THE PROMISED NEVERLAND | 10/15 slots open, long term plot

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    These orphans were raised together in Agrelos, in an orphanage known as Grace Field. They had everything they could've wanted: food, shelter, and a loving mother. They were a family, even if they weren't blood-related.

    Then one day, their perfect world shattered when three of them had learned the truth behind adoption day: they were sent out to be killed and eaten. These children were being raised to feed another group that had come to Agrelos when their own world ended, a small group who all shared a mutation of being unable to function without eating intelligent beings. These beings are referred to as demons by the children. Thus, these kits were all raised carefully in an environment that nurtured their brains and their emotions, and none lived past twelve months of age.

    So, they stage an escape, and soon, five of them knew the truth behind adoption day, then nine of them, and so on, and they hoped to bring all their siblings with them, and find a place where they could live freely, aided by the clues about the outside world left behind by somebody sympathetic to their plight. However, only the ones between 5-12 months in age were able to escape, and they were forced to leave the younger children behind, but promising to come back for them before they are sacrificed. So, they end up seeking refuge in the clans, hoping to find a way to bring the other children with them.


    This is based off the Promised Neverland, and for this, because there were changes that had to be made in order for it to work in Agrelos, you don't have to know the whole storyline. Although it is a fantastic show. I thought it would be really cool if a plot similar to this, with similar characters and similar personalities (optional), would be amazing to do with a bunch of extended rpers.


    The children will reside in the Thunderlands, due to their need to stick together. It's likely they'll be very wary of the clans as well, despite establishing that these people are not from the same world as their captors, and not speak of what happened to them.


    Grace Field Escapees - You can use this to get any information you want on the character you want to play, though some of them have very little information on them, so feel free to add on what you want! You can make changes, especially to the ones with little to no information, and those ones with little to no information would be perfect for those who don't know the series!

    12 months old-

    Emma (63194) - Taken

    Ray (81194)- Taken

    11 months old-

    Don (16194) - Open

    Gilda (65194) - Open

    10 months old-

    Nat (30294) - Open

    Anna (48194) - Taken

    8 months old-

    Thoma (55294) - Open

    Lani (54294) - Open

    Rossi (50394) - Open

    7 months old-

    Dominic (07294)- Open

    6 months old-

    Alicia (71394) - Open

    Mark (79294) - Taken

    Chris (70394) - Open

    Ivet (59294) - Open

    Jemima (31394) - Taken


    1. These will be cats. After their escape, they can gain powers and mutations, but their birth body will still be cats. Genetics FFA.
    2. Feel free to have individual plots! Less of a rule than a reminder, but still. Plots plots plots.
    3. Try to keep their appearance similar to the characters they're based off of.
    4. I also don't mind small changes for the younger ones!
    5. Each cat must have their farm identifier (the number next to their name under characters) on their necks, and possibly damage to their left ear in some way, where they kept trackers. It can be a tiny scar or a very visible wound, or nothing at all!
    6. We don't need to fill out all the slots, at least four or five of them. The others will be NPCs until they are adopted out!
    7. If you need to drop your character, let me know! As for those who fall inactive, if you've got a reason please tell me ahead of time! If your character is inactive for more than a month without reason, they will be put back up for adoption. If they haven't been re-adopted yet and you want them back, feel free to ask! If they have been re-adopted, it'd be out of my hands, and I apologize. I will always give warning if yours had been inactive without reason when it gets to be close to a month, so it won't be out of the blue!



    The form is free for all, just include name, age, gender, a basic description and/or photo, and their personality!

    discord link

  • tracking! i’ve only watched the first few episodes, so maybe i’ll come back when i finish <3



  • Name: Ray

    Age: Twelve months

    Gender: Male


    A cynic with a face more stoic than a concrete brick, Ray is prideful of his independence and claims to never rely on anyone. He often refuses goodwill and charity and returns most conversations with scathing mockery or a personally offensive comeback. Nothing is off-limits to Ray, and despite being a petty and spineless goon and a relentless complainer, he makes sure he gets his job done so no one can complain about him. Due to his impeccable analysis and scrutiny, he never lets any detail pass him by.

    With a dreary mindset and a foul attitude, Ray begrudgingly saunters through life— he's the kind of guy who spoils movies in the theater by constantly pointing out minor inconsistencies. Blaming exterior forces and "surroundings" for his pessimistic personality, he gets his way through the day with a self-deprecating and dark sense of observational humor. This can sometimes make others uncomfortable, and Ray doesn't do any favors for himself in that regard with his hint of vanity. Because of his sour outlook, he believes nothing good will happen to him, and often overlooks it when something positive occurs in his life.

    In a sense, he is often ungrateful to the things and people around him, and he almost enjoys making other people hate him so that he can distance himself without disappointing or hurting them later on. Although he claims to be firmly convinced that people are all hypocrites and those who are genuine are merely creating an illusion, he secretly yearns for love and affection which is out of his reach.

  • Yeah! There was a discussion thread as well as the discord, I can link the discussion thread or create a new one! The big one in particular really needs to be hammered out, and often I've found the plots come up with turn up so much more well-thought out and detailed with more than one person offering ideas on it, so that's why I wanted to have everybody offer their ideas on the biggest one!