RATS [ic/ooc meet & greet]

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  • Well, if they were going to be stuck in the pyramid together until this sandstorm died down, they might as well get fully acquainted with each other, or else things were bound to get very, very awkward.

    With the wind still howling outside and sending a dull, groaning, whistling noise through the main pyramid that took up most of camp, Stone stood in front of where he normally held his meetings, rather than standing atop it like he normally would. This time, he wasn't above them. He was one of them. He fondly recalled when he himself joined the Ruins and had far fewer names to memorize than he did now. Not that he'd trade it out for the world-- the fact that his Clan had boomed so much under his leadership, when they were so close to falling into obscurity when he stepped up, made him endlessly proud, even if he was expected to be a big tough asshole who only cared about kicking the Exiles' asses.

    "Ruiners!" called Stone, hoping that the way his voice echoed off the walls would draw his Clanmates towards him. "Due to the recent influx of new members, and the fact that were' quite housebound for the time being, I thought it might be a good idea for us to introduce ourselves to each other. You know, since not everyone was able to attend everyone's joinings." Like himself. But he wasn't going to say that. "So, I'd like everyone to give their name, their rank, how long they've been in the Ruins, and an interesting fact or two about themselves. Sound good?" He glanced about the ones who had gathered. "I'll begin. I'm Stone Deadmist, but please, just call me Stone. I'm the King of the Ruins, and I've been a member since this past December, and I became leader in lat January. Something interesting about me is that I am conveniently half-siblings with the leader of the Shadow Veil."

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  • Ver’s ears would twitch as Stone’s voice echoed off the walls of the pyramid. She’d been stuck here, bond by the sandstorm waiting for a good chance to flee these confines as soon as the wind let up for even a minute. If it didn’t she’d likely say fuck it and wall back to the pines and worry about the damage to her eyes and nostrils when she got to it.

    The shepherd would yawn and rise up to her paws and make her way over to the king. Dipping her head to him as he went about introducing himself, she felt a meet and greet was due even if she’d done far to many. There was just so many of them now and she was sure she’d missed a few joiners. They just kept coming in without sign of stopping. It wasn’t bad by any means but it just made her feel bad that she wasn’t around frequently enough to actively help them out.

    She’d speak up after him ”I’m Ver Million. But I exclusively go by Ver, I’m a second tier here and have been around for a couple of weeks now.” there was more of a story to it than that but no one but the two responsible knew that yet. ”I own a tiny little albino Raven named Ghost. He lives in back in the Rogues territory but I’m looking forward to when I can show him off” she’d smile faintly. No one but a few of the rogues has even seen Ghost. He was a cute little thing if not a little ugly right now considering his age.

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  • Nadine convinced herself to head over to the call, quietly trying to figure out if this would be a good time to announce her pregnancy. Being trapped inside really limited her chances to exercise and make sure that any weight gained was hidden behind weight loss, which kind of messed with her plans of putting it off for as long as possible. Unlike with this sand storm they're collectively weathering, there won't be any waiting for this to blow over. The serval eventually decides to hold off for just a little longer in spite of her inner drama queen and desire for attention. Tragic.

    She sits down lightly, her eyes casting to Stone then Ver, lingering for just a moment too long before she looks away with a slight smile. When there's room to speak, she does just that.

    "Shit, we're doing last names? Alright, 'M Nadine Tormenta, the Warlord of Training, and I've been here for...3 months now? Holy tits that's a long time." A look of surprise crosses her face, her last phrase delivered more to herself than anyone else. Time flies when you're pregnant, grieving, and pregnant again, doesn't it? While that would be a fun fact, it doesn't seem like the kind everyone else would need to know. "Fun fact? This bitch loves jewelry; sadly, the sands don't love it back, so I don't wear it real often."

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  • As the shepherd came over, his mouth was drawn into a slight frown. "Meet and greets sound scary, but I guess I'll participate!" "Ah, my name is Jäger Streicher, and um I... I'm a normal member here, ah... I haven't been here too long, maybe a week at most, but I'm happy to meet everyone! Some fun facts about me are zhat uh, I have a really neat accent of old German descent, and I love fixing and operating zhings. Strategy is a fun little number!" There, he supposed that was it!

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  • Jace was present and listening attentively as everyone went around giving their backstories. At the group he sat down, his tail curled neatly around his body. He did enjoy meet and greets because he liked to learn new things and meet new people. Jace was quite sociable, after all. He waited for everyone to give their part before clearing his throat. It was his turn.

    With his gaze up, he began, "Uh. I'm Jace Ecuador. Regent. I've been a part of the Ruins for a while now, but BloodClan even longer. I'm an ancient soul who doesn't know how to die. Something interesting. . . uh . . My father, Scorpionsting, used to be the leader of BloodClan before it was the Ruins." He purred happily, closing his eyes for a moment. Although his father had mistreated him, he didn't resent him for it. It just made Jace a better father himself.

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  • ✦ ✧ ✦ Ooooo, a meet and great? Fun. Walking up besides her father, taking a seat, Morgan listened to everyone. She knew almost everyone, so this was nothing new to her. Then, it was her turn. "I'm Morgan Ecuador-Vires, and I'm a second tier here. I've been here for almost all my life, and obviously my dad is Jace. I don't really have anything interesting to say about me, but, I can control electricity," Morgan spoke, a smile on her face.

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  • As the albino tigress made her way over, a smile slipped smoothly over her features. This was an extremely positive thing to focus on while the sandstorm continued raging outside. She was thankful they had these pyramids and felt a pang of sympathy for any creatures that co-inhabited their desert. For now, the Warlord was sure they had enough provisions for a few days or so, but after that? In truth, she didn't want to think about that right now even though she had made plans to address this herself with Stone. They had no idea when the storm would relent and there was no point in worrying everyone if they were able to come up with a solution in private.

    "My name is Petra Darling," the woman would speak up when there had been a lull in introductions. "I am the Warlord of Strategy here. I used to be the Princess, or Regent as we now call it, back in November. I have been in the Ruins for around a year, but I was around a long time ago when we were called Bloodclan." Had it already been a year since Hypo stepped down and Always took the throne? When others began commenting on 'fun fact', Petra balked. Since returning to the Ruins she had always been thought of as a 'career focused' individual which, as you can guess, leads to very minimal time for hobbies. Did she even have a hobby at all? How depressing. "I love to surround myself with nature so it's not strange to find me rising with the sun and spending free time on the sunbathing rocks." There. That would have to suffice.

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  • By the goddess, she hated these things. Nami is a social creature yes, easily convinced into preening her feathers and her ego as well joking and humour. But the thought of having to introduce herself, give interesting facts? The hybrid almost would categorically rather pluck out every feathers on her body and wings than engage in such things. Nami does none of these things.

    "Haerii Blair Izanami - just Nami will do before you all say the wrong name." She knows her naming convention is unorthodox for these people, she would rather not have them address her as Haerii the same way that any of them would be loathed to be solely addressed as Sanguine Ruins for the rest of their lives. Interesting facts... "I'm supposed to be dead." Yeah, that seemed about right.

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  • Ambedo didn't entirely mind all the new faces dwelling in his, along with other, pyramids. He was just glad that he was able to escape to others sometimes, given his tantrums throughout the night. Nonetheless, the boy approached, settled beside Nadine, and took the moments wherein everyone introduced themselves, to lick the honey off of his paws before sand clung to him more than usual. When it became his turn, he looked up, ears swiveling ever so slightly, "I'm Ambedo, a third tier as well as physician. I've been here for... I don't know," he huffed softly, "I also go by Abbi, if that's what you prefer."

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