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  • adamance I put a previous romantic interest in Sabbath's form. Is it ok if I make that previous interest a character who is from an dwells in the North? There will be no further romance between said characters.

    Sphinx I would like if she could be someone of the court; a lord/lady, an assassin, a spy, infobroker. (I am aware some of these would not be official titles of the court).

    maycie. maycii would also like if she was almost if not an apprentice of sorts to Persephone, it would be more of a I want to find any opportune time I can with her (your character) and see what I can learn get from her. As I see she is somewhat nomadic herself.

  • Is this thread full? It looks amazing, but it seems like all of the positions are reserved... I figured I would pop in and ask just in case there was an opening

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  • i am going to open the thread officially for more 'normal' characters. they are permitted dragons, but please keep in mind that the masters have their labels for a reason, and normal character dragons will be smaller, even unridable sizes. please also review the masters' info, as specific dragons are from specific regions.

    arya's accepted! i love her so much what a cutie oml

    Sphinx accepted as well!

    i'd like to wait for all masters to be completed before i make a plot thread, so everyone is on an even playing field and ready to plot.

  • ill have my form finished later tonight; i’m graduating today and have a long ass day a head of me lmao as well as a all night party so it’ll be done later tonight or early morning tomorrow

  • I'm also almost finished with my character & they should be done tomorrow. It's my sister's birthday today, otherwise I'd have it finished today but I'm busy going for a birthday meal with her tonight.


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  • adamance hey so this plot looks amaznig and I'd love to create a character. Just a little confused as to what my character can be?? I see all the master positions are taken, which is no problem, just unsure of what the other roles are. I wouldn't mind playing an assassin, or someone who threatens someone else's reign. Just some plotting ideas. Also, if we aren't a dragon master, that means we can't have big dragons at all? Because surely other big dragons would roam the empire, and surely other people may possess the ability to acquire them without being a master.

    we are as you want to see us,

    nothing else, nothing more.

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