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  • Johnny had not been having the greatest of days.

    First, he had woken up. While being alive was certainly nice, he often yearned for when he was a kid, and when life had been much simpler. Back then, it had been all racing, and he'd loved it. There was nothing better than feeling the wind in his spotted fur, gliding across the land on the back of a horse. But now things were a bit different; he had to drag his body everywhere. He would sometimes injure his hind legs without even realizing it on Agrelos's rough terrain; it was so much different from his family's farms back in the day, and now he was here, dragging through life as he dragged across the hot sands. He was just thankful he couldn't feel them.

    Second, he was stuck with Gyro, and the asshole wouldn't give him the time of day. He knew why they traveled together- to find the Red God -but goodness, did he hate this dude. The coyote didn't walk slow enough for Johnny to keep up, and while he was almost used to it by now, it was still just as annoying as it had been the first day. There were no breaks. It was all about getting to their destination. I need to fucking stop, jackass, he would protest, but Gyro would keep trucking, and he'd be forced to either follow or be lost in the vast red openness of the desert.

    But, not all was woe and misery. As they trudged through the heaping sands, Johnny's blue eyes (that he kept incredibly squinted to keep the sun out of them) grew as wide as they comfortably could.

    "Oi, Gyro," he'd call to his traveling companion, "Thos're the pyramids, aren't they?" If those are the pyramids, that means we're here, and I can ditch this dude. "The Red God should be in there, yeah?" He'd wait for an answer, ears twitching as he stared at his friend. The tiny savannah cat looked about as hopeful as he could be; this would be the best news in a while, if it was true.

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  • "'Ey slow ass," though he was tired from fucking walking, he couldn't help himself but crack a joke in the midst of the overbearing heat. "Need a big strong figure to carry you around?" But as the other man pointed out the pyramids up ahead - to which even he was amazed - he squinted into the distance. "Mm," he shrugs in response, figurative brows scrunched against the undying light of the noon sky. While the hunt for this "god"'s corpse was exhilarating at best, he couldn't help but be pissed at the fact that his only companion in this mission had to be the most unruly, annoying, and abrasive cunt he'd ever met.

    "Maybe it is where the Red God is, but who knows? We don't. We've never seen the man himself - or lady, maybe. But if we run into trouble on the way, I doubt your crippled ass would make it far, so I'm going to stick around for now. Got it?" He didn't wait for confirmation as he continued onward, black lips thinned to a sheer line. "Allow me to serenade you on our travel, ahem - it's an original piece with lyrics by Gyro Zeppeli, yours truly," he believed his singing was the greatest thing god could gift him in a century of living. Nothing could compare. "Pizza mozzA-rellA, pizza mozzA-rellA, rellarellarellarellarEELAAAA," an influx of oxygen. "And for the second verse: Gore-go-un-zora, gore-go-un-zora, zorazorazoraZORA ZORAAAA -- oh Jojo, I think we reached a problem." He's halted before a scent line, marked clear as day, and he wrinkles his nose in distaste. "Whadda we do now? We wait here?"

  • I haven’t seen a ‘big strong man’ in ages, twink,” Johnny cast back, feeling irritable after Gyro’s initial line. Yeah, of course he was a slow ass- he was fucking disabled and without a wheelchair. It was sort of hard to drag dead weight around all the time, especially on this sort of terrain. Man, why couldn’t the Red God have lived somewhere more convenient?

    He was about to say something when Gyro launched into whatever he was talking about again, and Johnny grumbled.

    If the Red God isn’t in there...” he started, but didn’t finish. They were moving again. Besides, he wasn’t sure what exactly he could threaten a god with. He wasn’t exactly useful in physical combat, let alone against a deity of some sort.

    He huffed as he moved, dreading all of the red sand he’d have to groom out of his fur later, watching Gyro’s bobbing form up ahead. He seemed to be staying back a bit, though, and honestly Johnny was more scared than excited about this fact- the wolf was always up to something idiotic when he hung back- and today was no exception.

    Oh god. It was already stuck in his head.

    It was too good, Gyro,” he cried, “I think I might die. It’s gonna be stuck in my head forever-Oh, Jojo, I think we reached a problem.

    He blinked. A problem?

    There’s nothing here, dumba- ohhhhhhhhh...” an accusation, and then a realization as he smelled the border as well. Eugh. Whadda we do now? We wait here?

    You’re askin’ me? I’m in the same boat ‘s you, dumbass! You think I’ve been here before?” he started ranting, though not super emphatically. It was reminiscent of an old couple bickering, and Johnny absolutely hated it. “You lead us here, you figure it out.

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  • The sound of arguing voices is grating and so not what she needs to be hearing right now, but she can fake a beautiful smile just as well as this duo can bluff their way through a serenading. As a confident woman herself, seeing other obnoxiously confident creatures is always jarring. Does she sound that terrible with all her cocky attitude? She assumes not - after all, she's her, and being terrible is very un-Nadine like. Then again, so is assuming that everyone thinks as highly of her as she does, so the jury is still out on the matter.

    "You two wait there, there's some good boys," the Overseer calls as she makes her way over, looking between the two with blatant confusion. For some reason, she'd been picturing two massive and leering canines, maybe Dobermans, and instead she finds... them. A wolf with weird eyes and a tiny feline with useless hind legs. It takes a moment to place just why the smaller one unsettles her, and then it clicks - he looks just like Sangria and Showkit.

    Nadine comes to a stop on her side of the boarder, kicking what she assumes is a rib bone out of the way. The action makes her horns throb slightly, but by now it's mostly just an annoyance, and these two strangers are much more annoying than her 'crown' is for the moment. "You two got names to match the faces and a reason to be here, yeah?" She prompts after the two males have time to process her being there. "Come on, let's hear it - it's rude to keep a girl waiting, y'know."


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  • Oh, a new voice? Maybe it was the source of this border, though he couldn't imagine one person could do this all on their own. They'd have to drink a lot of water to pull of something of this scale, and considering they were in the middle of a desert, Johnny doubted there was a surplus of the stuff. But that was enough thinking about piss, probably.

    He wrinkled and unwrinkled his nose. Was she disappointed as she crested that dune? Was she expecting something else? It wasn't as though he wasn't used to that by now, but he furrowed his brows slightly. Oh well. It probably wasn't worth arguing over- she was talking to them. Good boys... hey, what was she insinuating?! Johnny stuck out his lip. It wasn't even that she was wrong, he more hated the fact that she'd gotten him right before even being introduced.

    "Who's askin'?" he asked to answer, ears pricking, chin raising as he peered down his nose at her. Er... up at her. She was taller than he was, but it didn't matter. He puffed out his chest a bit, trying to look a little bigger than he was. What, was she gonna kill them if she didn't get their names or something? Why did she even need to know? He shifted his bright blue gaze to the pyramids behind her, still squinting heavily. The Red God had to be in there. Then a sudden movement in the foreground; he watched the bone drift away in the sandy ocean. He suddenly wondered if, perhaps to get to the God they were so desperately in search of, if he would need to answer her questions after all. After a moment of grumbling, and glancing between the stranger and Gyro, he opened his mouth again.

    "M' name's Johnny. He can speak for himself."

    Was it good to have given her his name? He supposed it was; he wouldn't have wanted her using his nickname, after all. 'Jojo' was reserved for his friends. Gyro just used it to piss him off, he was pretty sure.

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  • Twink??? I'm about to boil this lobster in butter if he doesn't shut th' fuck up. "Nyo-ho-ho ~ I-" but was soon cut off as a stranger's voice hit his ears, and he whips around violently, bright green eyes squinting to mere slits. The sun was way too fucking wild. "Good boys? O-K momma, I think the desert's making you lose it too. Who th' fuck d'ya think we are? Why we're - hrn, you probably wouldn't know." You're a moron Gyro. This isn't at all what it used to be.

    She asked for their names and why they were there, and for a moment, he actually forgot the reason. The Red God's corpse, right? That's what we're here for ... is that all? "Gyro Zeppeli, at yer service," spitting on the ground, there's a lull of a growl in the base of his words. "We're here tooo ... hm, we're here to stay awhile." Hopefully Johnny gets the message or I'm going to have to be kicking him in his existing legs later. As he studied the strange female, he started chuckling to himself in a lower tone, yet soon a higher pitched cackle escaped him. "What th' fuck are you? You look like a noodle got inbred with rocks."

    "D'you piss on this border-thingy, ma'am? Is that a way to say 'hello we're here we're home'? That's cool, y'know, just look for the barrier of piss when you're lost and you know you've found yourself back, right? Molto elegante." Gyro was an individual of little to no common sense, and so when the mention of something so primitive and surreal touched his ears, he was all for it. I'll let them know this is gonna be my territory too. And so what did the wolf do? Why, he did nothing but piss on the border as well, of course. "Eeyy, Jojo! Look at how far I can make it go, I can stretch this baby for miles!" Pissing in front of a lady, who was probably a respected member of this ... group here? Probably. He didn't care.

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  • Nami can't help but cackle at the pair like an old hag. She takes a good few seconds to just laugh once the one who calls himself Gyro starts pissing on the border as his joining, wings aflutter behind her and eyes crinkling as she absolutely loses it. This was probably one of the most entertaining joinings she'd ever seen, and she'd been alive a long fucking time. She liked this one already definitely, even if he talked far too much.

    "She probably think you're some morons that stumbled here and been out in the sun so long you got heatstroke and went stupid or something." There's no bite to her tone, simply a grin as she comes up besides Nadine. They seem absolutely insane to her, but she also did some pretty insane things herself, the wounds on her body from fighting an angry mother dragon still prominently showing on her body as they begin the slow healing process.

    "Name's Haerii Blair Izanami, I'll let my lovely friend introduce herself. And I'm not sure who pisses on the border, but I sure as hell know it ain't me." That was an excellent point, what person even did that? She'd never seen anyone do it and she'd never done it herself. Then again, her time was not dedicated to furthering the cause of the Ruins, her time was dedicating to tracking down anything that would be of interest to her, chasing after the shinies like the magpie that she was.

    "Welcome to the Ruins. Try not piss anyone off."

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  • Johnny sniffed, a little disappointed that Gyro's reply had been cut short. He thought that calling him a twink had been pretty funny; he was eager to see what the other would retort with, but alas. Perhaps some other time.

    Gyro answered a few of her questions and Johnny nodded along. Stay awhile... yeah, that sounded about right. He wondered if the wolf had forgotten that they were on a very important quest for the Red God's corpse, or if he'd simply left it off for fear of any strange looks, but either way he didn't care. The man gave a short yawn. Could they hurry this up already? He appreciated the break, but it was damn hot out, and he could feel the heat of the sand on his stomach. It wasn't very comfortable.

    "A noodle with rocks? I think she looks more like me 'f I got a brick thrown in my head. And, you know, 'f I could use my legs. Or... maybe if someone took dried gum off a sidewalk and stuck it to a big... hm... mashed potato." A cheeky grin arose on his features. He'd been no stranger to torment before, and he'd become quite the tormentor now; in fact, it was largely the reason for his paralysis. Some people couldn't take a joke. Perhaps he should have learned by now not to engage in this sort of behavior, but it was who he was, he couldn't change that. He looked to Gryo to see if any of those descriptions had resonated, but soon there was more stuff happening. Jeez, he couldn't keep up anymore- to think that he'd been winning races before his accident was like a dream.

    Gyro was suddenly pissing on the border.

    "Oi! Have some decency!" he protested, shielding his eyes with a free paw, but peering between the gaps of his toes. Jesus, how hard can Gyro pee? That's horrifying... and oh my god why was he thinking about piss again. This had to be one of the worst days of his life.

    "But... it was kind of impressive. But still gross. Don't do it again, jackhole."

    Then a newcomer, and Johnny turned his attention to her. Oi, what the hell was this lady? Some sort of cat-bird? That was against nature, he was pretty sure. His expression twisted as he tried to determine what two halves made her whole, but gradually unscrewed itself once she began talking. She seemed in favor of their antics, and that was a win for them, wasn't it? Did they need these little victories? His ears flicked.

    "Maybe he did," he grumbled at the 'stupid' comment, blue eyes flicking back to his companion before returning to the stranger. She introduced herself, but her name wasn't quite registered; it was way too long for his attention span, made short by apathy. She said something about the Ruins. Was that where they were? Fitting name, he guessed. "But uh, speakin' of heatstroke, it's damn hot out- can we haul it to some shade already?"


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  • ”I wouldn't talk to her like that if you want to keep your gonads in tact lads” Ver called out a falsified smirk on her face as she saunters over to hover protectively over her girlfriend. eyes locked on the urine-smelling male more than it was on hid fucked-up legged companion. ”Want to keep it intact don't you? need it to match you personality right?” was she trying to start a fight of course, she'd allow him the join just to further humiliate him. Not that he already wasn't doing that to himself.

    She'd laugh and likely join in if they were messing around with anyone else but Nadine was the exception here, just how it was. They reminded her of people common in the wildlands those who didn't give a shit about anyone but themselves. Like her in a way, which gave her a ounce of nostalgia she'd rather not have experienced. She laughs when the other, the cripple says something asks to get into some shade she shakes her headand gestures wit one paw towards his wolf-buddy. ”Why not ask your friend to piss on you if your that hot, i'm sure he has some left in his tank” she'd sneer.


  • "The fuck am I? I'm the third-highest ranking creature around here, boys, so take your heads and shove it," Nadine responds with a twitch of her lips, taking a step away from the horrible display. Her flank brushes against Nami as she does so and she finds relief in it. Being called lovely definitely doesn't hurt matters any, either, especially when it comes from the pretty mouth of the hybrid.

    They continue, as idiots often seem to, and her tail lashes behind her. "This is a game, yeah? Huh, I guess the two of you look like the next dip-shitted idiots we'll be sacrificing to the Red God, if he'll take your mank asses," she says with a tilt of her head, red eyes blinking prettily as she tries to reign in some of her anger. It's probably not in her best interest to be lashing out at joiners (even with Nami and Ver around to impress,) but she isn't just going to take it all head-on, either. She's had enough of that from a certain some-bitchy already, and boys are gross. These two doubly so. "But maybe 'm not seeing right."

    She takes another step away, and another, until her form is retreating over the dunes and slipping gradually toward the horizon. Somewhere between here and there the Overseer calls back, "You two fuckers are Ruiners now; get comfy," and leaves nothing more to it. Her girlfriend and her friend can handle the two, because if she stays at this rate, they'll be handling her first ever corpses instead.

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