diamonds, rubies and gems // open, abandoned twoleg things

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  • //they're necklaces and rings, in case i didn't specify

    the cream-coated female had been off on a walk through the territory, just exploring. She got bored sitting in the camp, so she spent a lot of time on walks in the forest.

    She tripped over a root, landing a tail-length away from some small, shiny objects obviously left behind by twolegs. Sniffing them, she picked one up with her tail and spun it around. "Wow, these are pretty... I wonder why the twolegs left them here?"

    ♚ ・゚: Hey you, what do you see? Something beautiful or something free? — TAGS

    Cream tabby Maine Coon | ThunderClan | warrior | 24 moons | female | npc x npc

    roleplayed by 4N0M4LY

  • She didn’t really like the idea of two legs being close enough to leave stuff in the territory. But maybe the rain washed it in? The apprentice padded closer to them to see for herself. "Wow! Cool!" she said, wondering if they should keep them or get rid of them.

    thunderclan apprentice 8 moons girl hailcloud x frogleap x wolfcry x tigersun

    roleplayed by decaying - TAGS

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    "Good morning you two." Moonwatchers voice would sound behind the pair as the deputy walked up and smiled at them both warmly. Her golden gaze would move to the objects the two cats were talking about and she tilted her head curiously, "What do we have here?" She would step forward and lightly sniff one of the items, her nose wrinkling slightly as the scent of two leg was still lingering on it.

  • Palevine jumped as two cats approached; she hadn't expected anybody else to come out here. "I don't know... They're twoleg things, but they sure are pretty! Look at this one!" She picked up a small ring with an orange stone set in it, showing it to Moonwatcher and Squirrelpaw.

    ♚ ・゚: Hey you, what do you see? Something beautiful or something free? — TAGS

    Cream tabby Maine Coon | ThunderClan | warrior | 24 moons | female | npc x npc

    roleplayed by 4N0M4LY

  • Shimmerpaw trotted over, having picked up the scents of his clanmates nearby. He waved his tail in greeting, a new pale purple flower woven into the fur. “What’s going on?” he asked, tipping his head to the side as he crept closer.

    He was surprised when he saw the pile of shiny things. He had seen things like this before as a kitten—his female twolegs had often worn them around their necks and adorning their paws. What were things like this doing all the way out here? Surely the twolegs who had dropped them would want them back?

    “I’ve seen these,” Shimmerpaw said. Twolegs sometimes wear them around their necks and on their paws. I don’t know why. I guess they think it looks nice.” He looked down at the small flowers woven into his chest fur. “Kind of like my flowers. Why would they leave them all the way out here?”

    shimmerkit/shimmerpaw/shimmersong [tags]

    intersex [he/him]

    silver lynx point siamese

    played by princemonroe