Route to heaven // Healing Seminar + Searching for a Healinghand

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  • Either it seemed they had to many healers or none whatsoever, the Veil had four and even she had some minor skills while the Rogues were always losing them. Solaris Kingdom’s guild was at a lost without Coldclaw’s heading them and though Claes had volunteered he needed training. So the best course of action was to bother someone to teach him, to teach them all so they wouldn’t be torn apart by the first raid that hit them unexpectedly.

    Her first choice had been Mercy almost an instinctive choice, she was the healer she trusted the most. She trusted her to help her out of this mess, and she’d promised to pay her back later. Plus it’d be nice to show her around the Kingdom while she was here. The hound would shoot a glance back at her companion wondering just how sick she’d gotten from their little aerial trek from the pines. She’d grin before stepping up towards the put out bonfire. Letting out a bark to get their attention. ”Anyone who’s interested in healing or becoming our next Healinghand get over here!” she’d wait before going on, one wing raising outwards to point at Mercy before continuing ”I just want to gauge how much everybody knows. And my good Veiler friend Mercy will be happy to teach you” she didn’t know if she would but saying different wasn’t a big morale boost was it?

    // MERCY .   Claes G.D.

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  • The ride here had been... something. Though they'd landed a while ago, her heart was still pounding at the memory of flying through the sky on the back of her fellow Midnightbringer, something Mercy hadn't ever imagined she'd do. She was a creature meant to remain on the ground, and as such her stomach was still roiling a bit as she took a seat, opening her satchel to prepare her supplies. "I don't know how you do this all the time," she'd told Ver during their flight. The idea of flying regularly was beyond her.

    Mercy certainly wasn't against helping out; no clan that lacked healers would be able to thrive, and the last thing she wanted to do was cripple her friend's kingdom, especially after they'd reconciled. (Kingdom. It was so strange to think of Ver as a queen of all things.) But she would be lying if she said that taking on this task wasn't stressful; her roster of trainees just kept growing, and while it was good practice she often feared the consequences of being a poor teacher.

    She smiled as Ver introduced her, but elected to remain silent until more people had arrived.


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  • As the coyote sauntered over, his eyes squinted in Mercy’s direction, though he was unable to see her. “Your Veiler friend, huh?” he thinks, almost bitterly as he waits for this session to get started. “Any other friends you want to invite all willy nilly onto our fuckin’ territory? Ruins friends? Exilers even?” Though he knew that the Veil was supposed to be their new ally, it rubbed him the wrong way. At least Ver did, anyway. Then again, the man wasn’t very trusting of anyone (other than himself) to begin with. “Sounds nifty,” he says gruffly, clearing his throat as he took a seat, ready to listen to whatever Mercy had to teach Claes. “She make one wrong move though - friend of Ver or not - I'll eat her.”

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    In truth, Claes had very little knowledge remaining of healing and medicine and whatnot. The last time he had even had a glimpse of a lesson on the art of healing and helping others had been when he was still living with his siblings and his mother. Aside from their talking about life, philosophy, and art, it was healing that they spoke about. While his siblings all went for lessons on how to fight, protect themselves, and everything.. Claes, of course, had opted out of it (he never was a comfortable with such things). Though, it was eventually that he stopped studying medicine, as well, due to the fact that... when he was with his family -- as isolated as he was -- there was no danger that anyone needed healing from (aside from the normal cut or scrape from playing too hard, but that was simple enough). After the whole change with him getting thrown into reality compared to the utopia his mom had built for him, he learned it was a much different story. And being thrown into this new world, skillless (his only skill was being kind and talking to others, if that was even a skill) was something that he knew he couldn't continue doing.

    And so, he wanted to help others, even if he couldn't really help himself. He may not be able to fight and defend -- he could still hear Piratecrown's voice, telling him he was weak for not fighting -- but the very least the he could do and contribute would the ability to heal his clanmates. It was going to take a lot of re-learning due to his memory not being the best, and a lot of studying, but in truth it was something he was willing to take on and work hard at, no matter what.

    Claes had been waiting nearby, slightly anxious as he waited for Ver to get back from her trip to the Veil. His tail flicked every now and then, and his ears swiveled to the sounds he heard as he waited. Though it was the call for the seminar and the sight of the winged canine and her friend landing that got him to his feet and sent the Andean fox traveling trodding through the sand with a heart full of hope and eagerness to learn, but anxiousness for it all the same. It wasn't long before he arrived and as he did so, he dipped his head in greeting to both the dawningcrown, her friend Mercy, and then Ryad, who had made it there before him. Settling close to the others, the Go Deo would smile warmly, honey-suckle gaze looking softly among the others. "Hello~" the trailblazer would greet quietly, "My name is Claes," he would conclude, shifting his weight in the sand; kneading the terrain idly, out of habit, and simply to help calm the bits of nerves that were making him nervous. And for now, he would wait for the lesson to continue.

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    Hearing Ver's announcement, Meenah was the next to approach the group. Certainly, she didn't see herself becoming the Healinghand at all. She wasn't even a part of the Medicine Guild - Warfare, rather. Practically the opposite. But healing was always a useful skill to have. While she didn't know any of the technical stuff that a healer would know - she did discover a small power years ago.

    "Hey, everyone," the Knight greeted as she plopped down next to Ryad. She glanced at the stranger from Shadow Veil, a silent greeting in her look, before she turned her single eye to Ver. "I'm not interested in bein' Healin'hand, but this stuff could be useful fer anyone to know, right?" She then glanced down at her gray paws. "I actually have a bit of a power. Saw long ago that I can heal small cuts and wounds just by touchin' them. I think it worked best on people I was well familiar with. Could be useful," the wolf explained, lifting her head again. "Can't instantly heal nothin' severe, though." She actually hadn't had a reason to use either of her two powers in a very long time. This one, oddly enough, had turned out not to be very applicable. With the lack of a Healinghand in the Kingdom, though, she would be glad to use it again.



  • Healing had never been something she was interested in. There was no specific reason as to why. It just had never interested her. She instead had taken a liking to swimming, which was more on par with her abilities anyway. Considering she was half dolphin, she was adept in swimming. It was obvious, though she supposed others could've thought otherwise. It wasn't necessarily something everyone knew. It was an activity to be learned, after all. Still, she had learned rather quickly and had gotten better at it at a relatively fast pace as well. The same could not be said for other things, such as healing or fighting. She knew the basics of each, but beyond that she was rather clueless on each subject. Oceanbeats wanted to learn more as she lived in the Solaris Kingdom. There was so much more than what she had learned in her time as a child. There was so much more to life. She was only just now coming to that realization, but it was one that was hitting her relatively hard.

    Her eyes trailed over those who had arrived in the area before she had, curiosity in her gaze. Eventually, her purple optics landed on Mercy, the one foreigner amongst those she recognized. Her smell was definitely different than the rest of them. Mercy's eyes... were strange. They were essentially black pits in the middle of her face where actual eyes should have been. Oceanbeats quirked a nonexistent brow as she padded a little closer. Once she spotted Claes, however, she shifted her path so that she could seat herself near him, a crooked smile making its way to her lips. As she sat, her lips parted so that she could whisper a greeting to him. "Hey," she greeted simply, tail thumping lightly against the ground. Oceanbeats breathed in softly as she released water over her fur and skin, feeling a bit more at ease with the water coating her. She did well to stay hydrated, especially in the heat of the sun and dryness of the air.

    Oceanbeats soon turned to Ver and Mercy, the two who seemed to be hosting the seminar and opened her maw to speak to them. "I'm interested in learning, if you don't mind me sitting in," the clouded leopard / dolphin hybrid piped up, ears pricked in their direction.



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  • Bruno had an issue with his memory, and he was sure everyone knew about it by now, but... well, it was hard to ignore. He had no clue who he was, what his hobbies were, the nuances of his own identity. He had to rework it and reform it from the fragments he had managed to keep- his manners, his (failing) confidence, his innate sense of right and wrong. What was not present in his knowledge of himself was an interest- or even any knowledge at all -in medicine. And yet... at Ver's call, he found himself drifting towards the gathering. Besides, he would do what it took to assist his clan- he knew that much.

    "I'd love to learn, too," he stated carefully, his decision still not final, but his words betraying that fact. He had zero training, and he was pretty self-conscious of that fact, but... wasn't that why he was here? Besides, if this could help him help others, then he was willing to go through the process.

  • Okay, a lot of people were gathering. Although they all seemed friendly enough, she couldn't help but feel at least a little uncomfortable knowing she was surrounded by strangers. She sat a bit stiffly, focusing more on organizing the materials she'd brought than the people around her and running through the lesson in her head.

    Meenah's words drew her attention to the wolf, and she listened with interest as she explained her ability. "That's really interesting," she commented with pricked ears. It was a power she'd never heard of, and once more it occurred to her just how much had changed in the time she'd been... gone. "That'll definitely come in handy."

    She waited another minute or so before starting. "Alrighty, we'll start with this: let's say you come across an injured clanmate somewhere in the territory — far from camp — and there's no one else nearby. What would you do?"


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  • "Check their breathing and check for symptoms of shock." the tortoiseshell's voice was quiet but relatively confident as he approached, inclining his head in respectful acknowledgement of Ver before seating himself and curling his slender tail around his body. "If they appear to be shock, do your utmost to calm them; if they're bleeding, stem the flow of blood with any absorbent material. Meanwhile, shout for help - the quicker a medic can get to them, the better. If it looks like you'll be stuck out in the desert for a while, move them into the shade, or use your body to shade them; heatstroke is the last thing we need in this situation."

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  • At Meenah's mention of a power, his ears twitched. Powers... that was something he knew, but he didn't know why. A zipping sound flashed for a moment in his head and he almost jumped, grounded only by his paws on solid earth. What was that? Did it have something to do with his memories? Bruno tried not to frown, focusing intently on the wolf and then Mercy as she spoke.

    What would you do?

    He stopped to think, but his train of thought derailed as Honeydell spoke up. Jeez, he sounded like he knew his stuff. Was that standard for someone not already in the Medicine Guild? His own lack of knowledge, something he was already somewhat insecure about, was suddenly a debilitating obstacle Bruno was not sure he could overcome. And yet, did that matter? He would be learning, wouldn't he?

    "Um...." Bruno stopped. He needed to collect his thoughts. More importantly, he wanted to give a different answer than Honeydell's, but the other's was so elaborate, how could it not be right? "... Yes, what Honeydell said. I would also try to move them to camp, if their injuries are not too severe...." He thought that jostling an injured person would perhaps make things worse, hence the second half of his statement. Bruno receded back into the crowd, his paws shuffling.

  • 9S was no healer— in fact, he was quite the opposite. Previously, he didn't need to have a shred of knowledge of medicine in order to function ( he'd been an android at some point and replacing damaged parts was as close to "healing" as he could get ). The pale colored male gives a slight huff of confusion upon his arrival, his brows furrowing as he settles next to Bruno. He gives the unfamiliar Veiler a once over, noting how Ver and this Mercy gal seemed rather close. 9S could only assume that they were friends of some sort and now Solaris Kingdom's problem comes to light: they did not have a medic or what they called a "Healinghand." It was perhaps clear that the now-mortal wildcat had no intention on becoming the Kingdom's new Healinghand but he would agree that learning what he could would prove to be beneficial in the long run.

    Meanwhile, he quietly listens to what Mercy says and the circumstance she presented them with but says nothing at first. Bruno and Honeydell were the first to answer and made sense in their answers. 9S shrugged his shoulders and answered with, "I'd also make sure that whatever hurt them is no longer in the area. Being caught unawares is also bad in this situation."