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  • Tadpole couldn't help but notice quite a surge in joiners recently. He hadn't been able to chat with most of them but he did want to meet them, so he decided to host this meet and greet. If memory served, it had been quite a while since the last one. "I-I'm hosting a m-m-meet and greet ov-over here, s-since we h-have a lot of n-new members! I'd l-like to learn y-your n-name, your story - i-if you're comf-comfortable sharing, th-that is - and a f-fun fact about you." He paused a moment, before continuing on with his own introduction. "M-m-my name is Tadpoletail, And I-I'm a fr-friar here in the Tribe. I w-was born he-he-here a very l-long time ago, b-back when it was c-called StormClan. I l-left for a wh-while, and returned t-to a v-very different Clan t-to the one I l-l-left, but th-that's not necessarily a b-bad thing." He smiled gently at that statement. Though he missed StormClan, he was beginning to realise that the Tribe of Unbounded Sky was home just as StormClan had once been. "A fun f-f-fact about m-me is that... I'm ve-very interested i-in robotics." With that, he sat down to wait for someone else to introduce themself.


  • As the man arrived, he offered a gentle smile to his seemingly nervous fellow Triber. "Hello," he greets politely, giving a small nod of his head. "Ah, my name is Magdemi Ludwig-Xerxes Arcanium, but Magi for short. I um... my story, ah..." he pauses to think about it for a bit, wondering what his story really was. "I was born into a small family vith one brozher, ah, my mozher and fazher died very... unexpectedly..." he says this part rather guiltily, as he knows at least one of their deaths was entirely his fault. "Mary Xerxes vas zhe one to raise me, and from her I acquired a taste for medicine and everyzhing to do vith its field. I grew up to become a doctor, made many mistakes along zhe vay, and zhen I joined vhat vas once known as zhe Kinship Circle. I've made many friends zhere, and many enemies, too, and it vas vhere I had my first set of children. Zhen I became assistant deputy, head of medicine, and it was promptly changed to zhe 'Serein Copse' after zhe disappearance of Blackroses, zhe Circle's former leader," he pauses once more, flinching at her name. "Some stranger named Rapier came in and took charge in our time of crisis, and vhile he vas avay for some time, Lethe - someone who also joined recently - and I co-lead zhe Copse vhile he was gone. Vhen he came back, nozhing vas zhe same, and I left immediately to vander zhe vorld on my own. And now, I'm here." He supposed it was all he had to offer. "A fun fact about me, ah...? Vell, zhese vings here," he flutters his massive, ashen-grey wings. "Are not natural. Zhey vere a very painful mutation I acquired from a rather deadly incident. Ooh, and also, I've died almost four times in my life time! I zhink zhat's... very interesting. It's a pleasure to meet you and get to know you more, Tadpole!"

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    "Greetings all, my name is Glitteringgold Resurgram-Nocte-Maestus. I am a Legate here, the equivalent to an assistant deputy, but I'm sure most of you know that already," the feline spoke up once silence fell, pausing briefly to ponder over the words he would utter next. His story was long, but he would shorten it as much as possible for the sake of not boring the others. "I was born in RiverClan to Oceantides Nocte-Maestus on February 1st 2014. Photoflash reigned at the time and things were far different to what they are now. The Clans were dominated by cats, powers were relatively unheard of, joiners had to be manually accepted by a high position, dual alliances was the act of a traitor and leaders still took upon the 'star' suffix. RiverClan was thriving, it one of the most active in all the land; second only to ThunderClan and WindClan. I had my sights set on becoming a medicine cat, I would always pester them much to their annoyance no doubt, but my path changed when I met Bulletinboard. She was a counselor, she helped me during my darkest of times and inspired me to want to follow in her pawsteps. I wanted to help others. She recognized this potential in me and I became her assistant and later succeeded her as counselor of RiverClan. Although challenging, I enjoyed it. During Gunslinger's reign I was promoted to assistant deputy, to deputy and then to vice-leader. I also found the love of my life and got engaged to her on Christmas Day of that year. It was the happiest time of my life.

    However, I would never go on to become leader - not of RiverClan at least. A mass demotion occurred, in which included myself, and following an unprovoked attack I lost all my memories. In an unstable state of mind, I left and wandered aimlessly with the intention of joining the first Clan I came across. The Bureau was that Clan, or the Tribe of Rushing Water and RushingClan as it was better known by. There I once again climbed the ranks and with a short space of time I found myself the leader. I also married and had children to my aforementioned partner. I reigned for a time, how long exactly that I am unsure of, and brought back the old Tribe name and traditions. All would not last, as I became possessed by a malicious entity that wished to use my body to ruin my life and commit evil. I stepped down as leader, divorced my wife and bounced around many Clans, struggling to keep control. I returned to RushingTribe during my daughters reign and was a medic until I left for a second time. My memories beyond that point is a blur, I could no longer fight my possession and was taken over.

    Eventually, I overcame it. For three years I lived in guilt, traveling from place to place, avoiding my past. I had abandoned those I had loved most and for that I could not face to see them again, especially my ex-wife. But the traveler lifestyle is not all it is cracked up to be. My legs ached and I longed for a place to call home. When I came back to the Clans everything had changed, my birthplace RiverClan was gone and along with it most of my friends and family. I'm still adjusting, learning all the new names. I joined The Thunderlands, then I joined the Tribe, where I am today. That's my story. A very short version, anyway. As for a fun fact about me, I used to have a pet meerkat called Guardian."


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  • The dark-eyed Herald padded over on silent paws, his attentive gaze moving over the familiar face of Tadpoletail and the somewhat strange but still friendly presence of Magi before focusing on Glitteringgold. Englishivy listened intently as the former RiverClanner told his life story, his honey-colored brows raising and his shoulders stiffening at various points. What a life he's had! marvelled Verdant. I wonder what kind of life I've had. this thought came, unbidden, into the retriever's mind, and it disquieted him that he could not answer it. Though he was aware of his professional responsibilities and the general fashion in which the world worked, his awareness of himself was desperately thin after the ... incident. All he remembered was that which pertained to his life in Wind Haven and here, in the Tribe of Unbounded Sky. He remembered Hasseltii and Adishroh, he remembered taking over, he remembered it all: but he could not tell you why he had joined or what his life had been one year prior.

    Pushing the thoughts away, the slender canine focused on what was before him. He offered a soft smile to his Tribemates, the silver tag on his collar catching the light. "Thank you for sharing, gentlemen - you especially, Magi and Glitteringgold. Fascinating lives you've both had." murmured Englishivy, curling his honey-colored tail over his paws. "I am very glad your paths have led you here, long though they may have been. As for myself ... ah, well, I'm not quite so interesting. I am Verdant Bramble of English Ivy, but most people call me Englishivy, or simply English. A fun fact about me ... " dear, dear, what was fun about him? "I also lead Wind Haven. It's a very pleasant group; perhaps I should arrange an event so you all can interact with one another." he wracked his mind for any other information about himself, before offering: "I like to swim and I'm quite good at catching fish. I believe you'll have some fair competition from me, RiverClanner." a roguish grin was thrown in Glitteringgold's direction before the canine fell silent.

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  • laurie knew that there was quite a bit to tell about himself. nothing quite as interesting as his tribemate's tales here beside him, but he had accidentally murdered two people, been possessed for about a week or two, almost gut gutted like a fish, and lost all his kids within the span of a month. of course there was more, just nothing that he liked to think about. but then again, none of this was things he liked to think about. carrying himself forward he listened with interest to his tribemates' stories, a slight tilt of his head apparent in his unconscious gesture of interest for their life stories.

    "wow, everyone's lives are more interesting than mine," he chuckled as he took a seat, making himself comfortable. "my name is bakalaureat, of course you can all call be laurie. i was born an only child to a man and a woman," he lied. he was by no means an only child, but it seems like his sister had disowned him the last time they spoke. sure, it had hurt, but he'd come to terms with it. "immediately after birth though my mother became a vampire and that's it. i only came here by accident but i'm pretty happy here and i'm glad i got to meet you all," he finished with a shrug. he did ignore most of his past faults like his formerly murderous and hateful self but that was for the better.

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    A whole meet and greet, and several others had already told their story - the most notable one to her was Magi. Of course, she was part of a decent amount of his story, and he would be part of hers, too. The part about his adopted mother was surprising, though... she hadn't known that he had gotten his penchant for medicine from her. Aside from her friend, there was also Glitteringgold, with... quite a long story to share. It seemed a good amount of them had gone through a lot - rather, too much.

    "Your stories are very interesting," the margay nodded her agreement with both Bakalaureat and Englishivy, eyes wide at their stories. And then, of course, it was her turn to begin. "I'm Lethe Go Deo... let's see... I was raised in this cute little meadow with my mother, Immortalkisses, and all six of my brothers. It was pretty fun, she taught us some stuff. This meadow reminds me a lot of my old home," she began, deciding to start simple. Of course, she had a life before Immortalkisses and her brothers, but she liked to pretend it didn't exist. It was the distant past, nothing worth retelling. Everything that happened in this life was the most important to her. "Anyway, when the Agrelos thing happened, my mother disappeared... my brothers and I got split up... and I found myself at the Serein Copse, as it was called at the time. i met a lot of people... that was pretty much the first time I got to interact with anyone other than my family. Anyway, Magi already said most of this but... eventually the Order came and nothing was the same, so I left. Now I'm here!" she finished cheerily, choosing to breeze past all of the gloomy stuff. Magi already covered all of that. There was no need to repeat it.




  • Tad listened closely as the rest told their stories, nodding along when it was necessary and gently tilting his head at the sad parts of their tales. "Th-thank you, e-e-everyone, f-for sharing... I th-think it may have been qu-quite d-d-difficult for s-some of you." In particular, he levelled his gaze at Magi and Glitteringgold. However, quickly moving on, the feline suggested, "I th-think it'd b-be f-f-fun if we c-could a-ask each other s-some basic que-questions, to g-get to know each o-other better? Wh-who wants t-to start?"


  • "hope i'mnot too late to join, yeah?" mik chimed in, making herself known to the crowd, "m'life's not nearly as interesting as y'alls but i do qualify as new around here, so..." the sentence drifted off into nothing as she looked to the others for approval to continue her introduction.

    "i'm miklos isurus, unfortunately don't know my origin which leaves too much room to the imagination," she finished the statement by bringing her tail forward, putting on a show of the abnormality within her opposing body parts, "came here sorta-on-accident, was moreso trying to leave somewhere else than specifically come here, but i've been enjoying myself." tribe life was certainly odd. she'd heard of clans and the vague whispering of groups that didn't align with such terms, but tribes were foreign to her. not that that was a bad thing, just a new thing. anything was better than before.

    "and i am more than willing to take any questions y'all might have about yours truly."