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  • things hadn't been good for the vulture of war lately. he'd been getting headaches left and right throughout the day and although he had found a way to alleviate the pain, only slightly, he was still ready to throw hands at his own head for it's ability to give him absolutely splitting migraines. of course the way he had discovered to deter the pain, even if it was only a little bit, it worked well enough. his special little antidote to the pain being him tying a bright red bandanna around his head like a headband so tightly that it caused the short tufts of fur atop his head to stick up like a human haircut. his eyes at this point always tended to be pulled into a slight glare beneath the bandanna, usually shaded to the point of looking black as obsidian.

    and it seemed he was in the middle of one of his daily headaches again. a groan of pain escaped his massive jaws as he yanked the red bandanna back around his head, tying the knot so tight it dug into the back of his skull. it seemed that only pressure would keep away the pain. massive paws with unsheathed claws buried themselves into his thin fur as he gently scratched at his scalp with blunt ebony claws. he just wanted this shit tp end.

  • He'd noticed Laurie's headband lately, but thought nothing much of it. People all had their fashion choices. Kira wasn't one to say what you should and shouldn't wear (though he'd done it often when Rohan had still been around; wherever the mangaka had gone, he couldn't say). While it wasn't unusual to wear accessories, the blonde had figured it was just a mid-life crisis, or something.

    However, as he passed the leopard, he couldn't help but wonder what was up. Laureat looked like he was in great pain of some sort. Kira blinked. He wasn't exactly concerned with the fact that Laureat was in pain, as much as he was concerned with the fact that if Laureat were to die for whatever reason, it would essentially be Lovescars, Soliel, and himself, alone in the Flights. Joiners had come and left. In reality, they were down to their few numbers again, and Kira needed more people in his clan if he wanted to feel safe here.

    Lavender hues passed over the Vulture of War's hunched form. Was he bleeding?

    "Laureat, do you need anything?" he voiced carefully, trying to ensure his deadpan tone would hold an ounce of friendly caring. "You... don't look well."




  • as the gratingly smooth voice of kira reached his ears he grimaced. it was as smooth as honey but so fucking annoying. fuck. kira was always annoying. always spouting out his two cents acting like he was better than everyone else the conceited fucker. as claws scrapped at the top of his head he whipped around causing spots of black to flood his vision as well as annoyance and obvious irritation as well as a hint of a snarl on his lips. "shit, no of course i don't feel well. any more brilliant observations captain obvious? is that it now or are you going to start laying it on me with that 'oh i'm kira, i'm always the best man in the fucking room' bullshit?" he snapped at the macaw of unity with a voice dripping with hatred.

    rounded ears pinned back against his scalp as the pain didn't stop him from thinking any better of himself, nor did it help him think of any brilliant insults like what he usually was capable of. but that didn't seem to stop him as he continued to glower with a yellow gaze full of pain, anger, and self-loathing at the blonde feline. "so why don't you fuck right off? it'd do us all some good," he spat down at the domestic cat before hissing in pain. "motherfucker." he was sure that whatever he was saying he'd regret later but right now he was in too much damn pain to care. hell, if he had been in his right mind he never would've even said the vulgar words he did. he had tried rising above that but perhaps the recent events as of late and the constant barrage of insults and scathing words thrown his way were finally digging deep enough for him to feel it. or maybe it was just the pain.

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    Well, that wasn't quite the reaction he'd been expecting.

    His lavender hues became narrow slits as the leopard rose. Take the high road, Yoshikage, he reminded himself, but his will was buckling. Since when had he taken the high road? He only did that to keep up appearances- he knew his own faults, and he knew them well. Kira stood through the insults, each one another tier piling on his 'indignity cake'. He was fairly certain a drop of blood had splattered onto his cheek. He remained statuesque. His expression was a cast of frustration.

    "It seems that someone has forgotten their manners," he hummed, voice low like a serpent in weeds; a danger undetected until much too late. He was ever-smooth, ever-velvet, ever-hated by the leopard before him. It could not have just been the headache that would cause this sort of outburst. There must have been something, even a hint of something, there before. It... wounded him, slightly. He'd assumed he'd been on Laureat's good side. He supposed not. He took a breath to calm his heated nerves, hoping he could truly coax himself down from getting too aggressive. After all, it would only take a few words to ruin his own reputation, and he really didn't want that. Happy thoughts, Yoshikage.... His claws itched briefly. They'd been doing that more often lately.

    "But, it's alright. I'll let it go- I'd hate to ever be your enemy, Laureat." His tone was more mocking than he intended. Perhaps the false sincerity in his statements had a limit. His claws itched again. He wanted to blow something up and see the smoke curl into itself before disintegrating forever. "But let me get you some painkillers, at least? I think your headache is making you say things that you'll regret." And there was the strike. He could not seem to hold his serpent tongue, betraying his hospitable attitude he did his best to display. He did have to be the best man in the room. If he wasn't, they would understand that Kira had some less desirable qualities, and they would throw him out forever. He truly didn't want conflict or enemies, and... well, he needed protection here. He needed to ensure that he could live here for as long as possible, and peacefully at that. But if he could not learn to curb his tongue properly, would that be possible?




  • well that was the reaction that he'd been expecting. the obvious superiority complex that flickered within kira's violet stare each and every second of the day. the "silent" threats that he always threw at people just because he felt the need to be the most dominant creature at the party. the usual passive aggressive comments that he uselessly tossed out because he thought everyone gave a shit. eyes glittering with hell and hatred his thick fur bristled down the length of his spine as the blonde feline spoke. snarling lowly he spat, "there it is, there's that air of superiority, there's the passive threats that everyone is expecting because you think you're some kind of badass that will always win and verbal and physical dispute. why is that? what makes you think you're better than anyone else? hm? i'm dying to know."

    blunt claws scraped at the ground as he dropped them heavily away from his scalp, a look of pure displeasure and hatred fixated onto kira. it seemed laurie was also getting a bit too big for his britches as he began to stalk around the immensely smaller feline, violence licking like flames in his mannerisms. he was mere seconds away from popping out each of the macaw of unity's eyeballs and ramming them right back down the feline's throat.

  • He could not stay much longer if this was how things were going to go. Kira had never been good with conflict, and while his fighting skills were not terrible without his Killer Queen, he could certainly not take on a leopard. Besides, he hardly wanted to. Kira didn't enjoy getting into conflict he wasn't certain he could win. And, of course, while he knew he could, he didn't want to reveal his ability in front of prying eyes. Or kill Bakalaureat. That would cause... undesirable consequences.

    And yet, his claws itched tremendously with the will to fight, to kill, to pull apart from the inside. Kira's frown deepened; his eyes grew shadowed by his furrowed brow. He took a breath, but it did little to calm his red nerves. To think! To think that he had thought himself on Laureat's good side; oh, what a foolish thought! Perhaps he should ensure his standing with everyone else, then, too? Kira resolved to remove himself from this altercation as soon as he was able, but biting words gnashed behind his clenched teeth, begging to be released.

    He debated giving Laureat a proper answer to his question, but he decided against it. This man did not need that sort of information, not when he was acting like this. "...I'll get you those painkillers," he meowed through a tightly clenched jaw, purple eyes flicking up to the wildcat. But, as he tried to leave, the man started stalking around him. His ears flicked backwards- not pinned, but certainly... frustrated.

    "Need I remind you that harming a clanmate is against our code?" he said stiffly, not turning to face the larger feline. Perhaps it was also a reminder to himself, as images of a blooming explosion passed through his mind. Kira really needed out. He could feel his compulsion in his throat, pulsing with his heart, claws on the verge of extending. He did not want to look violent. He did not want to fight; at least not here. He stood, waiting to exit freely, fur prickling along his spine.




  • Hyacinth ⚝



    Hyacinth dashed over with urgency as soon as he spotted something happening. He didn't want to get involved but felt he had to. "Please, don't argue. This doesn't need to be a fight. Is there anything I can do to help?" The anxiety and... fear was palpable in his little voice. He didn't want to be here. He looked at Laureat with wide, mismatched eyes, full of concern. "Please, please just let us help you."

    The young calico didn't know what else to do or say. He had never seen this side of Laureat before. He was usually so seemingly calm and kind to Hyacinth, the boy was suddenly afraid it had been a lie. The energy of the whole situation made his stomach churn. It was overwhelming.


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