genetics help!

  • can someone please get me the genetics for a litter between these two? c:

    mother: brown tabby with low white and green eyes

    father: brown charcoal bengal with amber eyes

    thank u <33

    pm me if you need:

    -- briarstar ( trad. shadowclan leader )

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  • Black (assuming rosetted) charcoal x Brown (assuming mackerel) tabby w/ low white

    Brown tabby, blue tabby, black charcoal, blue charcoal, black, blue, or any of those with white

    Kits with white can have any realistic eye color. Kits without white can have any realistic eye color except blue.

    Tabbies/charcoals can be rosetted, oceloid, marbled, braided, classic spotted, mackerel spotted, classic, or mackerel pattern. (Reference photos are of tabbies. Charcoals would have a darker background and dark cape and mask pattern.)

    Want your characters' kids to have realistic fur colors? Check out the Genetics Center!
    Cats, lions, dogs, horses, rats, parrots - whatever the species is, there's probably a geneticist who can do the litter. We can also do genetics for realistic hybrid litters (check the list of realistic pairings linked in the sticky at the top of the board).
    If you want more options for a litter, just let us know!