Team MDEY and CROT (rwby multifandom crossover team rp) sign ups (MDEY 1 spot, CROT 4 spots)

Check out the Court of Halcyon, holy knights of the Bleak Wilds and a growing unboarded proclan who aim to bring peace and order to Agrelos!
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    This rp is about two team going to Beacon at the same time as RWBY known as team MDEY (Muddy) and team CROT (Carrot) which contains some people from from across various media ranging from books to films to games. It's about what the groups goes through during their time at Beacon while forming relationships with each other and other students while dealing with their individual issues and various missions but will they be able to deal with the various threats they encounter ranging from physical ones to more personal ones especially due to some of them being quite violent and monstrous compared to most.


    Romance is encouraged if you think it could be interesting to the plot/characters. Do not make the plot focused around your character, let the rest of the characters be the focus aswell. Dont be rude to others and try to get along with everyone. Please have fun


    M (available)

    Destroyah (cyberelite2k)

    Erik (Vanderlil)

    Yuki Nagato (avantgarde)

    C (available)

    R (available)

    O (available)

    T (available)

    My form

  • It should be noted that, as usual, none of Yuki's abilities will be used without permission acquired beforehand, as well as plotting to further determine the effects on other characters that may be desired by their RPer. They will not be used in a manner that powerplays nor godmods.

    — 僕なんていなくても、生きていける君ならいらない:愛 think so, :・゚