master of puppets : return from capture

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  • Jailbreak was.. well.. worse for wear. Brokenrecord had done a number on their body, including electricity and simple gashes, cuts and bruises. Somehow, though, the emotional trauma didn't seem to affect them. They instead felt rather numb, as if nothing had happened, as if a torture had never occurred. Perhaps it was the constant distress. Perhaps it was the guilty, shameful feeling lingering over their head like a cloud. Perhaps it was the depression, the anxiety, both eating away at them with no means to end. It had all just suddenly come to a halt. Jailbreak could say they felt nothing. It was an almost blissful feeling, though also concerning. Their mind was blank, even with the pain radiating through their body and brain. The Guardian supposed they were at a loss for how to feel. They had already undergone so much, so just a bit more had tipped them over the edge, sent them spiraling. They didn't feel crazy. Insane. They simply felt as if they were drifting along, like a piece of driftwood in a river. There was not a care in the world.

    A laugh sounded from them as they approached Wind Haven's border, one that sounded almost maniacal. Their gait was sluggish, and they were limping from the damage done to their body. The electricity had done the most damage, though Jailbreak wasn't fully aware of that. It had coursed through their body, but it had also gone through their brain, manipulating the impulses set off by neurons there. Something had changed within the doberman, but it couldn't quite be placed as to what it was. Jail then went silent as they trailed across the border, stumbling along so that they could get back to camp, seek out aid. They needed someone to help with their wounds, after all. They didn't want them to become infected. Jailbreak didn't want to die.

    "Hey..! I'm, uh.. back..!"

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  • Dusk had been worried sick in Jailbreak's absence. Having been unable to find him, the tortie had slept very little these past days. Finally, he'd found the first person in a long time he cared about, that he trusted, that he could call a friend - and what, they died? He'd been so afraid that was the truth. However, as the mottle-furred feline walked the beaten dirt path by the border on patrol, he saw that was false - for there was Jailbreak, alive.

    Duskmire rushed to their side, immediately, mouth agape. "Oh my - you're alive, you're... You don't look good," His excited stammering had broken down into a worried, almost frightful statement at the end. Jailbreak didn't look good. Between the injuries and what Duskmire assumed was pure shock, the guardian had really been through... something. Dusk was angry with himself for not bringing herbs along, but then, who brought healing supplies randomly on patrol? He moved to Jailbreak's side and shapeshifted into a wolfdog, pushing against the other canine so that Jail could lean on him while they walked to camp. "Stay with me. I'm taking you to the infirmary," Dusk told them softly, feeling his own heart pounding.

    "Jeri's there, he can help," the advisor added, mostly talking to himself. He didn't know if the abbot was actually in camp or not; if he wasn't, it wouldn't be a problem. Duskmire had been BloodClan's physician for a long time, he could patch a wound or two. "It's okay - you're okay now."

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  • Cass had hardly any feelings for the men (and others) she lived with - a weird phrase alone, but most of them were old and sad and definitely not looking for any cyclops sugar babies to cherish. Still, she didn't care for them and didn't even notice Jailbreak's disappearance. However the icky scent reached her and the girl remained still, waiting for the flat image of Dusk and Jail to become bigger, closer maybe. She then, without so much of a word, took up Jailbreak's other side. Caring or not, she didn't want to be seen just watching other's suffer. That wasn't any good for her reputation. She remained silent, huffing beneath her breath as she pushed up on them in an attempt to help the crew move a tad bit faster.

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  • Seeing Duskmire for the first time in what felt like weeks was a sight for sore eyes. Jailbreak's features broke into a grin, their eyes lighting up slightly as they peered at their friend. It was obvious they weren't acting as themselves, but it was nothing that they really noticed. They were simply happy to see Dusk, ecstatic even. No pain was evident on their features, aside from when they limped along. Cuts, gashes and bruises coated their body. None of them were life threatening, but the injuries were enough to bother Jail. They would have said something if not for the thing caught in their throat, causing them to stay silent as Duskmire worried over them, even morphing into a wolfdog so that he could help them move along. Jailbreak leaned against their friend, a soft sigh exiting their maw as their lips finally parted. "Dusk, I missed you.." They murmured softly, nodding their head rather idly at the comment to take them to the infirmary.

    When Cass arrived, Jailbreak passed her a glance and a rather dazed smile, but said nothing to her. After all, she had said nothing to them, therefore nothing more needed to be said. Their attention soon averted back to Duskmire who mentioned Jericho, and they gave another nod of their head in understanding. "I'm okay.. Don't worry, Dusk, Cass," Jail assured them both in a soft voice, one that mimicked their usual voice. Soft, kind, gentle. It was reminiscent of the old Jailbreak. They were changed now though, different. They hobbled along with the two at their sides, feeling somewhat content despite the pain writhing through their body.

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    -- Lisette approached a bit late with a small pouch in her mouth. She set it down wordlessly, looking at Jailbreak and then Duskmire. Out of the pouch she pulled not medicine, but a stack of papers. Classic Lisette. "I've already drafted up plans for retaliation. I left a blank spot for when we figure out who is responsible." Clearly she was not able to read the room very well, as she was almost ignoring Jailbreak and their pain. It took her a few moments of staring at Duskmire before she realized that this might not be a good time. "You know. Once they're better." She added at the end, motioning toward Jailbreak. She felt nothing for the other-- no sorrow, no empathy, very little sympathy. She had noticed his disappearance and jumped to the worst case scenario, which she had somehow been correct about. At least it made her look like something of an oracle. Hopefully she wouldn't be recruited as one to have to drag Jailbreak back to the infirmary, although as she gazed around, it looked like she was one of the biggest there. Damn it.


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  • — It was the the salty metallic scent of blood that snapped him from his slumber, the pungent smell overwhelming his nostrils. The uncertainty of the situation concerned him greatly and he was instantly one edge, ready to attack. Vermilion toned fur popping like fire against his bristled ebony coat, the shepherd would raise his smooth leathery lips into a fierce snarl. Something was off, he could feel it, like a chilling venom sprouting through his veins. His large muscular paws would churn up dirt as he charged forward, not sure what to expect but preparing for the worst. Was Wind Haven under attack? This was a clan that spent their free time planting vegetables and watering flowers, where did their fighting talent hide? Hopefully the mountain was secretly a dragon chamber or contained a god or some shit. Where was the battlefield, where was the blood coming from?

    "Jail?" His question was quickly answered as he exploded from the brush, practically skidding to prevent collision with the others. He had noticed the dobermans disappearance but didn't acknowledge it as a concern, figured it was normal for members to come and go as they pleased. It intrigued him knowing that not every group was as friendly as the Haven, he made a mental note to ask about it later. It was only when Lisette's comment registered in his brain that he spoke again. "The hell? Bring it to Englishivy, clearly this isn't the time." The shepherds dark honey orbs would roll with minor annoyance, his tail lashing like a baseball bat. They were both new to clan living but was it really that difficult to see the situation at hand?

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  • Though Jailbreak didn't know Lisette very well, they couldn't say that her proposal was of ill-intent. She seemed eager to want to take revenge, but in the moment, it didn't seem the best time to bring about the plan. Jail looked to the female, quiet for a moment, thinking to themselves. They chose to remain silent as they continued limping along with the help of Duskmire and Cass, surprised when Sevrin made an appearance. The wolf seemed a bit shocked as well. Perhaps not many had been worried about their disappearance. The thought and assumption cut deep, wounding them to an extent. They supposed that they weren't close to anyone aside from Duskmire, so they didn't mean much to the rest of Wind Haven. It made sense.

    Jailbreak winced softly as they lifted a paw to wave nonchalantly at Sevrin. "Don't worry about it. She does have a point," the injured doberman assured him in a rather monotonous tone of voice, holding very little emotion or feeling. Pain was edged into their voice, but aside from that, they were rather blank, almost robotic, emotionless. Feeling nothing mentally and emotionally was better, they had decided. Nothing meant much to them anymore. With a soft laugh, they turned their attention back to Sevrin and Lisette once more. "Would one of you like to fetch Jericho? I don't think I can make it the whole way.." Their voice trailed off as they stumbled, nearly falling but managing to catch themselves.

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