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    Boredom had suddenly struck the gray molly as the sun began to slowly sink back down beneath the trees, and honestly she wasn't tired enough to go to bed this early. She didn't feel like going out hunting again or going for a walk, no... She needed something casual and something relaxed, so what beat getting the clan together and telling stories? Not only that but it helped allow cats get to know each other better. So the large molly pads over to the center of camp and sits down, though she was trying her best at this point to put the BloodClan thing behind her... There were definitely a few cats she was silently wishing wouldn't show. Not that they couldn't, but Lavenderskies current okay mood was fragile and she knew that. Perhaps it was for the best she just... avoided certain cats for the time being as petty as it was.

    But then again, as a deputy you can't exactly avoid your clan-mates now can you? So with a sigh she opens her maw. "SkyClan, I'm hosting a story time and all are welcomed to come. Bonus points if you attend with your own story to tell." She calls before curling her tail around her paws. She'd sit there patiently waiting to see if anyone would approach her.

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  • “I want to hear some stories!” Fallenkit squeaked rushing over to lavender, sliding to a stop at the she-cats paws with a big excited smile, the kit was having a good day today, hearing the lavenderskies and maybe others will be telling stories, she didn’t have any of mind but she was glad to come and listen.

    Nightpaw- Long-haired black/gray tabby she-cat, is blind in both eyes but left eye is pale blue, right eye is pale gold eye, she doesnt know why she was left there and has no whereabouts of her family, lives in shadowclan, she is shy, sweet, passive, quiet, helpful, and careful. Is 6 moons old.

    Fallenkit- short-haired dusty gray tabby she-cat, is blind by birth, black spot on right eye, three unknown scars on each eye, lives in no clan. Is 3 weeks old.

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    >> the flames will lick your skin
    and I'll fall in love with you
    for the first time <<

    [ singekit ] [ black grizzled chausie with yellow eyes ] [ ~2 moons ] [ male ] [ trad. skyclan kit ] [ gen. 1 ] [ speaking in #84928c ]

    Hmm, it seemed like everyone had an abundance of stories to tell around here aside from himself. All he really had was the tale of how he got here, and truthfully compared to the life of a Clan cat it didn't seem too interesting. Curling his silver-flecked tail around his large paws, Singekit made himself comfortable and settled in to listen. "I guess we're in the right place then, huh Fallenkit?"

    //ok pretend my speaking text is the right color there's a cat on my keyboard and he's not letting me fix it