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  • Zeppelin didn't really know what to think as he stepped up onto the moss rock for what might be-- no, definitely was going to be-- the final time as the leader of the Valhalla. This wasn't so simple as stepping down, no, that he could do and simply return to an average life in the Dynasty. Maybe he'd even stay here. But what was actually in store for them was going to be a major uphill battle, a climb that they'd have to all make. Together. For the sake of all of them.

    "Valhallans, gather for a meeting. I want to see all of you this time around," called the High King, and there was something somber in his voice. Something wistful. Sure, he was glad that what thy had decided on would be for the better of their Clan as well as one of their allies, but he couldn't help but feel sorrow at the thought of losing the marshes, as muggy and wet and unpleasant as they sometimes were. "Ever since we orchestrated the aid for ColouredClan to help them get rid of the rats, their leader, Partypoison, as well as Kukiko and I, have been having many long, difficult conversations about the futures of our clans. Both Valhalla and ColouredClan are currently struggling heavily as separate entities, barely able to keep themselves afloat due to lack of activity. So, after some time and plenty of debating with Queen Kukiko--" he managed a chuckle. "We've come to a decision."

    "Valhalla will be leaving the Silent Marsh and heading for the West Vessel Lake Meadow, in order to merge with ColouredClan," he announced. He gave it a minute or so to sink in with those who had gathered. "This was not an easy decision by any means. I love our home as much as the rest of you do, but ColouredClan simply has a better fit territory to handle growing numbers. The marshes will simply be reclaimed by nature and return to how they were before any of us creatures claimed it for our own." He swallowed. "At dawn tomorrow, I will call you all here once more, so that we can prepare ourselves for our final leave. Once we leave the territory, Valhalla will be no more; once we join with ColouredClan, the newly synthesized Clan will be known as the Painted Brigade. It will be a fusion of the values of both of our Clans, putting no preference on either of them. And if you don't believe me--" There was a pause. "Kukiko will be joining Partypoison to lead alongside him in the new Clan. I will be giving up my leadership duties, and once everyone is settled in the Brigade, I will be returning to live permanently in my first home, the Dark Dynasty."

    That was the part that hurt. Simply leaving them to go back to his home. His real home. But it was what had to be done. There was a sick feeling, a feeling of loss, bubbling in his stomach, but he knew that he simply had to rip the band-aid off and keep on going. "You will all get the rest of the night to pack up your things and prepare yourselves for our departure. Partypoison and his Clan will be meeting us at the border of the Vessel Lake Meadow tomorrow morning, so I want to make sure everyone comes along with us." He sighed, and then drew in another breath. "It has been an honor and a privilege to serve as your leader for the past three months, and I sincerely hope that this merge will not be in vain. Thank you for being such an amazing Clan, and I'm excited to see what the future holds for us when the merge is complete."





  • Hey wait. Techni liked Colouredclan and everything, and this did mean she could get to know that Clusterpaw, but then again, what? Techni being Techni, her main thought was tha it must have been her fault. She wasn't active enough! If she'd painted and been cheerful, the place would be all 'active'! And- then Zeppelin will be leaving after the merge. "Okay, Zeppelin..." she sighed, standing up to go collect her stashes of canvass and paints from around the marsh.


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