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    Moonwatcher swallowed hard as she stared at the brilliance of the moon stone. Her golden hues had turned silver as the moonlight filtered in from the moon above. She would look over to her daughter, Heatherpaw, and their friend, Rootlegs. She was beyond grateful that the Riverclan tom had agreed to accompany them for this. Moonwatcher would take a deep breath before meowing softly, "I'm ready when you both are..." She would give them encouraging smile, her tail brushing against her daughters flank as she knew this was a big night for her as well. The silver tabby would crouch down, and lightly touch her black nose to the glowing rock. It was cold, and that surprised her at first, but after a few moments it would warm and the she-cat would be lulled to sleep.

    When she opened her eyes next, she would find herself in a starry field, dusted with stars that moved gently as she picked up one of her paws in surprise. She would glance around herself to see who would present themselves. She found herself trembling lightly, would..would she see her mother tonight? The thought along made her heart beat faster and she forced herself to sit, to wait patiently for what was to come.


    Here is the list incase we need it!

    name / giving the life of --

    1. Ravenpool / giving the life of Courage

    2. Petalpaw / giving the life of Empathy/Understanding

    3. Wolfnose / giving the life of Perseverance

    4. Palevine / giving the life of Humor

    5. EveningDove / giving the life of Love

    6. Dustykit / giving the life of protection

    7. ForestStar / giving the life of Patience

    8. Lambstar / giving the life of ?

    9. Blizzardcry /giving the life of ?

    HEATHERMOON   Rootlegs   lavendes   Hanakosong   valkyrie -   palevine -   [Hollow]   Icey !   lambtuft.   BLIZZARDCRY }   *~Foreststar~*

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    *~Foreststar, formerly Iceforest *~* former (traditional) Thunderclan Leader #7, now StarClanner *~* cisfemale *~* silver tabby chinchilla; white with vague pale cool gray stripes, dark blue boots, and dark forest green eyes; scars on nose, cheeks, thigh, and underbelly *~* approx. 47.5 moons old at death *~* 'vanished'; died in the gorge and was covered by snow until spring *~* last mentored LightningSpirit *~* calm and thoughtful mom-friend *~* has a Russian-esque loner accent ~* ~ low-key haunts TC at this point--I still poke around the site, so feel free to PM this account for a friendly neighborhood Starclanner!

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  • 「 just tell me that i can survive — in this cold world 」

    The first starry figure to step forward from the glowing, indistinct ranks that surrounded the soon-to-be ThunderClan leader was on the smaller side, frame still shaped with youthfulness of a life cut too short. Their white fur sparkled with stars, fluffy tail swishing happily, and distinctly brown paws carried them lightly, soundlessly over the ethereal grass towards Moonwatcher. They had to look up slightly at the former deputy, but those pale blue eyes were familiar and warm, not quite the same as Snow's but enough to be recognizable.

    "Moonwatcher, you've come so far. I'm glad to see that you will be the new leader of ThunderClan," Petalpaw's voice was warm, calm and even, in death as it had been in life. "I have the honor of giving you your first life. As I lived, I felt an outcast, misunderstood even if I wasn't mistreated, because at the time there were none around me who understood what I was going through. I had never felt one specific way about my gender, about my identity, and though my family was understanding, I was questioned on my choice far too often and misunderstood even more. In the end, when I was attacked and killed by that fox, I realized how alone I had been, how miserable I had actually been without even noticing, simply because I had become so used to it.

    "With this life, I want you to become a leader who is full of understanding and empathy for your Clanmates around you. Even if you cannot relate, the simple reassurance that you understand they are in pain, even if you cannot relate to it, can be a huge comfort. Sometimes all one needs to hear when suffering is that someone understands and is willing to try and help them work through it, that they are not alone. With this life, I give you empathy and understanding. Use it well to guide and protect your Clanmates for the moons of your leadership to come."

    As Petalpaw finished speaking, they stretched up slightly to press their little pink nose against the crown of Moonwatcher's head, the life flowing into the she-cat before the apprentice pulled back, eyes shining with life and pride that had been absent when they were alive. Before stepping back into the ranks of the other ancestors, Petalpaw whispered softly, "Tell my mother I said hello, that I love her. She is more scattered and anxious than you realize."

    //I also have Eveningdove but I want her to be last since she's Moon's mother <3

    speaking thoughts
    "every night inside me i quietly fight with myself."


  • ❝There's a lot you don't see that is keeping it together!

    — Rootlegs


    The Riverclan medicine cat had a soft warm smile on his face as he stood in the light of the Moonstone. He was grateful that they had thought of him when they decided to make the trip and was more than happy to guide his friend and temporary apprentice in such an occasion. When they were ready he gave them a brief nod and then lowered his body to the height of the stone's before gently leaning in to touch his nose against it's cold surface. Moments later the tall Tonkinese found himself in the starry field of Starclan. He lifted his head up and embraced the enchanting atmosphere unfathomable by most clan cats. He felt blessed to be able to walk among the grounds where their ancestors laid to rest and watch over the clans. When he pulled his head back down, he noticed an unfamiliar cat who's eyes glittered with excitement to see Moonwatcher. He offered Petalpaw a respectful dip of his head and then encouraged the Thunderclan leader-to-be to take a step forward and start the ceremony of receiving her first life. Rootlegs then quietly stood beside Heatherpaw and watched the rest of the ceremony with a peaceful expression in his face.

    // hope this was okay and non-intrusive, ty for inviting Rooty to be there <33

    You'll blow us all away. Someday... someday.

    Rootlegs - Trad. Riverclan - Tom - 25moons - Medicine Cat - Penned By Dia'Kendi


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  • Padding along with her mother and Rootlegs, Heatherpaw's heart thumped unevenly. Every trip she had taken to the moonstone had made her feel this way - jittery, anxious, unsure. It was always a fear that she wasn't enough, that StarClan would reject her as ThunderClan's medicine cat. Yet, every time the starry cats welcomed her with open arms, encouraging her and guiding her to grow into her position comfortably.

    Touching her nose to the cool stone, Heatherpaw was engulfed by a warm feeling before appearing in the clearing near Rootlegs and Moonwatcher. Her mother would become Moonstar during this visit, and the young she-cat was able to watch it happen ... how amazing.


    OH THIS TOO SHALL PASS ———— ・゚✧ 」

    this loneliness won't last for long — information

  • Moonwatcher. How far she had come. How far all of them had come.

    Lambtuft would wait as the starry-flecked figure of Petalpaw approached the new leader first. The curly-furred molly would sit, listen silently to the words that came from the smaller feline. Petalpaw had been through everything and more in their life down on the rolling lands, the alabaster girl's eyes flashing with a bit of sorrow at the apprentice's words. How strong the apprentice was to approach first, how courageous their words were, but sad they were. Lambtuft hoped that Petalpaw was happy now, here in Starclan.

    Petalpaw's words came to an end and Lambtuft stepped up next.

    "Moonwatcher." The ex-leader's voice was already wavering, Lambtuft trying her best not to get emotional and sappy before she even really started. "I don't know how I'm going to follow up Petalpaw's speech, but I'll try my best." Lambtuft rubbed at her eyes, tears starting to trek down her cheeks. How much more emotional could she be right now?

    "I'm honored to give you your second life...humility. I wish I had had more of this when I was in your paws; there were some things, things that you might remember, where I was too stubborn to see that my way of doing things weren't always the best. As a leader, your word is law, but sometimes you're going to need the insight of your deputy and the cats around you. Your clanmates are there to help and support you, don't be afraid to step down and ask for advice. Sometimes," Lambtuft reached forwards to press her nose to Moonwatcher's, ears laid flat against her head, "sometimes the best advice is from the cats you least expect it from. Don't be afraid to shed your power, even if it's just for a moment, to clear your head and hear the words of your clan. A leader without their clan's support is nothing, don't forget where you come from. I' proud of you, Moonwatcher, you'll be a great leader, I know it." And with a last nudge to the tabby molly, Lambtuft would step back and allow the next cat to approach the new leader.

    She was so proud.


    oh, i've never seen you like this.

    you're scaring me to death.

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    Petalpaw....Had it really been so long since she had seen her little littermate? Moonwatchers throat would constrict in emotion as she listened to the apprentices speech. As Petalpaws' nose touched her forehead, she had to grit her teeth to stop the surprised yowl that otherwise would have ripped from her throat. She found herself unable to move, as if she had been cemented into her spot as memories and the power of her new life flooded into her. Petalpaws' sorrow, her pain at being ignored. Tears threatened the silver tabbies' eyes as Petalpaws' emotions almost over came her own, but then the pain subsided, replaced by warmth and acceptance. She would be left heavily panting, her eyes snapping open the moment Petalpaw stepped away. She would only just hear the apprentices request....say hello to Snow...was she allowed to do that? She would offer the young feline a smile, she would at least try.

    Next to step up, would be another face that brought strong emotions to her heart. Lambtuft...Her beloved sisters mate. Was Slatewing here too? As Moonwatcher listened to her friend speak, she would dip her head as she listened. This was a life she needed dearly, and Once Lambtuft touched noses with her, she had to brace herself for another shock wave of energy. It felt like a hole had been cut from her chest. The lonliness of feeling like you had to rule alone. The grief that the curly pelted molly had to endure when she felt no one understood how it felt to rule. She wised she could apologize to her, wished that she had been more supportaive and just....there. But as soon as Lambtuft had been there, she was gone. Moonwatcher would seem to sag, she still had seven lives to receive. Would they all be like this? She looked around for whoever would come forward next.


    palevine - you can go now if you'd like :)

  • He waited quietly, large ears perked up as he listened to the speeches that were given. He wasn't a tom of many words and he allowed himself a moment to think. Did he have to be long winded too? It wasn't in his nature but he also didn't see a reason not to be. Though he figured he would cut it short and take his turn now as there was a lull in the situations. Not many knew his face, the brother of Adderstar who had long since left the clans only to return and die soon after. His life had been short lived, his love having been a kittypet that he wished so desperately that he could see again but he understood the trouble that came with such things. A son that now as corrupted by ill means to bring down the barriers of the clans. He was sorry for it but the savannah cat moved forward with eyes of glowing amber and the stars shimmering in his melantisc pelt. The pattern was just as dark and stood out in contrast against the light. "You probably don't know me. I wouldn't be upset if you didn't. My name is Wolfnose, a warrior of Thunderclan once upon a time." A light twitch of his maw seemed to give hint to a smile before he looked saddened and solemn once again. Clearing his throat a bit he sat down and curled his long tail around his body. "Sometimes life has a way of pushing against you. Other cats wanting to sway your decisions and make things harder for you. But as leader you must do what is right by your clan. Through everything that happens, everything that is thrown at you you must keep moving forward. There will be times where it seems to hard to bear but you will always have your clan to fall back on. To know that you strive and live for them. I'm here to give you a life of perseverance so that you may never falter and your determination even if things seem hard or may seem like they will never come to pass will never waver." Leaning forward the tom pressed his nose against Moonwatcher's the life filling her with a white hot heat and such energy that it would make her feel as if she would be able to run forever and never tire before he stepped back and dipped his head.




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    Pure adrenaline would rush through her as Wolfnose touched her head and she felt her pelt stand on end from the rush of it. She felt like she was flying through the forest, harnessing the energy to cut down all enemies of Thunderclan, but also felt the tirelessness of protecting the vulnerable that entered her home. As Wolfnose stepped away, she was left breathless once more, panting heavily where she stood as she tried to collect her bearings. Her gaze flickered over to her daughter, her beautiful Heatherpaw, and she smiled at her softly. This moment. These lives, they weren't just for her...they were not gifts for her or her power. they were for her clanmates. Once that resolve solidified her, she would stand tall once more, ready for her next life.

  • As the cream tabby stepped forward, she fixed her dark amber eyes on Moonwatcher, now the leader of the Clan she'd left behind. "Moonwatcher... Thank you for all you've done for our Clan. Thank you for watching over us as deputy... I'm sure you'll do a wonderful job as our leader."

    She took a deep breath and continued. "Every cat makes mistakes; your choice is whether you'll let them get you down or laugh at them, realize they're not going to be important in a moon. For this, I give you a life of humor, so you can laugh at any mistakes you or a Clanmate makes."

    She stepped closer, gently pressing her nose against Moonwatcher's with a soft smile. The life would fill her with energy, but also a sense of happiness and laughter.

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  • A small, brown tabby bounced into the clearing, looking up at the older Starclanners immediately realizing this was a serious matter. Whoops. Stars glittered throughout his pelt like fireflies, and his yellow gaze gleamed like the sun. The son of the blind, temporary warrior sat down beside Wolfnose, and patiently waited his turn. What was he supposed to say? He had only been alive for three moons. His brother Sootkit was around here somewhere...why couldn't he have helped too? Finally it was his turn, and he gulped nervously. Would Moonwatcher remember him? He had been the reason why Flameseeker had gotten run over by that monster that broke her jaw..He had also died alongside his brother during the leaf bare when the forest had been burned down. A death that he deserved.

    The small kit bounced forward after Palevine, and looked up at the new leader. "Hi, Moon.." Dustykit squeaked, his star littered fur fluffing embarrassedly. He looked back at the Starclan warriors to see if he was doing it right, then returned his gaze to her. "With this life, I give you the life of protection. May you protect your clan like a mother would her own kits." He took a step closer, and attempted to touch noses with her. Of course, she would have to bend down due to the size difference, but he was still excited.

  • OOC: oops this is long ^^"

    IC: As Dustykit bounced away, a queenly molly with a coat like cracked ice would break away from the crowd of ancestors. Funnily, leadership almost seemed to still be a habit to her; her chin rose slightly and her shoulders rolled back as she stepped forward to take her turn. For all she was not new to death compared to others who had given lives before her, she had always taken things a bit too seriously, and thus the habitual leaderly gestures still lingered in her posture yet. It was an odd contrast to the youthful glint in her eyes.

    "I suppose it's my turn to tell a somber story with a life," she purred jokingly as she stepped forward to touch Moonwatcher's forehead with her nose.

    "My name is Foreststar--though perhaps you don't need the introduction, as I feel like I remember you. When I was leader of ThunderClan, two newleafs ago, there was a fiery apprentice whose parents had left the clan. No one knew why they did, and the pain of that loss poured out of the apprentice with every breath. I tried to take her as my own apprentice, but even this did not seem to help her ire, and she constantly took it out on the rest of the clan. As leaf-fall set in and serious issues arose for the clan, I had to make a hard choice. To teach the apprentice a lesson, I sent her away. She clearly did not understand the good points of living in a clan, as I had learned when I joined. As a loner, the only one who watches your back or tends your wounds is yourself. Some cats may like that lifestyle, but it is a hard, lonely life not meant for everyone. However, to live with others requires patience, and it is this gift I give you with my life. Patience was shown to me when I was new to the clans; patience is shown to clanmates who truly want to be a clan, to live together and ache together and die together; and to change my apprentice's life, I showed her the patience much of our clan was running low on, and which even she lacked. She became my daughter, and though she left ThunderClan, she became a capable, clear-eyed warrior with boundless energy, which she devoted to a new clan. A little patience can go a long way, especially for someone who can have as much sway over the hearts of cats as a leader. However, one must be careful to find a line between patience and taking no action at all. With this life, I give you patience. Use it well to help yourself as well as others find their way."

    Ironically, the feeling that would rip through Moonwatcher with this life would be a great, rending, prickling lightning bolt of frustration, of feeling her own heart be pulled in so many directions and her duty be yanked in more still. Of watching cats' hearts ache around her, and perhaps not being able to do anything about it, or not having the time or energy to do so after duties, and the frustration of not being able to come to terms with that. A state that was truly a test to even the wisest elder or most loving queen, left alone any deputy.

    As she stepped away, Foreststar smiled wryly, and perhaps a bit sympathetically. She gave Moonwatcher a light familiar flick with her tail as she turned away, in hopes that it would cheer the brave molly up for the lives and challenges to come.

    *~Foreststar, formerly Iceforest *~* former (traditional) Thunderclan Leader #7, now StarClanner *~* cisfemale *~* silver tabby chinchilla; white with vague pale cool gray stripes, dark blue boots, and dark forest green eyes; scars on nose, cheeks, thigh, and underbelly *~* approx. 47.5 moons old at death *~* 'vanished'; died in the gorge and was covered by snow until spring *~* last mentored LightningSpirit *~* calm and thoughtful mom-friend *~* has a Russian-esque loner accent ~* ~ low-key haunts TC at this point--I still poke around the site, so feel free to PM this account for a friendly neighborhood Starclanner!

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    Each life slammed into her one, after the other, after the other. The silver tabby barely had time to breath from one life to the next. But she would take it, happily and willingly absorbing the nerve wracking energy and life that flowed into her. She had to keep her tears in check as the faces of Palevine and Dustykit moved away from her. Lives she wasn't able to protect, and perhaps the symbols of the lives she would be powerless to protect in the future. But she would push through, just as she was now, tired and weak, but needing to finish what she came to do. She took several deep breaths and made a mental count in her head, just three more lives to go, who could she possibly see next?