One Family Under The Sun {MAJOR CLAN MEETING}

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    To be fair. Moonwatcher was completely and utterly FREAKING OUT. She had been called into Blackstars den, she had hoped that it was to discuss his future plans and that he was finally going to come outside and show Thunderclan that he was still around. But no. Of course thats not what he wanted to discuss. And now she had to break the news to the rest of the clan. Or what was left of Thunderclan at this point.

    Finally, the silver she-cat took a deep breath, focusing her mind and pulling in the strength she needed to do this. She would hold her head high, appearing like a her golden hues glittering with confidence as she padded towards the meeting root. Her muscles would ripple beneath her pelt as she launched herself into the Meeting Root and she turned to face her clan, "ALL CATS OLD ENOUGH TO CATCH THEIR OWN PREY, JOIN BEFORE THE MEETING ROOT FOR A CLAN MEETNG!!"

    Her voice would echo with authority and she would remain standing as her clanmates joined below her. Once the entirety of Thunderclan was before her, she would take another deep breath before meowing calmly, "Thunderclan, I come before you today, with big news. Tonight, our leader Blackstar, due to his increasing health issues, has decided to step down as leader and retake his warrior name of Blackstorm." Her heart would pound in her chest in both excitement and nervousness as she continued, "As a result, from this moment on, I will be taking over as official leader of Thunderclan. I am going to the moonstone in a few days to receive my lives, in that time, I will be keeping an extra careful eye out for potential candidates for our new Deputy. So, for those of you who are interested in this position, these next few days will be your chance to prove yourselves."

    Her gaze would scan the clearing, watching her clanmates expressions as she gave them a moment to adjust to the news and then meowed gently, "Also, I wanted to make some announcements. Flameseeker has been returned to us, she is currently healing from a rat attack, but when she recovers she will be reinstated as a Senior Warrior of Thunderclan, if she accepts the role. Also, Sunspots will also be give the title of Senior warrior if she chooses to accept."

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    Seeing Moonwatcher leading Clan meetings had become a norm over the past couple of days, so there wasn't anything too strange about hearing the deputy's voice ringing out across camp, calling ThunderClan to her. Rosewater approached and sat down near her apprentice, wondering what this meeting could possibly be about. And then...there it was.

    Her former mentor, the tom who had taken her in, found her at the border as a scared, lost, freshly orphaned scrap of fur and promised to look after her, mentor her. He was done. Stepping down. Leaving the position of leader, just like that. Rosewater was plain and simply shocked. The little calico had known that Blackstar was ailing, was growing old, but she hadn't thought - hadn't known it was this bad. She had expected at least another season from the tom, but here Moonwatcher was, their new leader. She would be Moonstar soon, leading ThunderClan, appointing a new deputy, and they would move forward without Blackstar guiding them.

    Of course, Rosewater was happy for the silver she-cat, because she was persistent and strong and absolutely deserved this. But there was still a slight ache in Rosewater's chest for her former mentor. She reminded herself to check on him later, talk to him. But for now, she was here to support Moonwatcher.

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    She was proud - of course she was proud - of her daughter, standing tall and proud on the meeting root and on the cusp of becoming ThunderClan's leader in Blackstar's stead. But first and foremost, the emotion Snow felt coursing painfully through her chest was complete and overbearing worry. Her mate hadn't said anything as of late about stepping down. The white tabby of course knew that it was a possibility, they had discussed it together at length previously, but he hadn't said anything about it since before Rustsky's death, and yet here Snow was, his mate, and finding out alongside the rest of the Clan that this was happening.

    Barely listening to the rest of Moonwatcher's speech, telling herself that she would personally congratulate her daughter later, tell her how incredibly proud of her she was, Snow was dashing off to Blackstar's den. She needed to see him, needed to check on him and make sure that he wasn't hiding from her. What if he was doing this because his health was worse than he had let on? What if he was well and truly dying and she didn't know? What if Blackstar was going to be gone before they could have their litter? There were too many worst case scenarios running through the den mother's mind, and she couldn't sit through the rest of the meeting without knowing, without being at Blackstar's side. Shoving her way into the den, Snow would disappear from the meeting and approach her mate with worry permeating from every fiber of her being.

    "i answered without any hesitation that i have."

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  • This was curious as she had not expected another clan meeting so soon. Carefully the silken giantess made her way out of the warrior den after her slight nap. Things had been a little stressful these past couple of days and the woman wanted her seclusion back but she couldn't fade into obscurity now. With thick and large paws she came forth and settled her form upon the ground. Eyes a mixture of colors as she tilted her head to the side. Oddly enough she had become used to Moonie making the announcements so this seemed like any other meeting. Save for the fact that this time she spoke of Blackstar resigning and herself stepping up. Her eyes widened. The love that she couldn't have was becoming an illustrious leader. The purr that left her throat was loud and congratulatory before she tilted her head. Flameseeker was back and was healing from a rat attack. Bless her soul and also Sunspots was to be a Senior warrior now. A light nod of her head was given as she awaited further news.




  • it had been quite some time since the kit was seen around and to be honest it felt good to be back. although it was quite eye opening to realize that he had come back in the midst of a change of leadership. although that wasn't such a bad thing as Blackstar had never really been around that often. he was sure that moonwatcher would make for a wonderful leader. and it seemed flameseeker was back. that was good news. he remembered he had been there watching helplessly in fear as she was snatched up by twolegs and stolen away much like he had once. sitting comfortably outside the nursery he listened silently, ears perked at the prospect that moonwatcher was going to be picking a deputy. but unfortunately flaxkit was a mere kit, as his name suggested, and although he had the experience of a lifetime nobody knew that, not to mention he'd never had an apprentice. still he couldn't help but be a tad curious about the idea of becoming deputy. it reminded him that he could've possibly been made deputy when his dear sister became the leader of bloodclan had his heart not been to weak. giving prey and herbs to thunderclan when they were in need of it. still, he couldn't regret what he had done.

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  • At Moonwatcher’s call for a meeting, Flameseeker blinked in surprise. What had happened to Blackstar? With a grunt of pain, the tabby carefully stood up and limped from the medicine cat den. Walking was definitely not easy, and the amount of scars littered on her fiery pelt was horrifying. She sat down beside Rosewater, and gazed up at their deputy.

    The news of Blackstar, no, storm, came as a surprise for her, but not so much for the rest of the clan. What else had happened during her absence? Her ears flattened in sympathy for the dark tom, but she was no doubt excited for Moonwatcher to step up as leader. That meant she would be picking a deputy soon. At one point she had wanted that more than anything, however, after her absence for moons she highly doubted she would be a candidate.

    As the meeting progressed, she heard her name being recognized. Her fixed jaw would form a smile, a soft purr also formed in her throat that she was now able to smile. “I accept. Thank you, Moonwatcher.” she would say happily. As Sunspots was also moved to senior warrior, she would smile at the other ginger tabby, she deserved it.




    🔺🔻🔺 Crim frowned. Why did he alway feel like he was the last to know what was happening in his family. Sighing he sat next to his NPC friend, chuckling softly as he commented something amusing. He wondered where was Featherpaw, hoping she’d move and join him. The younger apprentice was fun to be around and he appreciated being around her.


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  • 「"Back to where we made our memories" — "Through unopened windows, bound to my heart" 」

    Featherpaw slipped next to Crimsonpaw pressing herself a bit against him so he knew she was there before looking up at her mentor. It was sad to see Blackstar step down as leader, but it was also a proud moment to watch as her mentor becomes leader of Thunderclan. Her eyes flicked towards Crimsonpaw as a soft smile appeared upon her maw before shuffling her paw a bit.

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  • OOC: Cottontail is a chimera. Chimeras are a real thing and form when two embryos bump into each other in the womb. Separately she is Blaze and Cloud, but together they form Cottontail. More is explained in her introduction.

    As Cottontail slipped through the gorse tunnel, they found their entire clan in a meeting. Quickly putting down the pigeon and vole in the kill pile, they sat down to listen. But as usual, they had missed the entire thing.

    Cottontail had been off in tree cut place again. Their mother had begun to wonder if her crazy daughter was really part of Thunderclan anymore. But it was the only thing Cottontail could settle her minds over. Being two cats was difficult, especially when only Starclan could see it.

    "It's about time Blackstar stepped down. You can't really call yourself a leader if you arn't-", the apprentice, a few tail lengths away, was quickly hushed by his mentor who was not having it. Cottontail looked up at their new leader. They had missed so much these past few moons being in tree cut place. Maybe it was time to pay more attention to her clan.

  • Duskberry looked up from where she had been standing near the warriors den at Moonwatcher as she called for a meeting. The young warrior was a little bit surprised when she heard the deputy speak of how Blackstar, now gaining his warrior name Blackstorm again, was stepping down as leader. She gave a small sigh, remembering how well he led the clan but she knew that Moonwatcher would make a fine leader for Thunderclan. The ginger spotted tabby couldn't help but to glance around camp to see the reactions of her clanmates, she padded over and sat down next to the other warrior Cottontail "Moonwatcher ought to be a fairly decent leader, wouldn't you agree?" she asked the other she cat. Although Cottontail was a bit of an odd cat Duskberry did like her, she found her quite interesting.

  • Cottontail almost jumped. No one really started conversations with them.

    They opened their maw to speak, but it was after a long pause of thinking that they began. "Yes. She's been considerably strong for her leader and has proven that she is capable and responsible. She will be a great leader". Cottontail meowed.

    She will be a great leader is all you had to say,Blaze thought nervously.

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    [♀] Deerleap - 23 moons - Young Warrior [♀]

    ➢➢➢ Hearing the call from Moonwatcher sparked the young warrior's attention towards the front where the rest of her Clanmates gathered. The eager feline flicked her tail with frustration since this meeting was stalling her date with mice that lurk in the forest; it would make a bad impression if Deerleap were to slip out and not attend the meeting. Instead of acting upon her wants, Deerleap trailed her bushy, squirrel-like behind her and attended the Clan Meeting. Her ears listened as she heard of the repositioning from Blackstar to Moonstar, an interesting turn of events.

    Following that was the announcement of the new deputy. Deerleap's eyes swept her Clanmates trying to locate the sparks of interest in the role of deputy. So far, Deerleap was saddened that she wasn't able to see some kit-like, cheesy grins from the grown warriors who wanted the position. A smirk sliced her face and her green eyes darkened with suspicious look.

    I'll bite. Let's see what these old furballs have in them; I'd like to see who's got the will to take on Deputy for Moonstar. she thought to herself. Quickly, wiping away her look, the she-cat went back to her natural, eager look and glanced around.

    "I wonder who's going to chase that deputy position?" Deerleap mewed in a curious voice, even though she was only using the voice to figure out who the competitors were.

    [♂] Silverbud - 24 moons - Warrior [♂]

    ➢➢➢ Silverbud was already lying down near the warriors' den when Moonwatcher called the meeting. For most of his Clanmates, the news was a surprise but for Silverbud, it was just the circle of life taking over again. His icy eyes drifted over towards his polar opposite sister who was standing towards the back listening in. He knew she was interested in the deputy position, even though she reaching too high for her own good.

    A smile cracked across his face at the mere thought of Deerleap trying to look good for Moonstar; she was going to pull every card in the book. She was crazy but it was going to make a good show.



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