• Hey there!

    Can you start us off?

    I have no idea what type of char you're using or what the setting is so it'll be kinda hard for me to start. :)

  • Did you want to set up for forms first? Do you have an idea of which plot you wanted to follow/which pairings you wanted?

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  • By forms i mean like, a picture or description of your character with a bit of information about your character kinda thing

    And pairings i mean like, boy&girl, girl&girl, or boy&boy

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  • Oh okay. Sorry I'm still new to the FF way of rping.

    Pairing: My char is a girl so girl&boy pls. I don't much enjoy girl&girl for some reason unless it's in trad and it's as just friends.

    Form: View Midnight MC Alpha's character bio storage for Illuna's bio.

  • no, its perfectly fine i understand.

    And ok, do you need me to throw up anything specific? I was probably gonna throw up a picture and a couple basic facts

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  • Ok, ill just boop it here then

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  • Well we could start with your girl wondering through the woods randomly or something, Koa could smell her in his territory and either watch her from afar or upfront get her to leave, whatever keeps the plot steady x3

    I feel like if i started right now it would kinda suck lol, so we can wait if you want. I just don't want you to have to reply to some crappy start despite me being trash at starting threads anyway lol

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  • // I'll start ^ - ^

    Illuna was lost... is was midnight or so, she could tell by the position of the moon which shed a bright blue light on the woods.

    She had nowhere to go and was looking for help. "Is anyone here? Someone please help me, I'm lost."

    She had heard there was at least one vampire in these woods, she sure hoped she wouldn't run into him. But her luck was in no place to be as lucky as to not run into him.

  • The vampire was indeed close by. Infact, he could smell her. He wasnt very far from her, he only grew closer.

    Koa stood hidden in a tree, slitted eyes piercing down on the lost girl that had wandered far from her home. Koa knew she'd need to leave if she planned on staying alive.

    "You need to go." He called down from his hidden spot up in the trees.

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  • The girl whipped around when she heard Koa's voice.

    "Who are you?" She continued to look around, circling, and even squinting at the shadows. "And where are you?"

    As she turned around once, she saw two shining orbs right in front of her. A body slunk out of the shadows and sat right in her path, a cat. She smiled and knelt down to pet the cat. Illuna always had a special connection to any animal she met. Especially the wolves that roamed these woods. She knew these woods but they looked so different at night that she couldn't tell where her normal paths were.

  • Koa narrowed his slitted eyes and moved down from the trees. He revealed himself but kept great distance between them.

    "I could ask the same of you. Who are you? Why are you here?" He asked, taking a step forward. Koa eyed the cat that approached her a moment before his thirsty gaze fell on her once more.

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  • Standing up and brushing the cat fur off of her hands she met Koa's gaze.

    "I'm Illuna, and I'm lost." She paused a moment and then spoke again. "Oh, and I was named after my mother so don't feel bad if you've never heard the name before... everyone says she was a witch, which is very possible come to think of it."

    Her eyes misted with tears which mixed with fear causing her eyes to sparkle in the moonlight.

    "Are - are you.. Koa Aiden?"

  • The vampire listened closely, giving a small nod of realization when she revealed she was simply lost.

    Koa's deadly fangs grew into place as he became aware of the opportunity given to him.

    Only to be caught right off guard by her final statement. His eye twitched with an odd mix of feelings.

    Koa tensed and stood a bit straighter, watching her face become twisted with what seemed to be fear. "Why do you ask?"

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  • "I- " She noticed his fangs growing into place and backed up a few steps. "You are aeren't you?! Please don't hurt me. I didn't mean to tresspass and I do want to get out.. I just got lost." He rvoice was now full of alarm and she had stumbled and fell backwards while backing away from Koa. Now petrified and unable to move she just sat on the ground and stared at Koa.

  • Koa narrowed his eyes. He crept forward, tilting his head slightly. It caused a bit of hair to fall into his face but he didn't bother moving it.

    "Why is that name relevant?" He asked lowly.

    Koa wanted to know how she knew his name. Why was she asking about it? Did she know him?

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  • "I've heard of you, yes, but only from friends talking about experiences in the woods. I don't know how they know."

    She made sure to keep an eye and ear out for if he started moving closer but didn't dare to make direct eye contact.

    Her father had been killed by a vampire and she was able to get away somehow, but she'll never forget his screams and the way the vampre was so merciless as to even chase after them after they had gotten out of his territorry.

    "I just like to know who I'm talking to and if they have ill intentions." She was now shaking so hard all the leaves in her area had been displaced.