Creation time ;; Cartel Invite

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    venus diabolus


    Paws silently bring forth the Cartel Snakehead. She was here to invite the clan to join her own and have a party. She knew they would likely go. Who wouldn't? She would be, honestly, surprised if a few didn't see the fun in it. "Hello again. I am here to invite the Valhalla to a party. One for adults only, and one for the kids."


    Dance in the darkness ;; Adults Party

    Create a dream ;; Kids Party

  • Ooh, a kid's party? The artistic kit bounded forth and grinned. "That's a really good idea! I'll come." The brightly-colored albino kitten chirped.


    And every color in between —— tags.

    //Whoops, lamest post I ever made

    Life is about using the whole box of crayons.