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  • ———— Kady Keyper————

    Nothing is ever free


    The snow leopard waits patiently at the border of Valhalla with curious eyes flickering left and right. Sure, she's left BlizzardClan a number of times to visit allies, but to her knowledge she has never been to Valhalla. Was that a bad thing? Maybe not. But it did feed her mild anxiety when she made the trip over here. Her friend, Loveletter, should be arriving shortly to keep her company. There was no intention of overwhelming their ally, Kady just didn't want to travel alone.

    It's only a few minutes before Kady gains the courage to speak up rather than sit at the border like an idiot. "Hello? BlizzardClan here for a brief discussion! Nothing bad. I promise!"

    // ERASMUS A.

    Cause everybody has a big debt to pay


    ☾*: Living in sin ————

    Nothing's ever free, is it?

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  • i hadn't been outside blizzardclan since i had joined, and that had been a month or so ago. so, leaving the only real home i had even for a second was quite intimidating and scary. but, i didn't want miss kady to go alone, so i had offered to go along to tell the other groups about the switch in roles.

    following after kady, i hummed quietly to myself a little melody to keep myself some company. realizing i had fallen behind a bit, i rushed to catch up, my long legs making it easier to be next to her side with my large strides. giving her a small nudge of encouragement as we reached the border, i sat down as she announced our presence, letting out a small sneeze.



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