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  • Okay, so basically, these are just a bunch of cat avatars that I created using a feline avatar creator, which you can find in the apple app store. IDK about android. But here it is if you're curious!…-cats-2/id1166740570?mt=8

    Anyways, in this thread, you can do two things. You can take an already created character design, use the image and everything (they're all transparent so they should look nice in your tags), or you can request a design. You can also take a current design on the list of designs and request collars be added, or a scarf, or different types of wings, or even dragon tails. Just post below what you want added or what kind of request you have!

    Below you'll find a list of free designs and images. These are not first come first serve, anyone can use them! BUT post below which one you're using (they each have numbers), and I'll add your name next to the image so people know it's already being used and can decide if they still wanna use it from there. Also, feel free to edit these images! They can be cropped and stuff. I'll update this thread with any new designs I come up with so feel free to track.

    Things you can request added to the above designs: Devil wings, angel wings, butterfly wings, celestial wings, dragon tails, BloodClan collars, regular collars, spiked collars, a scarf, some shoulder or flank scars, blood on the chest and face, take blood away, expression, missing eye, a restored eye (if one is already missing) a torn ear, a restored ear, a different tail (fluffy, short-haired, a stub, skinny, striped...), horns, head hair (like bangs), different colored eyes.

    REQUEST A DESIGN FORM: You can request a design and I'll try my best to create it. The only thing I can't create are torties, as the app doesn't have a tortie option. The calico option is also very limited. In fact, most options are limited, so. I'll recreate your request to the BEST of my ability, but I'll let you know if it can't be completely perfected!

    NOTE: I'll do these on my own time. I do them for fun, so it could be days before I get to your request. Requests are, well, requests, so they won't be added to the above list of free designs. Another note, nothing too difficult, as the avatar creator is quite limited.

    1. 1. Username:
    2. 2. Character Coloration (doesn't have to be realistic. Legs and tail can be different colors than the body):
    3. 3. Markings (tabby, calico, plain...):
    4. 4. Hair: (long, short, medium):
    5. 5. Expression: Happy, angry, mean, rose in mouth, plants in mouth...):
    6. 6. Fantasy Options: (wings (dragon, celestial, angel, bird, butterfly), dragon tails, two or multiple tails, basic armor, robotic features, horns, head hair):
    7. 7. Accessories (collar, BloodClan collar, spiked collar, a scarf, necklaces with charms):


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