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  • Being brought in to serve as a student healer had not been the man's intention, yet here he was. It was true he had a knack when it came to plants and contacting spirits, but it was nothing to be awed at, and something he surely wasn’t a master in. Viktor had been a bit skeptical at first, fearing he would be stuck as a student healer, unable to perform any other task that occurred within the realm outside of the healing department. Much to his approval, he could fight and act like any normal member in addition to his duties. It was a nice surprise that helped shape his answer. That had been a few days ago and now he was starting to finally settle in. Picking out a house to claim as his own had been a challenge, but the brown male had found a nice and cozy little cottage located rather close to the center of the camp.

    The door to his home was wide open, the sweet smell of plants and herbs flowing out. A small and worn 'welcome' sign was placed outside of the door, a nice addition he had been gifted. Viktor could be found inside, dusting, cleaning, and organizing his new place. It was quite a mess that agitated his allergies. Sweeping out the last of the dirt with his bushy tail, the male took a seat outside of his door, trying to rid his paw of stubborn cobweb. Yawning and then clearing his throat, the man spoke, "My name is Viktor and I'm one of th' new student healers, or I guess a canon here. If any of ya got any cuts or whatnot, I’m sure I could help out a bit."

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  • It was always a surprise to see someone just calling themselves out, especially when they'd made no beforehand comments about it. Then again, Bali had been stuck in her own head for the past few days and therefore wouldn't have noticed anyway.

    It didn't really matter what she was doing right then--it was nothing important, and her attention had been captured by this Viktor anyway. "Ahh, a student?" Bali wondered aloud, sidling up to the tabby. She blinked at the torn cobwebs surrounding his house, a little unimpressed. Despite being part of the wildlife, she could never get over her aversion to dirtiness. Dirtiness meant rust, and rust meant that she was unusable, despite her (former) master's assurances that she was enchanted and thus couldn't be dirtied.

    "Um, what're you learning about right now?" she asked after a little deliberation. "I'm Bali, by the way. Um, nice to meet you, Viktor." Bali tacked on rather awkwardly, giving the tomcat a crooked smile. He didn't seem like the type to care about first impressions, but who knew? Despite being in the same Clan, they were essentially strangers. She'd like to change that though.

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  • Viktor - he was Jericho's new apprentice, then. Dusk supposed that was enough reason to get to know the younger creature. Padding up to the cabin's entry behind Bali, Dusk took a seat beside the red canine. "Hi, Viktor. My name's Dusk, I'm the Advisor, here," the tortie introduced himself, almost smiling at how boring that sounded. Hi, I'm old man and here's my job, Dusk thought, laughing internally. "Your mentor Jeri is my - " he paused, unsure what to call the red tabby. Boyfriend? Partner? Husband? Very close friend that he was in love with for all time? "Well," Dusk said finally, "Let's just say we'll be seeing each other often."

    Changing the subject, Dusk craned his neck a bit to peer inside Viktor's house. "You settling in alright? If you ever need help - or something to do - come see me," Dusk told him, again amazed at how old and dad-ish he sounded. God. If he'd known Freedomfighter at all, he'd say he was turning into the man.

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  • His eyes lit up as the first face arrived, a bit of relief overcoming him. At first he thought no one would approach and he would have been ignored, making a fool of himself. Perhaps it was a bit odd he just suddenly spouted off like that, but he was not very familiar with how these things went. Most of his introductions followed awkward or random encounters he did not plan on being apart of. Thankfully, he would not have to hold another 'meet and greet' again. His ears perked up at the mention of what he was studying, before he gaze dropped to the ground for a brief second and then back up to Bali. "I believe healing, but I have yet to start and I'm not really sure who is teaching me." No more information about his position or teachings had been provided, but he was sure he would meet his mentor eventually. "It's nice to meet you as well," he meowed with a slight smile.

    Turning his head to face the new arrival, he examined the other feline for a moment. It was a rather pretty coat this one had with all the colors mixed together, one Viktor would not have minded having. Instead, he would have to settle for his own brown tabby self, but there was nothing dull nor plain about his appearance. "Nice to meet you as well." He cocked his head to the side as Duskmire mentioned his mentor for Viktor at least now knew the name of the abbot. "Then I'll be looking forward to it," the tabby meowed in reply. Was he too old to be an apprentice? He was over a year old, but he supposed age did not matter in his field, or, at least, he hoped so. "For the most part, yeah," Viktor said with a nod. "Will do, thanks."

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  • Things had been different for the doberman ever since their return. They hadn't been around much, thus missing much of what had been happening within the group. Many people had come to join, and Jail hadn't been there to meet them. After the torture, their personality had.. changed drastically. No longer were they flighty, or timid. They were simply.. there. They were a bit airheaded, a lot seemed to go over their head. Deep down, they were still the same person, but something in them had changed. People who knew Jailbreak would notice the difference, but newer people would simply know them as how they were now.

    With a a soft sigh, the doberman limped forward. They were still injured from their torture, but it wasn't something that bothered them. Before it all happened, every little thing seemed to bother them, from people to heights. Jailbreak's ears pricked forward as they looked to Viktor, pale blue optics bright and wide. They were silent for a moment as they listened to the others speak, everyone talking to the other with ease. They wanted to do that. Jail wished everything could be that easy for them. With a twitch of their nose, they moved to stand beside Duskmire, before eventually taking a seat. They offered him a slight smile before eventually looking back at Viktor. "I got a few cuts," Jailbrea a smallk offered in greeting, giving a light laugh as they looked down at themselves. Jericho had taken care of them pretty well, but it was true that a few cuts had reopened. "My name's Jaiilbreak. It's nice to meet you," the guardian introduced in a rather cheery tone, stump of a tail wagging slightly. They looked back up at Viktor, a small smile lining their lips.

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  • Even before hearing Viktor's call the fragrantly nectarous scent of flora is enough to draw Jericho forth, although the younger feline's invitation does cause his ears to prick with intrigue. He had been made aware that there was a recently-appointed canon somewhere in Wind Haven, supposedly an apprentice of his that he had not yet met. The tom had trained many in the art of healing throughout the years, but he still considers himself relatively new to this place himself and it feels odd for him to already be given a student. Nevertheless, he rapidly adjusts the the notion and decides that he needs to introduce himself because it's bad enough that he hasn't already — where have his good manners gone?

    Jericho shakes his head slightly at himself and pads in the direction his paws were already guiding him, blindly tasting the air to catch the scents that hang in the breeze. He can smell the fresh wood of the camp's signature cabins, bitter herbs and luscious flowers, and a few familiar clanmates and a few unfamiliar ones. It sort of reminds him of his own house. Paws grazing the flattened grass of the path leading to the canon's newly-chosen home, Jericho arrives on the scene and settles opposite of Jailbreak at Duskmire's side. He brushes gently against the tortoiseshell in greeting, pricked ears having already heard Dusk's mention of his name. "Ah, that'd be me," Jericho chimes in now, smiling rather apologetically in the generally direction in which he can sense Viktor's presence, "Sorry I hadn't introduced myself yet, but I do hope you've been settling in well."

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