I've got Sunshine in a bag! {O; snake murder!}

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    Bai-Chen had tried his best to calm down, but nothing was working. The dragonling, in his own way, had been pacing for hours now. He'd fly and writhe through the open air and clouds, trying his best to find solace in the air, but the wind stung his slightly burned eyes and nose, constantly forcing him back to land. But, too terrified to remain under the trees, he'd burrow his way into a bear cave he found beneath a rocky outcropping. It was tight, but he curled up around himself until he was a ball. He'd lay like this for an hour, but small cave + tight restriction of your own body + hyperventilating did nothing to sooth the ache in his chest and agony pounding in his head. So, once again, he took to the air, repeating the cycle.

    The repetition did not sooth his fears.

    He could still see the lynx - the lupurica - and her flaming wings. The corpses and limbs and guts strewn across the air - HIS air - with no regard to life, honor, or nature. He could still feel the flames, licking against his face. Could still see the wild look in her eyes. Could still smell the blood. Could still hear the easy crunch of PErcy's spine against the tree.

    What if she was out there? Waiting? What if she was coming back to finish Bai-Chen off?

    Every sparkle from the sun sent Bai-Chen spinning back to the ground, horrified that her fiery wings had returned.

    But he was no safer in his cave.

    Because what if she found him here? She'd have no problem burning him alive, or cutting him up, in this small space. He was trapped!

    He was trapped in the sky.

    Trapped on land.

    He was trapped here in Blizzardclan's territory and trapped outside of it.

    Nowhere was safe!

    It was as the male was pushing and shoving his way out of the cave to take off again, when he spotted the snake.

    A rather large onyx snake that was simply passing by, but it reeked of Vale.

    Bai-Chen, dizzily, through the ache and spin in his skull, recalled Vale's warnings about dealing with snakes.

    But...but what did she know? She was trying to give him rules that nature dictates when she was so utterly unnatural herself! She could command her snakes to do whatever she wanted! She, too, could kill Bai-Chen at any moment if she wanted!

    Breath coming in ragged gasps, Bai-Chen took a step towards the snake.

    He was in danger.

    He was going to die.

    He had to defend himself!

    It was easy killing the snake.

    Lunging forward, Bai-chen gripped it's neck, just behind it's skull. The creature thrashed it's long body in vain, but Baichen's teeth were too sharp and accurate to escape, and with how close he bit down to the back of it's skull, it couldn't turn around and bite him back.

    Bai-Chen slammed a paw down hard on it's tail.

    He strained his head back, his thoughts a whirlwind as he felt the elasticity of the snake's skin, muscles and bones stretching between his teeth and his talon. He pulled and pulled until, at last, it was torn apart.

    But the fear, the horror, the anger and the confusion surged onwards. It screamed like a primal storm in his head and chest, howling and begging him to save himself - Save me! SAVE ME! I don't want to die!

    So Bai-Chen ripped more and more, tearing into the poor animal like a rottweiler would a stuffed toy. He shook it like a ragdoll, slammed it against the ground, ripped and pulled it again and again.

    It was danger.

    It was poison.

    It was death.

    It was the epitome of unnatural chaos.

    Killing it wasn't enough.

    Destroy it.

    Rid this world - Bai-Chen's world - of this vulgar, unnatural filth!

    And that's exactly what Bai-Chen did.

    The murder lasted only a few minutes. It was as easy as tearing a piece of paper, and yet Bai-Chen stumbled back and pressed against the side of the cave, his breath ragged and harsh. He pressed a paw against his head, unrealizing he was smearing blood across his forehead. But there was plenty soaking his muzzle. His perfect ivory head was stained scarlet completely.

    He closed his eyes, struggling to breath and calm down, too busy with that to take notice of the cruel consequence of his actions.

    The snake known as Felix was nothing but a bloodied pulp on the floor. The only thing that could help it be recognized was the head resting a short ways from Bai-chen.



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  • // open to tracks but please wait for ~VALE~ to respond first!

    Tl;Dr : Bai-chen killed one of Vale's snakes, Felix, and tore it into a unrecognizing pulp.

    Bai-chen, face and claws soaked in blood, is currently coming down from a panic attack a few feet from the corpse

    only thing that clues anyone to this snake being Felix is the snake's decapitated head a few feet from both bai and the body.

    Also maybe the smell if you can get past all the blood and gore.


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  • The world is distorted, I'll follow the footsteps

    hold back the screaming within me, in silence —

    "Felix?" It was her poor eyesight that had allowed her to be spared from the grisly scene as she approached. At first, those childish, innocent thoughts of hers was that Bai-Chen had simply killed something, and Felix had approached. It wasn't uncommon for him to do that. Felix was always more trusting of others, especially when it came to food. He was still young, hadn't learned that not everybody was as willing to share as Vale was. If anything, the hybrid was glad that Bai-Chen had found him first. Bai-Chen was her friend, he wouldn't ever hurt a friend of hers.

    Such naive thoughts.

    "You found Felix, Bai-Chen? I'm so glad, he had disappea-" Vale's words came to a halt as she finally took in the scene before her, her eyes widening, and the sound of loud hissing could be heard from the others draped across her body at the sight of their comrade, quicker to come to the obvious conclusion as to what happened than Vale was. "W-what happened to Felix?"

    The sight of his head, just laying there next to the dragon, had her rushing over, not caring about the puddles of blood she was stepping in. Felix. Felix. Felix. He wasn't dead. No, she had just fed him this morning. He was his usual, calm self just an hour before. This wasn't possible.

    Vale was a bit slow to come to the conclusion, but just looking at the bloodied dragon before her, the remains of Felix's corpse at his feet, and his head, flung away as though it didn't matter, as though Felix had never mattered to anybody.

    He had to Vale.

    "Why did you kill him?" Was all she asked, not looking up, the only way to describe her tone was broken, as though you had just ripped apart a child in front of their mother. Which, in a way, Bai-Chen had.

    The sorrow she felt quickly fueled the tiny sparks of anger that she had felt at his death, turning it into a raging wildfire.

    She had never understood the meaning of phrases such as blood boiling. Maybe because she had simply never been angry enough to experience such a raw emotion.

    That anger, it was indeed enough to make the hybrid's blood boil, and as she looked up from the remains of her beloved friend, one of her closest companions.

    This snake had been with her for months, almost as long as she could clearly remember. Felix simply been resting on the leopard when she had woken up in that field two months ago, using her as a way to sunbathe, and had simply tagged along with her on her travels from then on. He wasn't even full-grown, he didn't get to see the world with her like she had wanted him to.

    Now he never would. No longer would she quietly ramble and have him listen silently. No longer would she toss their meals on the ground and watch Felix fight with Ivy over the biggest rat. No, she couldn't do that anymore.

    Felix never would've hurt anybody. Vale could've never asked her friends to hurt any BlizzardClanner, she had made that clear. Were her words and actions not enough? Would they ever be enough? Her companions, who would not just defend Vale, but any of these BlizzardClanners, because she had felt accepted by them, that she wasn't such an unnatural existence thanks to them. And now, one of her own, was laying dead at the paws of one of those she had silently sworn to protect.

    "What did he do to you!" She finally snapped, and with one fluid movement, abandoned Felix's broken body and turned onto Bai-Chen, tears brimming in her eyes, her companions blood staining her paws, leaving bloodied pawprints on the ground as she slowly advanced, the sound of loud hissing accompanying her words from her remaining snakes. "He didn't do anything! He wouldn't have done anything to you!" Her voice grew louder and louder, far louder than the quiet tone she usually spoke with. "You didn't have to kill him!" Jaws snapped as a few of the snakes adorning her body lunged forward, but a low growl had them retreating back to their usual places, instead of soft words to placate them. No, right now, Vale wanted to be the one to hurt somebody, not leave it to her companions. Never had she felt a stronger urge to want to just lash out at somebody, as though it could make all the anger and pain and sadness go away, and her claws unsheathed, Vale itching to dig her claws into those beautiful ivory scales that Bai-Chen treasured so much, now stained with an innocent's blood.

    Even if it fades

    it will not disappear!

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  • he had been stricken with grief in the past. everyone saw it- the leaving of olivia, the disappearance of henry and his siblings. they were all gone, all completely gone, and lucas had taken it very poorly. hell, some could even say that seeing his own mother, experiencing her death- it made things even worse for his health. but there was one thing keeping lucas from the edge, and despite how cheesy it was, he knew that he could easily trust his friends to lighten the mood.

    it was cheesy, yeah, he knew it, but he trusted them. he looked to them for comfort. when he had first joined, when he had discovered his mother's death, it had happened from the moment he joined to just now. he could always trust them to lend a paw, he could trust them to hang out with him. it was a lot, and lucas grew sentimental to them. he guessed he grew sentimental to anything, anyway.

    but he could tell when his friends were upset. he could smell the blood, hear the calls and hissing. he could taste the tang of blood on his tongue, and it called grew to a point where he had to run over to see what was going on. he had left rope snake at home- by the sounds he could hear, he knew taking another snake was just more confrontation.

    "pk growth!" he called out, a wall of rock-hard plants separating the two, in case anything might happen to dictate attack. skidding to a halt, the boy would look between bai-chen and vale, fear in his eyes. were these two going to attack each other?

    "there has to be two sides to this story." he directed towards them both, trying to look stern. he was a higher rank than them, after all. "no attacking! tell me what happened." he didn't know where this sudden judge came from, but who knows.



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  • It seemed like Gray found trouble wherever they went, whether it be an grotesque murder on their territory or something else - this would probably mark one of the most harrowing things they've seen since their stay in BlizzardClan. To have an companion suddenly snatched away from you was a pain Gray could understand, except for the fact that Armisticekit had not been a pet but instead a friend. It fell hand-in-hand nonetheless and the pain was the same - it was heart-wrenching - so when the kitsune comes across the scene of the murder, comes across Vale's teary form trembling with anguish, Bai-Chen's bloodstained body, and the ripped apart corpse of Felix the snake, they feel their heart drop into their stomach.

    Their ears pressed against their head as they settle near Lucas, standing a bit closer to the scene in general because if something happened, Lucas would likely be caught in the middle of what could be a heated fight. They stood tall despite the stench of blood making them want to simply faint. They did not say anything either, and rather they stared at the pair with some indeterminable expression set on their endearing features. Whatever it was though, Grayskies was obviously not pleased.



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    "I had to...I had to..." his voice came out a whine, Vale’s screaming making his head ache more and more. Not just ache - burn. He felt like he was on fire. The burns on his face felt new, hot with the lynx attack and hatred. He could barely listen to Vale - her words came out garbled and distant. As if she was speaking to him though a waterfall or behind a fish bowl. It was only when she began to yell and scream did Bai-Chen wake from his daze. He rested back when he saw her snakes twitch and hiss at him. Unnatural! Unnatural! Snakes don’t work as a social unit - they don’t CARE if one of their “buddies” die!

    Why did these ones?

    He looked up, fear in his blood-shot eyes as he met Vale’s tear-filled ones.

    So filled with malice and hate.

    Just like the lynx!

    She was the danger - her! She was the one the destroyed the order of nature, not him -

    And yet, looking at the remains of the snake, Bai-Chen wasn't so sure.

    He was startled as a massive wall of vegetation erupted before him and the snake-hybrid, but he could still see the ravaged remains of the female's pet.

    His head burned - not just a burn, a pound. It echoed the slam of his heart against his chest, threatening to tear through his ribs.

    Oh skies what had he done.

    "It attacked me...It...it..." he stuttered, trying to answer both Vale's and Lucas's questions. Why'd he do it? What happened?

    He pressed a claw harder against his temple, only to flinch at the squelch of blood against his head.

    He destroyed the snake because it had been a threat.

    But it hadn't done anything!

    IT hadn't...and he killed it.

    He didn't just kill it, he tortured it.

    Gave it no chance to fight back.

    Gave it no honor.

    He ruined it and desecrated it the way the lynx had and...

    Bai-Chen felt like he was going to throw up.

    Ignoring Lucas and Grey, the dragonling pressed his head against the vines. The pounding was now a stabbing - nailing - a pickaxe, a lobotomy.

    All the pain but none of the relief.

    "Vale" he choked out, "I'm sorry, i'm so sorry" the blood on his talons, on his teeth, seared his flesh like the lynx's fire.



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  • To be honest, Nadia wasn’t the biggest fan of Bai-Chen. He had this odd temperament about him; he seemed like he could be nice, had the capacity for it, but she kept watching him get into trouble, kill things and the like. He’d been annoyed when she called him out for killing fish - they were just prey - but this was different.

    This was Vale’s friend. Sure, she wasn’t fond of the snakes, but this was too much.

    The white she-cat stood a short distance away, walking the exchange unfold. She’d approached shortly after Grayskies, her mouth falling open at the sight of blood. The stench was disgusting; it flooded her senses, clogging her throat and forcing a gasp through her maw. She had an urge to run, far away from the dragon and the distraught hybrid, and then an urge to fight, to launch herself at Bai-Chen. Instead she stood still and stared.


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  • The world is distorted, I'll follow the footsteps

    hold back the screaming within me, in silence —

    Vale had lunged, fully intent on doing damage to the ivory dragon before her, when the wall of plants rose, much like water from a geyser would, fast and unexpected, and she ended up simply digging her claws in it, anger still radiating off the hybrid as she raked her claws down the makeshift wall, as though it could change anything, as though she could manage to get past it and rip into Bai-Chen.

    However, Bai-Chen's words only made her quick to snap once again, like a feral creature lunging for their prey's throat. "Felix wouldn't have attacked without reason." Vale bit out, some of the snake's blood still on her side of the wall, and dripping down the walls of the plants. "He would never. He doesn't have it in him."

    If anything, the anger was dissipating as quickly as it appeared, the adrenaline Vale had felt only moments prior now draining out of her, and she slumped against the wall. "I just... wanted everybody to be friends." She mumbled, and even when she thought she had run out, tears filled her eyes once again, as she took in the bloodied floor and Felix's head before her.

    Even if it fades

    it will not disappear!

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  • the sudden appearance of grayskies and nadia did put a dent in his confidence, but lucas needed to shove it away for now. this was not the time to put his anxiety above his duties. "i'm sure he wouldn't of." he directed towards vale, a comforting lilt in his tone, making sure he sounded gentle, consoling- not scolding like he was scared that he was. "and i'm sure we can be friends."

    his gaze traveled to bai-chen, where he gave the other a disappointed, but sympathetic look. "but we're not going to settle this over a fight, right? not only is it inappropriate for your ranks-" lucas gave a pointed look at vale, especially. being a paladin, she did have a slightly higher reputation than the dragon. but lucas knew how the dragon acted. "but i don't think felix would've wanted anyone to fight over anything, okay?"

    he sucked in a shaky breath, scared, concerned in himself. was he truly being a good commander? was he making stupid decisions? was he making this worse? a worried look passed over him, fearful with anxiety, but he managed to fight through it. barely. "i want both of you to apologize. bai-chen, i know you were scared, but you can't just kill, this isn't the exiles! and vale- i know you're stricken with grief. believe me, i've been through it-" olivia. his real mother. "-but you don't attack people for it. that's just continuing the cycle of hate. it's hard, yes, but you two need to make up before a grudge forms."

  • "No one is fighting, Lucas." Canoris said, voice sounding like a stone dropped in an empty cave. Hollow. Dead. Her one eye was dangerously blank. Her body unable to be read. She was not here to be a mother, she was not here to be a mediator. She was here because it was her duty as Deputy to handle things like this. And if she wasn't honor-bound as a BlizzardClanner to not do vile things, she would've dragged Bai-Chen out by his throat and torn him to shreds in a very, very similar manner. She was dangerously close to doing just that at this very moment, imagining it was Surge torn and bloody instead of Vale's precious friend.

    "And no one is making up or becoming friends." Not right now. She wanted to slap him for being so ignorant, but she shoved all the actions she wanted to do in a box deep within her, and the dead, emotionless Canoris was what people were left with. Who here would know how close she was to destruction right now? No one, save perhaps Grayskies. Kady would know. Gabriel would no doubt be able to tell something was wrong. She was so close. So very close. Keep it contained.

    "Grayskies, please tend to Vale. Help her with what she needs, maybe give her something to calm her down. Nadia, Lucas, stay with Grayskies, help them with what they need, tend to Felix."

    She couldn't even look at the snakes body without seeing red. "Bai-Chen, come with me. We're going to speak to Kady." There was no room for argument in her tone, so close she was to her breaking point.

    Ebony colored wolf - Female - Half-blind - BlizzardClan - Gen 5

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    Alabaster "Bast" - Albino Raptor

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    Ranger - Knight - Mage - Cleric


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    Way ahead of Lucas, Bai-chen would continue to apologize. Begging not only Vale for forgiveness, but felix - mother nature herself. He betrayed them - betrayed himself. For what? Because some good-for-nothing lynx had scared him? "I know, I know..." he moaned, pressing his talons hard against his temple as Vale's words echoed and throbbed in his already aching skull.

    What had he done?!

    When Canoris arrived, Bai-Chen would flinch away. He didn't trust the woman, not in the least. Time after time she had warned him about playing nice and the "consequences" that would come if he didn't. Well, it seemed that time had come. Bai-Chen felt his rabbit-fast heart beat somehow double, and his breaths grew fast as rough. He looked to Lucas for help, but the disappointment in his eyes felt like a punch in the gut.

    He couldn't expect help from Lucas. Not after he, the forefront speaker for mother nature and balance, destroyed a life without thought.

    Gulping miserably, the ill dragonling would stumble after the she-wolf, his head spinning and his eyes dazed. He couldn't summon the strength to fly. He simply walked after the woman, which on any other day would've been a comical sight if his face wasn't so twisted with agony.

    Canoris wasn't the only one who wished his throat was slit in this moment.



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    If only Gabriel had arrive sooner, he might have been able to help. Perhaps he could have aided in deescalating the situation, and offered to take Bai-Chen in Canoris' place. It wasn't that he didn't trust Canoris; however, he was fully aware of what she could be capable of, if she were to reach her breaking point.

    He couldn't honestly say that he liked Bai-Chen just yet, as he had just murdered a creature. Yet he also knew what it was to lash out in the middle of a panic attack. It had happened in his past before, and the harm he'd caused had been to someone important to him, and he had been completely torn over what he had done. The dragon needed someone to make sure both sides of the situation received equal consideration.

    So he intervened. "I'll be coming along as well," he said, voice even and neutral. It left no room for discussion; this was something he was set on. And if he used his authority to his advantage, just a little bit? He didn't see a problem. After all, this was the only situation during his time in BlizzardClan that he had done so.




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