REASON TO FIGHT / plot with feliks

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  • Feliks is a Stormcatcher (deputy) of The Thunderlands and hoo boy he's old. Around in the clans since 2014, he's been through a lot and seen so much weird stuff he's sort of immune to being fazed by things nowadays. It's a double edged sword though since he gets bored super easily and is kinda one incredibly cynical creature. Most of the time he's sort of alright to be around despite his ego, he's a fickle chaotic neutral and is prone to changing loyalties when he feels like it but he normally comes across as laid-back and insightful towards clanmates and friends. He'll make sarcastic jokes, take part in events, give advice and help wherever needed, but with a long-standing negative history with several groups (BlizzardClan and the Exiles mainly), he sort of has skewed views on morality and politics that makes him dislike too much authority in his life. So if your character has a naturally commanding personality, even if they don't mean any harm by it, he will 100% cause issues with them regardless of where they're from.

    He's Open To:

    • Friends - depending on the clan it'll be easier or harder. he flat out won't make friends with blizzardclanners or exilers, but everywhere else he'll probably be friendly towards the animals there as long as they're not initially aggressive towards him.

    • Enemies - kind of on the easier side. his attitude isn't for everyone, and if he notices it's bothering someone he might ham up his personality even more to try and satiate his boredom. plus, kind of has a rough history with most of the world, so he tends to end initially aggressive interactions with aggression.

    • Being A Mentor Figure - if someone's willing to listen to him and learn from it then he's more than happy to act as a mentor. if your character's easily influenced he might pick up on it and try to convince them that most clans are bad, but they don't have to listen to him and he'll probably drop it if they ask him to. he's six years old in july so regardless he has quite a bit of experience to offer.

    • Short-term Romances/Flings - is very much not over the fact that his former partner is living on an island and abstaining from seeing feliks but he sometimes has moments of impulsiveness where a fling or romance would be a perfectly acceptable thing to happen. he'll probably break it off once he comes to his senses but if they have good enough chemistry then who knows.

    • Fights/Rivals/Frenemies - he rarely takes fights and challenges seriously but he'll still be sucked into participating in them. fight-wise he's normally sort of difficult because of his experience, but is currently weakened due to some issues with his powers so chances are he'll just be taunting 90% of the time.

    • AUs - don't always have the highest muse for these since i don't have a definitive appearance and character for AU!Feliks but i'm down to try them and see how they go.

    If there's something you want to do but it's not on the list then feel free to ask me about it! I normally try to be as inclusive as I can with plot ideas so the worst I can say is maybe cx

    He Might Be Open To:

    • Litters - normally i'm cool with him having litters from one-night stands or like, alliance litters, however he doesn't mess with alcohol and most substances so there probably won't be any drunk litters anytime soon. he's kinda become a lot less morally black recently so he probably wouldn't take advantage of a drunk creature either.

    • Torturing/Attacking Characters Unprovoked - very specific rules for this one as he doesn't want to be exiled from the thunderlands. he has a bit of a dodgy sense of justice where he firmly believes in 'an eye for an eye', so if there's an animal around that's done some bad stuff previously that he doesn't agree with he might go after them. atm this is only open for loner characters and enemies of the thunderlands but if there's any changes in the future i'll update the list.

    • Capture - he's not the type to eat a poisoned apple an old lady gives him but if we can come up with a logical reason for his capture then i'm all for it xD

    He's Closed To:

    • Death

    • Serious Injury

    • Forced Litters



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  • maybe some kind of friendship between these two??? like feliks might piss red off a lot but red will still view him as a friend



  • Maybe a Friendship between these two?

    Ver definitely has issues comprehending the fact that people think differently about her in her clans due to her positions so having a friend in another group completely would be super refreshing for her. Possibly it could just be casual where they just meet up to drink or go out "on the town" to have fun and just shoot shit.