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    || Svana Rolfe || 17 || Castle Servant || In the castle

    Svana had been awake before the crack of dawn, ready to start a day of living in the Castle once again, no matter what kind of work she had to do today, Svana was in an optimistic mood. Since it was a day of celebration, Svana had been allowed to wear her 'prettier' clothing, many people would be visiting the castle, and many of the servants were running errands to and from town, so she had to look her best in case she were to be met with anyone of higher ranking than herself. She wore a simple yet sweet dark grey dress, over top of that was a white apron and a soft grey fabric belt looped around her waist to keep everything from flopping around, being a very petite and skinny girl often meant she looked like a child in adults clothing, she wore soft, simple black fabric shoes and her hair although short and unable to be tied up, was combed so that it was not a mess.

    Her jobs today had already consisted of many a different type, after dressing she had made sure to light all the fireplaces in the kitchen and servant area, so that the cooks would be able to cook efficiently and so it was not a freezing area to work in, she washed any dishes that were unwashed, had a quick bite to eat from a piece of bread that had been out for a day, and then taken food out for the horses and dogs, then sent to fetch herbs, vegetables and eggs from the garden and coop.

    Now she was given a different job however, inside the castle, Svana swept off any left over dust and dirt from outside, making sure to clean her hands efficiently and made sure she did not have dirt or anything on her face, she had to look respectful in case she was seen by anyone. After making sure she looked fine, Svana was given basket of clean sheets, and Ryan Gowing, the crown prince's, clothing. Svana's heart warmed immediately as she was told to tidy, clean and put away Ryan's clothes today, and as she clutched the basket to her chest she couldn't help the small smile that lit upon her face. She remembered Ryan as her best friend, growing up together in the castle, there had been points where they had been inseparable, they would run down these halls together, play in his room, in the gardens, although they had spent so much time together, it was always made clear that Svana was a servant, and that Ryan was the prince. She was always reminded of this, she was never allowed to disobey or do anything against Ryan's wishes, never allowed to sleep in his room, or eat with him, but even with those restrictions Svana remembered him with only fond memories.

    Reaching his door, she took a small deep breath and gently tapped on the door with her left hand, balancing the basket of linen and clothes against her hip with her right hand, after no answer, and a second knocking, she supposed that the room was empty. Opening the door she kept her eyes down, looking to the floor, perchance he had been sleeping and had not heard her, or was undressed, or pre occupied, the rules were that she wasn't to make eye contact unless given permission. Eyes looking down she heard no noise, and lifted her head slightly, scanning the room, and finding nobody there. Feeling slightly disappointed and yet also comforted she began to go round the room doing her job, smiling and humming to herself as she did so. Opening the curtains and tying them to the side, light poured in, and Svana stood for a few seconds enjoying the sunlight on her face, before she continued on, she quickly undid the bedding on the Prince's giant bed, struggling slightly with the heavier sheets, blankets and quilts, but eventually managing to fold them up nicely, she replaced all the sheets with fresh ones, making sure that they were smooth and unstained, once finished she returned the quilts and blankets, smoothing the bed over and putting the pillows back into place, and putting the old sheets into the basket.

    Next she began to put out Ryan's clothes, hanging some and folding others, making sure that everything would be in it's place, and easy for him to get.

    She wondered if Ryan would be going to town for the festivities today, she had heard that there may be market stalls, with sweets and fancy things to look at. Although she was not meant to, she often glanced at the things they sold, and if she was lucky she was sometimes given a coin to spend on something, anything, and she often would buy a sweet cake for herself if one were cheap enough. She hoped she'd be able to go today.


    || Kheldar Ward || 32 || Rider || On his way to the festival

    Kheldar let out a cry of discomfort as his mother burst through the door to the room he occasionally stayed in. "Good morning sweetheart! Time to get up today, we have lots to do today with the festival and celebrating my beautiful darling.." Kheldar groaned and turned over, pulling the thin sheets over his messy blonde hair, today was the festival or celebration for the Blessed? It just seemed like so much attention, not that he didn't like attention but he wanted to sleep.

    As his eyes were closing again he felt a sudden brisk of cold air and he yelped, turning over to glare at his mother, she smiled softly, "Kheldar you are 32 years old, get out of bed and enjoy the day." She said, rustling his golden hair motherly before walking out of his room. Kheldar sighed and swung his legs over his small bed, stretching out the cracks in his back, rubbing his eyes and looking at what his mother had set out. Would he wear his armor today? Or simply some casual clothes? Although he loved his armor, he doubted that it would be very comfortable today, yawning softly he stood up, undressing and then dressing in a simple brown/green tunic and brown pants, along with some dark leather boots and a strong belt, he strapped his sword to his side, looking fondly at his crossbow he decided against strapping that on, his sword would surely be enough should the worst happen.

    He splashed some water in his face and brushed his hair back with his fingers, it wasn't grand but it would do. Finally exiting his room he grabbed a few bites to eat, a piece of warm bread, a mug of milk, an apple or two, just enough to sate him by for now. He curiously wondered where his Immer was, although they had their bond, however bumpy it might be, the famed myth that Immer and Rider always knew where each other was, was just not true, sure they could feel each other, and had a vague idea, but it wasn't like they could read each others thoughts.

    At least Kheldar hoped Taafe couldn't read his thoughts.

    "Son, would you mind helping me set up my stall for today?" Kheldar looked up to see his father dressed rather nicely, and looking at him with his piercing yet loving eyes, he smiled as D'aran, Kheldar's mother, walked over and kissed him softly on the cheek. Kheldar felt a gentle tug at his heart, his parents were so happily married, that it was hard to watch, because Kheldar had never found that type of bond with anyone, the closest thing being his bond with his Immer, and that was far from what he hoped for. "Of course father, I would be happy to assist you, if not to meet all the charming girls your dresses attract ma." He joked, winking playfully at them, much to their amusement, it was a joke, and yet it held certain truths within it.

    "Kheldar! I've been waiting for HOURS for you to wake up!" Shannon, Kheldar's little sister, suddenly ran out of nowhere, a wooden sword in hand, as she ran forward, charging at Kheldar and swinging it wildly, Kheldar barely had time to duck and block his face as her little wooden sword bounced off his arm. "Owww... Shan, that hurt." He pouted, feigning pain, her face twisted as she tried to figure out whether he was telling the truth or faking it, eventually lowering the sword as she suspected she did hurt him, only to yell in annoyance as Kheldar grabbed her and began to tickle her outrageously, she dropped the sword and whacked at his arms yelling for him to stop. He did, but not after pulling her braid playfully. "Be more careful with your sword Shannon, even a wooden one can still hurt someone." He said, rubbing her hair playfully, knowing that would annoy her, before watching as his father nodded to him. "I have to go Shannon, I'll see you some other time." He bent down and hugged her gently, before kissing his mother on the forehead and following his father, pulling the wooden cart behind him, his father, Arthur Ward, was still in his prime, but Kheldar always did the heavy work if he could. The wooden cart held many armor and weapons in it.


    || Ildera || 25 || Immer || Napping on a rock outside of town

    Ildera lowered herself down onto a warm rock, her white fur ruffling gently in the breeze, from where she lay she could see the outskirts of town, and could hear the bustle of people setting their stores up for the celebration. She yawned gently and let her head rest on top of her two white paws, blinking slowly and rustling into a better position, sighing as she finally did find a comfortable one. She was content to sleep today, if she was not needed, the celebration for the Blessed was fine and all, but nobody would celebrate a lone Immer, she knew this as a fact, many people were more afraid of one. She was large, much larger than an average wolf, she knew this from her time in her clan, and remembering her fond mate and pups, a normal wolf would strike fair into people, she was much fiercer.

    But she would do no harm to innocents, instead, she planned to just watch from afar. Maybe sleep, with ears open at all times of course. She smiled slightly, closing her eyes and yawning once more as the sun warmed her fur.

  • ELLIOT HAYES -- rider -- 32

    Elliot was flopped on his bed in on the second floor of the bakery that his mother and brother owned. He was crashing here during the festival - it was no secret that he loved it. Groaning, he cracked one blue eye open and immediately it dawned on him. It must have been morning because the sunlight was filtering through the window in his room. His mother and brother's beds were empty - they were presumably already out selling pastries from the bakery. Elliot jumped up and quickly dressed himself - a basic white tunic with black trousers and his brown broots. He'd no idea where Elio had gotten off too, but the Immer would seek Elliot out sooner or later. It was going to be a busy day anyway, so Elliot didn't exactly blame the big guy if he wanted his space.

    He took the stairs two at a time, falling down a few in the process but gracefully catching himself at the bottom, shrugging on a black long coat before bursting outside. The streets were bustling with horses clopping, people yelling and the general hubbub of the festival. His family had set up their stall just across the road, so he strode over. He probably would've got through the street a lot quicker using magic, but Tyler had always been jealous of his abilities - being one of the Blessed included, although Tyler still thought Elio was insanely cool. He greeted his family and started helping them sell. Being a senior rider who absolutely loved to talk to people, he managed to get a few more people over, but some others deliberately started avoiding the school. Well, you can't please everyone. Deciding he was bad for business, Elliot waved goodbye to his twin and his mother before going for a stroll, heading in the general direction of the castle. // open for interaction, mentions aliferous  

    DIONYZA -- immer -- 26

    Dionyza laid calmly on a thick branch on one of the tallest trees in the forest surrounding Didessa. Her blue eyes were scanning the town. From where she was, she was able to see incredibly well. Snow leopards had good senses anyway, but being high up and being an Immer generally helps a little bit. Dio couldn't see Kit from here, but she'd be able to find her no problem when Kit wanted. For right now, the snow leopard was comfortable in the tree where she was. // open for interaction, mentions kdiggy  

    ADONIA O'REILLY -- mortal -- 17

    Adonia was on the main street by sunrise. She hitched her bay gelding up on a post on her stall, spreading out tack, tools and food from her farm. The German Shepherd at her feet was sniffing all over. With a grin, Addy patted her. "Go on, girl," she muttered. The dog was gone in a flash, no doubt to beg for food. Adonia would see her again before sunset. She started calling out, and within half an hour had made a few coins. But other stalls were just better than hers - but the festival was a good opportunity for money. She wasn't going to give up. // open for interaction

    RIVAN -- immer -- 253

    Rivan is lurking around the forest. // open for interaction

    RYAN GOWING -- crown prince -- 19

    Ryan was sat a desk in a small room just down the hall from his large room. He had a desk in his room too, but it was so cluttered he decided to finally use his tiny study. Which wasn't much better, to be honest. Ryan just hated always being in his room, the throne room or doing something princely. He was dressed formally today, ready for the festival. If he was even gonna get out of the castle. You'd think the king had a bunch to do, but it turned out Ryan did too. He'd rather be pulling pranks or flirting with people. Girls specifically, he couldn't flirt with guys in public. Another roll of his eyes. Finally, Ryan slammed his book shut with a grunt. He was getting out of there.

    Ryan stood up and shut the door firmly behind him, gesturing for the guards to stay there. He didn't want them following him to his room. When he got there, the door was ajar. Gently, Ryan cracked the door open to peer in. Immediately, he got excited. Svana! He didn't get to see her as much anymore; he was too busy with his duties and as a servant, he wasn't technically supposed to talk to her. "Svana!" he called out, stepping into the room and shutting the door firmly behind himself. // interacting with NerdyChristianGamer

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    Stana Myrak

    Rider, 19, Apothecary

    Time was money, but it was even more precious than that when one worked with the sick. Stana had been up with the rising sun and off delivering tonics and checking on patients around the area. It was exhausting running back and forth but Stana always ran rather than walked. It was better for those she was helping and on a more personal note, the exercise might make her Immer happy. He was always pushing her to be better, but rather than suffocating under the weight of his expectation, Stana found herself thriving. While their bond had started off on the rockier side, the girl was starting to gain confidence that she and Cassiel were going to be a great duo one day. Stana was one of the newest riders, less than a year into her training, but she was finally starting to stop fearing what was to come or loathing the aches and sore it left on her body.

    Still, her desire to impress the pale colored lion did not outweigh normal human urges. As much as she knew she should keep going, an hour into her route Stana's stomach began to gurgle and growl with hunger and she diverted her path towards the market. There should be a great many places to go to for a bite to eat, perhaps some fruit or bread to tide her over until breakfast came in another candle notch worth or time. If she was lucky, maybe a treat for her Immer would stand out as well. There was a basket of apples sitting out at a nearby stall that she kept looking back towards- the horse tied to it was also a beauty. For obvious reasons Stana was quite fond of all mounts, but horses specifically had been a passion of hers since she was a small child watching her brother squire for the knights and their steeds. It was a strong looking gelding, and if the stall owner wasn't careful Stana thought the bay might take a bite out of the same apple basket that the girl was eyeing.

    Along her stroll she spotted a man she recognized. "Ser Elliot!" She greeted over the din of the crowd, he wasn't one of the riders that she was most familiar with, in fact Stana often avoided the more experienced riders for fear of embarrassing herself or worse, being sent out with them. This, however, was the first time she had come across the man in her own area of work and she felt much more comfortable engaging with him here than in his own establishment. "Good morning to you, ser." She greeted as she pulled down the red scarf that had been tied about her hair like a hood to protect from the rising sun's heat.

    tubig .



    Immer Raccoon, 32

    By her nature, Karliah normally didn't wake until the sun had started it's descent in the sky, but since meeting her rider she had started adjusting her habits. She wasn't sure if it had something to do with the bond between them or just her getting use to Artie's schedule. She still tended to wait until the day had been active for a few hours, the sun nearing it's apex, before rousting herself but today seemed to be the rare exception. The raccoon had rolled over and started her morning climb up the great maples early this morning. She recalled Artie telling her that there was some festivity or another and wanted to be fed before then so she could see what all the fuss was about. She was going to find a few birds and eggs to eat before heading to the stream, but she kept her ears perked and alert in case her rider came calling for her sooner than expected.

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  • Artie Hunterson

    "'Liah! 'Liah?! Where are you? Get up!" With her usual tactless bellow, Artie stomped through the forest in search of her Immer. Now this wasn't to suggest that Artie was always loud and obnoxious; she could be quite quiet when she so desired. Obnoxious, well...that was harder to avoid.

    "Karliah?!" Artie stopped in a small clearing. "I know you can hear me! The festival is today! I want to see the sights! Meet the people! Pick the pockets..." she finished at a grumble. Karliah didn't always approve of Artie's more...unconventional income means. But as long as she wasn't obvious, Karliah couldn't prove that Artie had stolen any coin. And what else was an eighteen-ish street kid gonna do? Get an honest job?

    Growing impatient, Artie flicked a low-value coin from her pocket and began to roll it over her knuckles. The nervous habit kept her hands limber and fingers dexterous. "We ain't got all day!"


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    Immer Raccoon, 32

    Despite just having curled back on her haunches to enjoy the eagle she had snatched from the trees, Karliah found herself chuffing a laugh as she caught wind of her rider's screeching. Her ears swiveled towards the sound and she tilted her head up to sniff at the air, confirming her lass was a few minutes upwind. What is it I'm always saying about patience, little one? The Immer, for obvious reason couldn't open her mouth and speak the King's English, but she had other ways of speaking with her rider and the other creatures of this world. I'm just finishing my meal.

    Knowing that Artie wasn't one to do well with boredom, she made quick work of tearing into the beast and then wiping her muzzle clean and scratching her paws in the grass to rid them of blood. Then the raccoon scampered towards where she knew her impatient little rider was waiting. She greeted the girl by flicking her with the massive ringed tail in teasing and then nudging her with the tip of her snout as a sweeter good morning. That wasn't so hard, now was it?

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    Sir Timothy Raven, as he preferred to be called by his full name, always complained about attending these state-wide celebrations. "Too much pomp and circumstance", he'd complain to his squire. "It's stifling and a complete waste of time." He'd always pass off the reminder with a wave of his hand and it would hardly come up again. Until the very day of such celebrations, when Timothy would declare that he decided it would be too much of a disappointment for those that were expecting him, and that he supposed it wouldn't hurt to show up for 'just a moment'.

    Today, as with every special day, took nearly two hours to prepare for. He dressed in his finest armor, half thick fabrics and half decorated iron plates with inlaid gold and medals and honor pins clipped to his shoulder. His hair was the most cared for, his beard closely groomed and his salt and pepper hair meticulously combed. A sword and a dagger hung from his belt, and a dark green cloak was attached onto his armor to hang behind him. He was quite a sight when he stepped out onto the streets with his squire tailing behind, drawing not a few greetings and bows from citizens passing. It wasn't missed how he bore a gentle smile and stood straighter, one hand on his belt and another raised to wave to those who recognized him. It wasn't marked as ego, for a man as decorated as him surely deserved the recognition he received. It was only right, with how much he had done for the city. This celebration was for his kind, after all. After a hearty meal and last check of his appearance, the man and his squire departed from the castle in the direction of the city square, walking slowly enough to be sure to catch as many eyes as could be caught.

    "Mr. Raven, Mr. Raven sir!" The tall, rough man looked towards the voice and noticed a young boy approaching, just barely waist height and eyes wide in wonder and slight fear. A woman who seemed to be his mother stood behind him, pushing him forward gently with an encouraging smile. She and the boy were both dressed in fine clothing, certainly nothing a peasant could afford. The mother's smile stretched her young but worn face as she greeted the man sheepishly. "My son is an admirer of yours," she explained as the child held a small, gnarled chunk of wood out to the man. "He has taken crafting classes recently and, well, he wanted to give something to you." Timothy smiled back and knelt, one hand on the hilt of his sword as if greeting the king, and examined the gift the boy held. It seemed like it was perhaps the kingdom's coat of arms carved from a piece of wood, though it wasn't much to speak of in the way of craftsmanship. Still, the man took the gift and turned it over in his hand, then gave a sort of forced smile to the boy. "I bet you want to be a royal guard too when you grow up, hm?" The boy nodded shyly, clasping his hands behind his back. "Well, you keep on working towards that and I'm sure you'll be a very brave soldier one day."

    Throughout the exchange, it happened to be that the weathered soldier had stopped in the middle of the road. This wasn't much trouble for him, however, being him. Those inconvenienced either recognized him and willfully gave him space, or stopped at a small distance to perhaps admire the aging man. Either way, Timothy was drinking it all in. He pardoned the young boy and his mother, the smile disappearing as soon as they vanished in the crowd. He had just began to notice the couple Immer here and there on the streets, and recognized some faces in passing the closer he got to the center of town. "I wonder where the rascal is," he grumbled, referring to his own partner. The smile quickly returned after a second, more forced this time, the gloved hand waving politely to those that greeted him.

    TAAFE//32//GRYPHON//Interaction: Kheldar

    The bustle of the city was almost a calming sound. With noon approaching, the wide streets began to fill with more people from every corner of the kingdom; even those from outside the city walls had come to see the celebration honoring the Immer. The weekly market was in full swing, alongside shops open every day, and many sellers took advantage of the celebrations to sell more special things. Already, vendors were calling to passersby to come buy custom wood carvings, rare gemstone jewelry, Didessa souvenirs, maps of the town, wonderfully aromatic foods, beautiful home decorations. Most citizens traveled by foot, some by horse or cart or another such thing, and everyone had their own joyful conversation going. It was an organized chaos, flowing and excited.

    A whistling shriek called from the skies, and a large white form came crashing down onto the thatched roof of some poor fellow's house. Many conversations turned to gasps of surprise, and everyone stepped away from the giant snowy gryphon as it leapt down onto the stone streets. Taafe, in all her glory, took a seat right where she stood in the middle of everything and gave the startled humans nearby a dry look. She began preening the pristine feathers on her chest with a razor-sharp beak, staring up at the humans through the holes in her golden helmet every so often. She wasn't shy about adjusting her thick-furred tail and wings so that the soft blue iridescence shined through when the light hit her brilliant white feathers, nor did she mind the looks of amazement from the couple human cubs nearby. When she was satisfied with the state of her breast, she rose to her talons again and strode through the crowd, the fluffy feathered ears sat atop her head turning every which way. It seemed she already knew exactly where to go, as in just a few strides she arrived at the side of a tall blond man whom she was bonded to as his partner. She was less than satisfied with his somewhat disheveled appearance, and told him so with a bump from her beak to the back of his head. She bent down slightly to do so, what with her shoulder clearing his and her standing a couple heads above his own. "You idiot." Her voice rang as if out loud, but no one else responded to it. As with all Immer, she chose who could hear her speak, and for the moment she just directed her words to the tall human she trailed. "You could have attempted to look a bit better."

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  • Artie Hunterson | Rider

    Artie huffed at Karliah's chiding, resigning herself to waiting. Karliah never showed up until she was ready. And though she was close, Artie had about as much chance of finding her in the forest as a bear had of becoming king. So she sat down to wait, still flipping the coin across her knuckles.

    When Karliah finally arrived, Artie shot up as if fired from a bow. "Finally!" The coin disappeared into her colorful clothes and Artie started for the city. She did not acknowledge Karliah further, keeping up the pretense of impatience. But that didn't stop her from sinking a hand into the soft fur behind the Immer's ears.

    Eventually, Artie's nature got the better of her. She could never stay angry for long; especially at Karliah. "Do you think they'll have those sweet rolls again this year?" she asked, mostly just to talk. "I betcha I could snatch another. Or trade something. Maybe they'll have the dancers too! And-" Artie continued to talk in her excited murmur, speaking more for herself than Karliah. But her words stopped suddenly as the city came into view, and she cast an anxious look at her Immer. "But...let's avoid the real Riders and them folk, yeah?"

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    Immer Raccoon, 32

    Karliah knew her rider's tricks and habits. She didn't stop her circling until hands found their way into her fur and Artie succumbed to her normal chattering. The Immer turned and let the girl get on her way once she felt she had gotten a proper amount of greetings and pets. If she walked on two legs instead of four then Karliah would undoubtedly be the type to give hugs and hold hands whenever she had the chance. The dear was quite affectionate and expected the same from those around her. She let Artie chatter on as she paced slowly towards the city, all the while wondering why the girl hadn't just climbed onto her back and had them there in half the time with Karliah able to run them there. Sure, she didn't have her saddle, but bareback riding worked rather well if they weren't climbing through trees and such.

    The point that she couldn't keep silent on, however, was Artie's final mutterings. You are a real rider.The raccoon circled again, coming to lay on the ground, blocking their path from view and lowering her massive head so her mask was level with the girl's. You're my rider. She reached forward to nuzzle her nose into Artie's torso the same way she had once nuzzled her kits. I'm lucky to have you as my other half, even if I'm positive you will indeed steal those sweet rolls you keep talking about rather than paying like everyone else. Despite being an animal that largely was associated with living off scraps and stealing things from people's gardens and homes, Karliah was very disapproving of her rider's sticky fingers. She tried to tell the girl right from wrong, but it didn't always work out as it should. That being said, she was careful not to begrudge the girl too much, Artie was alone aside from her Immer and if the choices were steal or starve, Karliah would urge the girl to snatch bread and a few scraps of meat every time. Once or twice when the snow had hit and it was too tricky for Artie to go find herself food, the Immer herself had even gone and scavenged something in her stead. Sweet rolls, however, were hardly a necessity. Why do you want to stay away from your fellow riders? Per usual, Karliah said nothing of others of her kind. She was not very fond of other Immer and would truthfully be rather pleased if she need not interact with them today.

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  • Artie Hunterson | Rider

    Artie heaved an inward sigh as Karliah stopped. For most of her life, she'd longed for a mother. But if Karliah's incessant nagging was anything like a human mother's, Artie suddenly wasn't so sure. Couldn't she just let one comment slide?

    "I didn't mean nothin' by it," Artie grumbled, even as Karliah pushed closer. She submitted, begrudgingly, to the touch, leaning in and ding her hands deep into the thick fur around her Immer's face. Artie thought that would be the end of it. And then Karliah continued to speak.

    She pulled away abruptly at the final question, shoving her hands in her pockets. Artie glanced towards the city. She shrugged. "Why do you want to stay away from other Immer?" It was both a comeback and an honest question. Artie, as Karliah knew, had gone to great lengths to avoid the real riders once finding her Immer. So far so that she even avoided entering the richer areas of the city, where riders were more likely to be. A giant raccoon wasn't the most inconspicuous thing, but most people - at least in the lower levels - gave a wide berth and didn't ask questions. If people already assumed you were a rider, they didn't approach and as about becoming one.

    Artie couldn't articulate why she avoided other riders. Maybe it was the group mentality. Maybe she feared that Karliah would leave, or be taken from her. Maybe she was just selfish. Either way, it didn't really matter. Artie didn't feel the need to justify herself.

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  • this is definitely very rushed. sorry for any spelling mistakes, I didn't have time to read it over :/

    Katherine "Kit" Thompson


    kit had been up since dawn, sorting through her father's merchandise in their shop, the familiar heat of the forge causing a bead of sweat to drip down her brow. the blonde wiped it away promptly with the back of her hand, standing up straight once more, and wiping her hands on her brown pants. it was just about time to open and, as she had expected, her father had decided to sleep in. she smiled thoughtfully, organizing the sales table when someone came through the door. it was a soldier about her age and he seemed to visit the shop at least once every week. katherine was quick to form a bright smile across her lips in greeting, the young man faltering slightly when he caught glimpse of her, before continuing forward. "miss kit!" he got out, as though he were shocked to see her. before he could utter another word, the young woman interjected. "are you here about your order? it got finished just yesterday." as she spoke, kit turned around and retrieved a long sword wrapped in cloth, passing it to the soldier without any trouble at all. it was sometimes easy to forget the passive blonde was a rider and, therefore, versed in combat. sam seemed to have forgotten this, as well.

    after the sword was paid for along with some idle conversation between the two (including sam painstakingly trying to invite kit to the festival only to have her be completely oblivious to the fact), he left with his item. time ticked by as kit leaned against the table, running her fingers through her hair absentmindedly. her mind drifted to different thoughts; what the festival would be like, if there would be dancing, where dionyza was. the latter she wasn't all too concerned about. if she had to guess, her immer was probably perched somewhere relaxing before the festivities. a thoughtful smile tugged at the woman lips before she stood up straight, sighing softly. she could hear her father walking around, meaning he was awake and ready to run the shop, which was her cue to leave. might as well get some fresh air, anyways. she disappeared into her room, changing swiftly into a dress one of her friends had picked out for her at the tailors shop because it "made her look more intimidating." to katherine, it just made her uncomfortable in her own skin, though she would put somewhat of an effort in for the festival. she did keep on her leather pants under the dress, however, in case action was required. kit stepped through the doors to the outside, breathing in deeply and adjusting the sword at her waist. her father insisted she bring it everywhere she went being a rider and all. it wasn't her favorite, though she would do anything in her power to put his mind at ease.

    despite being a rider for years now, kit could never get used to the constant stares and greetings of people on the streets. still, the blonde kept a warm smile plastered on her face, nodding her head to the people who stared. kit was an extroverted person, sure, though she felt uncomfortable having all eyes on her. there were such high expectations on riders and she just didn't think that she would be able to meet them. the woman push those thoughts aside, continuing on with a slightly reddened face from embarrassment. she turned her head to the side, taking a moment to look around and see who was on their way already. there were some familiar faces around, both rider and immer. she did note, however, that some of the more fearsome looking immer were nowhere to be seen, though with the political climate that was probably for the best. kit was well aware that some people were scared of the immer, and even the riders. they might not welcome one such as her own bond walking around the streets. she spotted kheldar and taafe, smiling slightly. she could tell the gryphon was giving him a hard time just from the body language and a smile of amusement tugged at her lips. kheldar was probably her oldest friend. their fathers were competitors, sure, but they were thick as thieves. the woman's cheeks grew even redder as she thought back to their past together and she quickly turned away, walking onward toward the castle all the while rubbing her temples. how she still managed to behave like a teenager to this day was beyond her.

    mentions kheldar NerdyChristianGamer & taafe aliferous



    ☀Lion Immer☀

    cassiel was never one to enjoy a festival atmosphere. nearly everyone who had ever encountered him could vouch that the lion grew easily annoyed and had a tendency to keep to himself. being on of the older immers, he had spent the majority of his life away from humans and their overexcitement and overindulgence and wished that he could keep it that way. however, being an immer, he was tied to a rider as well who just so happened to be a human. she was at least tolerable and, with his influence, might turn out to be a decent rider. stana was still young, though cassiel saw potential in her (not that he would ever openly admit this). still, he didn't have any idea where she was. due to his mild distaste for human nature, the large white lion had made himself comfortable just outside the city, sitting proudly by the gate. there were several people entering the city through this gate, though he paid them no mind. the same couldn't be said about the common humans as they stopped blatantly and stared. yes, yes, he was an immer and no, he would not roar for them. such predictable creatures.

    the lions tail flicked in annoyance as a small human approached him, her eyes wide with fascination and awe. he stared back at her with some disgust, sitting up a bit taller which only seemed to delight the human spawn. still, there was no fear in her eyes as she bounded away, laughing happily. strange things, really. cassiel rose to his feat, gold armor glinting in the slightly as he inclined his head towards the city, ears pricked. the festivities would be starting soon if the racket could tell him anything. stana would surely call upon him if she required him, though he still felt the urge to seek her out if only to keep an eye on the young girl. what kind of immer would he be if he let his rider come into harms way? moving with surprisingly quiet steps, cassiel made his way back into the city, deciding to take the back routes to avoid the open stares and exclamations. he was a large immer and lions were not particularly welcomed in the city by the people, anyways. as he moved, the immer could feel the bond strengthening, cluing him into the fact that he was close to his rider. through the alley way, he spotted her and carefully sat down by the building, tail wrapped neatly around his large paws in a somewhat pretentious way. however, upon closer inspection, one would be able to tell that his muscles were tense and prepared to leap into action, icy blue eyes scanning the crowd of faces. why did humans look so similar to each other?

    mentions stana Bumble Bee


    Asra Adair


    "come one come all to the most spectacular show you have ever laid your eyes on!" an accent tinged voice echoed around the plaza radiating from a color cart and a colorful man. asra always made tons of money during festival season. whether it be that people were gullible, drunk, or overall just more giving, he didn't care as long as he was making a profit. the man had is long hair loose and flowing, outfit just as flowing. he had decided to wear a silk outfit, the shirt cut low to expose essentially all of his chest. if one thing could be said about that gypsy, it was that he had no shame. however, what people didn't seem to know, was that he was also highly adept at magic. sure, the shows he put on only insinuated being able to perform parlor tricks, but that was only to amuse the people who stopped by his cart. a charming grin was across his face as he gazed at the growing crowd. with a wink at a nearby woman, he started the show.

    twinkling lights radiated from his hands as he caused a cascade of sparks to rain down on him, glimmering before the disappeared from thin air. the crowd murmured in slight awe as asra began to speak. "we live in a world full of unexplainable notions." he he spoke, the man performed more small magical tricks, including more twinkling lights, small vines wrapping around his arms, and conjured wind rustling his hair. there was a small bag in front of his feet to put money and he was not disappointed as people threw coins inside of it. asra's grin widened as he spoke again, allowing his accent to become thicker as, in his opinion, it added to the mysticism. "but it is exactly those notions that make life exciting." he continued his display, no one noticing the flick of his wrist that caused peoples coin pouches to be snagged by the very same vines that had been climbing off his arms. no one said his profits had to be honest.


    Nicholas Gowing

    ☀The King☀

    doing king stuff in the castle



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    || Svana Rolfe || 17 || Castle Servant || Speaking with Ryan tubig .

    Svana let out a yelp of fright as a sudden sound of the door slamming reached her ears, dropping the basket of Ryan's used sheets, spilling them on the floor. She swung around, her blue eyes suddenly lighting upon Ryan's form, grinning at her, having just called her name, and apparently slammed the door. Svana immediately grinned as warmth filled her heart, and she smiled widely. "Ryan!" She said gleefully, before her memory got the better of her. Immediately she dropped to her knees, eyes lowered to the floor as she realized that Ryan, although he was her best friend, maybe her only friend, like her family... HE was the crown prince, and she was not meant to, not ALLOWED to speak to him without permission, or look in his eyes... "I.. Am so sorry my Prince... I should not have spoken so boldly" She said, heart beating drastically, she knew what Ryan would do, he always told her to just speak to him normally, to be like they were as children. But she didn't want to risk her job, she had no skills to take anywhere else, this was her home, she'd been here as a child to befriend Ryan, then eventually become a servant. It was a good life, but it wasn't one that you could go away from easily, if she were thrown out... Svana shuddered to wonder what on earth she would do, what could she do? Even her limited, terrifyingly small amount of magic could not save her.

    As she had predicted, Ryan told her to stop acting like that, to treat him like normal, and Svana slowly looked back up at him, still kneeling, a grateful smile on her face. "You know I would be in big trouble if anyone caught me speaking like this with you, Ryan." She smiled brightly however, her eyes sparkling with joy at seeing her friend. "It's so good to see you." She sighed happily, her hands moving from where they had been laid on the floor, to putting the sheets back into the basket, then standing up, tucking a stray piece of sandy blonde hair behind her ear, a bright pink blush forming on her cheek. "I didn't think you would be here today, I thought you'd be at the festival." She said, simply looking out the windows at the beautiful sun pouring in, it landed on Ryan where he stood, bathing him in sunlight, making him look so handsome and charming. Although they had grown up so close, and Ryan was the friendliest person Svana had ever met, she had never thought of him as anything more than her best friend, something about him, just caused her happiness, and she loved him, dearly, as a friend. She wished dearly that she could hug him, that he would hug her, but they could not, he would be told off, and she... well she was scared to think of what would happen to her if she were seen touching the prince. Whipping perhaps? Maybe missing out on food today. Possibly just a good telling off. Truth be told Svana craved physical contact, she did not receive the loving touches of anyone, having never had a mother or father, or siblings, or family members of any kind, the closest physical contact she had was a slap for doing something wrong, or someone grabbing her to show her where to go. But she was not unhappy, Svana was always happy, nothing was able to take her out for long.

    She sighed softly, happily, if all that today consisted of was seeing Ryan right now, she wanted to soak in this feeling forever. "If I may be so bold... Will you be going to the festival today, my Prince... I mean.. Ryan.." She blushed again, looking at her feet, she didn't know what to do in his presence, he was a PRINCE! She was a servant! Whatever history they had, and whatever she felt between them as the closest bond to family she had... She kept forgetting how to swap between servant, and friend.


    || Kheldar Ward || 32 || Rider || Speaking with Taafe aliferous  

    "Hey.." Kheldar swung round as a feathery head adorned with a gorgeous golden helmet, suddenly bumped his own, his hazel brown eyes meeting the piercing ones of Taafe, his Immer. A playful smile tugged at his lips as Taafe clearly disapproved of the lack of time he'd spent on his outfit, stating so to him in that unique voice that she had. Kheldar smiled playfully, "Oh come now Taafe, I think I look quite beautiful really." He said, flicking his head in a way that was meant to look "impressive" but just ended up dishevelling his hair further. Not needing to hear the Immer's obvious annoyance any further, he smiled and reached up, his hand comfortingly stroking the feathers that resided on the giant Gryphon's neck, relishing in the beautiful softness that it had, although Kheldar liked animals fair enough, they weren't his joy in life, but his Immer was different. They'd bonded when both were only 10 years old, and 22 years later Taafe was still putting up with Kheldar's silly way of being, calling him a child more than once. Kheldar dropped his hand and tilted his head. "I guess I could have dressed better, but it takes so long to put on armor.." He complained, pouting drastically.

    He was acutely aware of the stares he was receiving, as many people who were walking through the festival were gazing at him and Taafe together, he kept forgetting that the festival was for him, or well.. all of the Blessed. He just kept forgetting he WAS a Blessed! Of course Taafe was obviously a blessing, Kheldar was just a guard....

    Kheldar's thoughts stopped as he glanced off to the side, seeing Kit walking by, blonde hair blowing gently in the breeze, Kheldar's eyes immediately followed her walking, a soft beating in his heart. Kit and he were good friends, still were he hoped, but they didn't always see each other a lot, being in the guard, Kheldar was often out for days for that, and in spare time he liked to adventure with Taafe, or by himself if his Immer was not feeling so adventurous. But he wanted to take the time he had now to see Kit. He was about to call out when he realized he did not look his best, and he didn't want to talk to a pretty girl, even if that girl was just Kit, in such... common clothes. "Maybe you're right Taafe, I shall change at once to suit your absolute divine bidding, I won't be a second." He said, obviously being a tad sarcastic, his eyes watching as Kit got further and further away, would she still be around after he got changed? He sighed, running to his house and to the spare room, noticing his mother and sister were gone, probably to do work for the day.

    He shuffled through his clothing, trying to find a good item to wear. He finally ended on a clean white shirt, and a lovely green jacket that his mother had sewn for him, one of a kind really, matched with some dark brown pants and the same boots, he put back his belt and sword, he wouldn't leave without them, and looked in the small mirror of the room, combing his hair back and trying to calm down his outrageously resistant hair. Good enough. He supposed, finally leaving out the house again, feeling much more confident in his clothing style. By any luck he'd be able to see Kit and talk to her, now that he didn't look like a simple beggar that was.

    Finding his Immer still standing where he left her, she had resorted back to cleaning herself, and people were standing and staring as he jogged up, looking around. "Taafe did you see where Kit went?" He asked, looking at his Immer fondly, a playful smile tugging at his lips again.

    Mentions: Kit, kdiggy  


    Gryphons were famously individual animals. Even Olor gryphons, while cuddly with their own species, generally never allowed themselves to be petted. But (and although she would never admit it) Taafe adored her rider and even more so loved cuddling. She purred as Kheldar's hand stroked her feathers, holding them loose against her body which made her appear drastically fluffier. "So?" she sassed, mid-purr. "You can't possibly imagine it takes me a short while to look so pretty."

    Normally an incredibly esteemed animal, Taafe was much more relaxed around Kheldar. She still had her moments of bitter attitude, but in her book no bond could be compared with the one she shared with her rider. Everyone else melted away around her and she just focused on him for the time being. She took a moment to sniff at his clothes and tilt her head at the cart he carried, trying to piece together what his morning would have looked like. Had he done anything exciting? Met anyone new? Taafe really hoped so; her rider was hopelessly lonely, at least in her own Olor opinion. He certainly was no help to himself dressing like that on such an important day. So many eyes would be on him, he needed to seize the moment!

    When Kheldar spoke again, Taafe hummed in response. She wasted no time scanning the area under her, then gently swept the stones under her feet with her tail and settled onto her haunches as her rider ran to go back inside. Just as he left, Taafe picked out a familiar face from the crowd before it too disappeared; Katherine, another rider with an Immer similar to herself. She didn't mind the snow leopard too much; Dionyza was much more tolerable than some others of her kind, that was for sure. The gryphon didn't pay too much mind to the young woman otherwise. She stood guard by the cart for only a few minutes, passing the time by grooming her fur and straightening her feathers, paying no mind to the eyes that wandered over her form in- wonder? Fear? She soaked up the attention like a flower, a grin shining in her eyes as she ground her beak happily.

    When Kheldar emerged from the crowd, Taafe rose to her feet and tilted her head with a bit of a smile. "That's a bit more like it." Her human's question struck him as a bit odd, and she didn't quite know why he had such a grin. "Yes, off to the castle... Why is it you've been acting weird about her lately?"


    Elio was, in a matter of speaking, not invited to the day's affairs. Every Blessed pair got a special letter arranged by the castle the week before the fairs, and the last few years Elio and Elliot's own letter was sort of tongue in cheek when addressing the celebration. You see, Elio, being an Immer, was never very safe to begin with, but his vicious track record left the community somewhat less than comfortable with the equine. Hence, a very carefully worded letter not being explicitly welcoming of the black stallion, nor entirely derogatory either. A couple more sophisticated Immer had suggested to Elio that he surpass the celebration entirely, stating he had much better things to do with his time, trying to appeal to the equine's ego. It had worked last year, and the year before that, but this year Elio was set on partaking in the celebration. From what he remembered, there were too many delicious foods and awestruck faces to pass it up three years in a row.

    At the moment, the giant stallion was resting in his stall, chewing on straw absentmindedly. His stall was in a nice secluded area, an empty bit of land on the southeastern edge of the city near the castle. It was a special arrangement with the farmer that owned the land, as the Hayes's bakery was much too small for Elio to sleep comfortably, and there wasn't room in the congested city anywhere near the house.

    Once he finally made the decision to get off his rump, it only took the stallion a couple minutes to reach the city. His ears swiveled this way and that, failing to meet any eyes as he strode through the streets. He could feel the tension from people around him, skirting away nervously if he walked their way. A few brave ones watched him from a distance, wanting to get closer but unwilling to from watching how others reacted. Elio, contrary to popular belief, had come to like young human. Some of them, anyway. The chaotic little creatures were great fun to race around the streets with, as long as they respected his space and didn't poke their fingers in his eyes.

    Every year, the celebration seemed to get bigger. More vendors, more people, and if someone got lucky, one extra Rider. All the awards and 'thanks of service' didn't concern Elio in the slightest. He loved all the eyes on him, but when he really was free to do what he wanted like he was at the moment, he was most interested in the food vendors. As he plodded absentmindedly through the city, a delicious smell in the air caught his attention and he paused, head raised in the air as he searched for the source of the scent. There, across the street, his eyes landed on a little cobbled house where a vendor was selling fresh cuts of meat. But how to get to them? Brash he may be, but stupid he wasn't. A giant stallion like Elio was very hard to ignore and he didn't really want to make trouble and be kicked out of the city again. Best to wait for a distraction...

    He acted unconcerned, wandering in the direction of the meat vendor to a couple horses tethered up to a hitching post on the side of the street and taking a drink from their water trough. Upon noticing the Immer, they rolled their eyes in fear and tried inching away from him. "Oh, cool it," Elio snorted, scratching an itch on his face against the post. Stupid horses. It wasn't the greatest disguise, with the equine towering at least a hand or two above the others, nor were his curled ram's horns very discreet, but disguise wasn't his best skill anyhow. Ignoring the fidgeting of the horses, Elio glanced over his shoulder at the booth he had been eyeing. Still nothing happening. As he went to turn away though, the man at the booth reached over his table and Elio's eyes focused on him once again. He watched as the man flipped a sign on the front of his shop, draped a bloodied cloth over the table, and turned to disappear in the back of his shop.

    Now was his chance. Quietly but confidently, Elio strode over to the shop and carefully lifted the cloth, pushing it aside with his nose. Within a minute, he had scarfed down 3 lamb's hearts and taken two entire cow's ribs into his jaws before deciding he was set to go. As if nothing had just happened, the equine turned away from the shop and carried onward in a brisk trot, finally deciding to look for his rider. The crowd literally parted as he moved through the streets, and luckily none were brave enough to confront him. 'Look but don't touch' was Elio's motto, so he couldn't have been happier.

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