dressed like the rolling stones // joining

Check out this announcement about new leadership limits in Agrelos
  • he was getting bored. he was getting very, very bored in the flights and the tribe and although he wouldn't be leaving he was going to join a new clan. he needed something new to dip his paws into. something that got him as far away as possible from the people that considered him their "friend." he knew they were lying. nobody had a reason to call him their friend when he was a "child murderer." yes, he was still extremely bitter about those accusations but he wouldn't waste his breath trying to explain himself to the people he used to consider his friends. so why not go somewhere that he could try to make at least one real friend.

    sure he had ambi who would apparently do anything he said and would follow him to the ends of the earth and he tried to love her the way she loved him, but he just felt like he couldn't. he felt like he wasn't good enough for her so what better way to learn to love y leaving the person you were trying to love? that was sarcasm, it was a stupid idea. but he was here nonetheless and planning to join with nothing else to do with his life.