that back. If you roast a rabbit, I legally require you to share exactly one bite with me." His blue eyes glimmered with mischief - it was only a joke.

    At Jeri's approach, Dusk also broke into a big, stupid grin. It still made him so excited to snuggle up next to Jeri, even now that they lived together and were having children; the whole nine yards. The sweet, blind gardener was the greatest joy in the world to Dusk, no matter how many days went by. Nuzzling the orange feline back affectionately, Dusk reached with a free paw to grab the other bag of marshmallows. Gently, he removed one and fastened it to the end of a stick, which he then gently held out to his partner. "Here, my dear," the feline said softly, smiling at the dumb little rhyme he'd made. "If you accidentally burn it severely, don't throw it out, the burned ones are my favorite," Dusk reminded him very seriously with a gentle smooch on the forehead. He was absolutely the kind of guy to absolutely burn his marshmallows to a crisp and revel in eating the ashes, no shame.

    Aradia and Ninja joined them last, and to the two of them Dusk smiled. "How about you two, then? Any stories to share, scary or otherwise? I imagine both of you have quite a few tales to tell," the vicar guessed. Aradia was absolutely terrifying, bless her heart - she probably had some of the most terrifying things they could all imagine going on in her brain. And the unicorn - he was quite unique as well. Dusk was still curious about his past - of which he currently knew nothing.

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  • Ferro let out a mrrow of laughter at Duskstar’s suggestion. “I’m afraid I have no hair-raising adventures to tell, my friend.” He paused for a moment, reflecting. “I was a loner back before I came here, So life mostly consisted of catching prey and avoiding the ire of my clan cat counterparts.” Ferro’s white pelt shone in the inferno’s light, his green eyes glimmered with sorrow as he remembered his old life. Suddenly though, the sorrow that glinted in his optics was replaced with amusement.

    “I remember this one time I was being chased by a patrol, so I decided to run through a stream to try and wash off my scent. The second I entered, I felt my claw imbed into something heavy. I tried to shake it out in the river, but it was stuck hard. I Cut my losses and kept running, The entire time I was just thinking to myself ‘what the hell is this thing?’ So I hide in some bushes to catch my breath, and I decide to check what it was. A fish! I had killed a fuckin’ fish by accident! Talk about poor timing!”

    The outsider suppressed a laugh as he remembered the story, before turning to Duskstar. “Now that I’ve shared I story, I want you to share-“ he leaned over to where the new Vicar was sitting and plucked two sugary cylinders from the bag. “Your marshmallows!”

    He popped one into his mouth, a smile quickly growing on his face. “It’s good!” He said before putting the other treat on a skewer and holding it over the fire. Not having opposable thumbs, he had to mush the apparatus between his paws in a praying motion.

    Soon, the marshmallow was on fire. He pulled it out and quickly blew on it, extinguishing the flames before eating it. As before, his eyes lit up. “Dish onesh even better!” He purred, sounds diluted due to the gunk in his mouth.

  • Fire had always frightened him as a child. During the dry seasons in the desert would the mountains begin to blaze, unable to handle the heat and the lighting that ravaged them. He grew up watching them burn in the distance, lighting up the night sky and covering the sky with ash and debris. While his family lived far enough away from the mountains to be in any danger, it was still a scary thought. It was the aftermath of those fires that were the hardest for the flames chased away all the wildlife that had claimed the mountains. While prey was more plentiful during these fires, so were the predators.

    Perhaps it was just in his nature to be weary of fire for fire was the opposite element of his own. Fire would trump ice every time, but it was mainly those burning mountains that stirred his own feelings in the end. It had been the smell of the smoke that drew the guardian out of his den, the smell of herbs wafting off of him like perfume. At first, Viktor had thought a fire had broke out, but the calm, joyous voices and the smell of food was quick to curb his original thought.

    The man had never attended a bonfire before, but he was heard many good stories about such events. White paws carried Viktor over, his ears angled forward as he took in the scene around him. He had made it just in time to hear Ferro's story as he settled down near Bali. He cast the hound a small smile of greeting before returning his full attention to Ferro. A small chuckle escaped his throat as the story came to a conclusion, never having heard something quite like that before. "Seems like ya killed two birds with one stone there, Ferro," commented the tabby as he curled his tail around his paws. "Speaking of fish, do we have any here we can roast?"