Twistedtail Receives Her Nine Lives


    The dark figure moved silently through the night, moonlight shining on her sleek tabby pelt. She had barely noticed the ache in her paw pads from the long journey, having found herself frozen in anticipation before the cave's entrance. Twistedtail had devoted so much of her life to RiverClan, fought and bled and cried all to keep her clanmates safe, but that just wasn't it, was it? From the moment she was accepted among their ranks, she knew exactly what she wanted - she had worked tirelessly to get it and now here she was, pawsteps away from a place that most cats could only ever dream of.

    She took a deep breath and, finally, she took her first step forward, padding in and looking on at the sacred rock before her, understanding all too quickly why it was called the Moonstone as it glowed brightly on, the shine once on her fur in the open air now paling in comparison to what lay before her. Once more she approached, closing her eyes and pressing her nose against the cold stone.

    Bright golden eyes shot open and the dark tabby took a moment to assess her new surroundings, her gaze quickly falling upon her ancestors standing before her - faces both familiar and strange, and though she wished so dearly to greet her old friends and clanmates, she found herself stuck in place. Oh. Right. The ceremony. Instead, she opted for a kind but wary smile, not knowing what was to come.

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  • Though Thistlekit had been sad to hear of his mom's resignation from the position of leader, the large lilac boy was certainly overjoyed that she had not joined them in StarClan. His adventurous nature had bitten him in the ass, hadn't it? When he'd found himself here after drinking some of the corrupted water. Large yellow eyes fell upon Twistedtail, and he offered her a wide grin, speaking the words, "Welcome to StarClan, Twistedtail! I'm glad it was you who succeeded my mom. You'll do every bit as well as she did," assured the child confidently, nodding his head as he sauntered forward to touch his nose with hers.

    "With this life, I give you fun," he said, his grin clearly heard in his voice, "Use it well to be a leader who never forgets to give herself and her warriors a break once in a while, and to bring life to RiverClan even in the darkest of times." He hoped that'd be enough as he pulled himself away, lining back up with his Clanmates and allowing the next to step forward and do the same.




  • ✦ ✧ she'd always been a background cat, barely seen, rarely heard but for the fiery bursts she sometimes let out. she'd left the living world when twistedtail was still a warrior- she'd seen the arrival of sheogorath to riverclan, hidden by some clan name, and then she'd found herself on the wrong side of a monster. death had been peaceful after the blinding pain- she'd woken to this heaven, knowing everything and nothing had changed. riverclan went on as it's namesake, flowing gently through the rapids of it's history, always smooth. doestar joined them in the stars and nightstar took over, and ravenpool watched with pride at the dark molly, marveling at the strong woman, knowing her clan was safe.

    nightstar had chosen to leave her power, to sink back to the soft comforts of retirement. she deserved it, after all she'd done for the clan, for her friends and family. and now another strong woman was to take her place, one who deserved it as much as the ebony goddess had. this striped queen stepped forward now, and the starry female watched from beside her new clanmates as the kitten stepped to greet her, giving the molly her first life. twistedstar's leadership would be a dangerous and tough one, twisted like the name of the woman who would guide her clan. yet ravenpool had faith in her old comrade.

    stepping forth after nightstar's child, the dark molly dipped her head to riverclan's new leader, stars glinting like cold fire among her midnight fur. "twistedtail. twistedstar. you have come so far since the days i dwelt in riverclan with you. i am as proud of you as any cat would be for one of their clanmates. you deserve this and more, and you will make a wonderful leader for your clan. with this life, i give you persistence. sometimes the days may drag on, sometimes it will feel like the darkness will never end. with this gift, i hope you use it to see that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. push forth through this uncertain time, for when you arrive at the end, your clanmates will still be with you, and we will still be watching from above. remain firm in your beliefs and strong in your action, and your days will be blessed." with a soft smile, ravenpool moved forward, touching her nose to the tabby's. as the power of the life flowed through her, she knew this leadership would be a strong one. stepping back and blinking once more to the woman, she'd take her place amongst her starry kin.

  • Venompaw hated to say that he, similarly to Thistlekit alongside him had lived a pitifully short life. But then again it felt like most members of Starclan had lived sadly short lives. He hadn't been around to witness a lot but he could remember Twistedtail well. She had always seemed like a sensible woman to him, not that his brash self would ever admit it. But he had to say that he was glad she was finally becoming leader. Glancing sideways over at Thistlekit and Ravenpool he listened with his oversized chocolate smoky ears as they blabbered on about what lives they'd be giving her. Funny that such an angry cuss like himself would be one of the few to offer up a life to a new leader. If only Willowpaw could see him now. It certainly left a smug sense of superiority in his gut as he glanced over towards the tabby deputy, now leader.

    "Hey, it's you. Finally leader, huh? Good job," he began as he bit the inside of his cheek wondering what to say. He had never been a particularly wise or intelligent fellow but he had a lot of heart, not that he really ever showed it. After a pregnant silence he spoke up again with a nod, "I'm gonna give you the life of courage, fancy, huh? I don't actually know if you even remember my name but here I am to give you this life that you may always be a brave and courageous leader that faces your enemies even when you're drowning with fear or pain or grief. Just keep Riverclan safe, kay?" He chuckled leaning forward on his tree trunk like legs and pushed his nose gently into the tabby leader's own allowing the new life to flood her veins like an ichor that may keep her alive when she needed it most.

    Taking a few steps back he stopped beside his fellow Starclanners and allowed a hint of a smile to cross his dark lips as he nodded his head towards Twistedtail, or was it already Twistedstar now? Either way, he was glad to see a fresh younger face as the leader now and that there may be a new time upon Riverclan. He just hoped that he was allowed to keep an eye on them from his place in Starclan.


    The silver tabby was next to approach, the faint stars lining her pelt twinkling ever-so-slightly as she moved to stand in front of Twistedtail, a small smile on her face. "Guess I'm next, huh?" She chirped, her green eyes twinkling a bit. "I'm Riverpaw, Beewing's sister. Probably don't remember me, but I do remember you, when you were a senior warrior. It's nice to see you'll be next to lead the clan!" She mewed.

    Her life, was a trait that she herself had never possessed during her lifetime, and one of her biggest regrets since then. She had pushed everybody away instead of allowing them to say their piece, to try and explain, and the starry apprentice never wanted to see another soul follow that path again.

    "For my life, I'll give you a life of understanding. While you might not agree with something, at least try and hear the other person out before making a decision, promise? That was something I didn't do, and it's one of my biggest regrets. I don't want it to be yours." She got on the tips of her paws, to press her nose against the older molly's, Riverpaw's eyes holding a hint of sadness within them.

    Afterwards, she would step back, the smile on her face again. "I know you can't say anything about the ceremony and all, so please just watch over Beewing in my place? I don't wanna see him up here anytime soon."

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  • the next cat to step forward would be a small apprentice with a milky white coat, sprinkled with stars similarly to how the snow coated his pelt the night he died. had it been so long since he made his journey to starclan? it must've been -- after all, he'd bore witness to the death of a reign and the birth of another. eyes ablaze with the eternal fire that came with life after death, his amber gaze rested on the scarred tabby before him. a fondness for her cooled his eyes and softened his feature. "i hope i didn't worry you too much," the young tom meowed gently, the hint of an apology flickering briefly in his gaze. it was a shame, really, to be stood in front of his old mentor, giving her a life. he only wished it could have been the other way around.

    it was his own fault after all. a simple miscalculation, an accident, a cold death. asterpaw's gaze settled on the new leader, already shining brighter with the new lives residing within her. "i give you the life of candidness. when your clan looks to you, they expect the truth, and it is your duty to deliver to them. through honestly will you establish trust. without it, a clan cannot stand, and you are left with nothing to lead." the seriousness faded from his gaze, and softly he continued, "more importantly, i give you this life for you to be candid with yourself -- about your gut feelings, your morality, your weaknesses." a rare smile formed on the apprentice's maw as he reached up to touch noses with the new leader. it reminded him of when he was apprenticed to her. as he stepped back, he offered final words of parting, "good luck, twistedstar, and thank you." 

  • True, he didn't know this new leader other than their name, but that was all right. He may have lived through Cougarstar and when Doestar was first appointed long ago, he wasn't afraid of the new leader. They were interesting nevertheless, especially their name! Unlike all the others here who knew Twistedtail, neither he or her knew each other. Still, no one said he couldn't give her a life. His brother wasn't here to berate him. Yes, his brother. The one he loved till the very end. Rainwatcher was his name, sadly he hadn't seen them in StarClan. Did I do something wrong? I'm sorry if I made you upset. I just wanted to bring back something to make you smile. Just like you used to. It was a shame he couldn't apologize to them in the flesh or offer them any form of comfort. If he had any regrets it was not being able to say goodbye to his older brother before he left this world.

    How he had died? Well he had been venturing outside of clan territory during leaf bare. Some where far far away, when he had met someone who offered him the thing that would make his brother happy. He fulfilled the tasks the stranger had given him in the middle of the forest somewhere. He didn't know where he was, but he was content with it all. The winter wonderland that surrounded him and the sun that set over the horizon. The further he went the less prey there was, but the mysterious figure and forest called out to him. He wanted to share all he came across with his clanmates when he got back, but sadly... He never did. The stranger who helped him attacked him, leaving him to bleed out in the snow. Cold, starving, and exhausted. The last thing he saw was a pretty blue bird like no other before StarClan claimed him. His empty shell resting against a stump, slowly becoming covered by snow.

    Breaking the seriousness of this tradition, he rushed towards the new soon to be leader. Laughing all the while as he began circling her. "Hiya! Hehehe Twistedtail right?" Making his way to her tail he pouted, "Doesn't look twisted to me. Awww man. It would've been so COOL! The entire tail curled up in a swirl." Although the pout soon turned into a cheeky grin, "I'm just kidding." With that he made his way in front of the warrior. "You don't know me, and that's okay! I don't know any of these other cats here! Hehe, I'm Mistpaw! I was around when CougarStar was leader and when DoeStar was made leader. Hehehe, so I'm WAYYYYYY OLDER THAN YOU."

    Too bad the new leader couldn't respond to him during the ceremony. And here he thought he would get to know a new friend! Sadly, his time on RiverClan had ended. "I'm giving you the COOL life of curiosity! Don't be afraid to try new things, even if it's gonna cost you! Just because you're leader doesn't mean you have to do the same old, you never know, you could find something awesome that helps the clan. Never stop trying or looking at the unexpected angel of things, kay?" With a smile he reached up to touch noses with the new leader. Allowing the new life to flood within her. Hopefully, she could endure all the pain he had gone through before he passed. He didn't mean to make her feel any pain, but that's just what happened during ceremonies like these.

    Once the act was done, he dipped his head in respect before taking his place next to many unknown Riverclanners. I hope I made you proud Rainwatcher. I only wanted you to be happy before everything became a mess. Wherever you are, I still love you. When we meet again... Let's play like we used to.


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  • ✦ ✧ ✦ The next cat to step forward was a brown and white tom, his pelt glittering with faintest glow of starlight. Unlike most of those gathered, Frogleap was not from RiverClan, though in the last moons of his life head had found himself frequenting the clan more often due to his liaisons with Bluefrost, and confrontation with Rootlegs. It was fair to say the last moons of his life had not been the easiest or the happiest, and though is death had been slow and painful, he had found a peace in StarClan that had eluded him for almost a year.

    As Mistpaw stepped away, Frogleap came forward to give his life. Stopping in front of the soon to be new leader, his blue eyes studied her carefully. Frogleap had never spoken to Twistedtail when he had been alive, but he could recall her from past gatherings. She had always seemed like a sensible she-cat, willing to do what was necessary to protect her clan. There was no doubt in the tom's mind that she would make a fine leader.

    "Welcome to StarClan, Twistedtail," He mewed, dipping his head in greeting. "Unlike most of the cats here I was not from RiverClan, instead hailing from WindClan. I will spare you the details of my life, but I am pleased to see you standing here, I always thought you'd make a fine leader one day." Frogleap would cough before continuing. "I am giving you the life of hope. Use it wisely in guiding your clan," Frogleap said, giving her a small nod. "Remember that no matter how hard things seem, never lose your hope that things will get better."

    The tabby tom would step forward, pressing his nose against Twistedtail, a sad look in his eyes as he did so. When he had done his duty, he simply bowed his head once more, and slipped back into the ranks of StarClan cats.




  • In her life, she had been nothing but a skinny grey cat with patches of fur missing. Now, in Starclan, she was finally healthy looking. Padding forward with confidence she never had before. She didn’t expect them to remember her but she was happy to see a familiar face. "Hi Twistedtail. I am Tatteredgaze, you might not remember me. But you were a fine deputy and I expect you’ll make a fine leader as well." the young molly spoke. Looking over the feline before her with nothing but trust in her eyes. ”I want to gift you the life of acceptance. So that, no matter the end, you may continue forward.” she then leaned forward to touch her nose to their head. Then she would move back to stand with the other ghosts.

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  • One of the last to speak up, Kestrelsong lay her striking emerald gaze on the familiar face of the brown tabby. Although a part of her was glad she could give a life to her friend, she wished she was still with her to offer guidance and a clear head when necessary. It pained her so much to see her friends and family living their lives in confusion and pain. She tried to be a presence when she could, to offer an invisible and comforting starry touch, but those moments were brief and hardly helpful when she was claimed by the stars.

    When it was her turn, Kes took a deep breath and dipped her head towards the new leader. The stars moved along as a part of her being now, and she always marveled at them. "Twistedstar," she murmured, the sweetness still very much present in her sing-song voice, "It has a nice ring to it, doesn't it old friend?" What she wouldn't give to reach out and wrap her paws around the other she-cat. Fur-to-fur contact with the tabby. When Kes died, her relationship with Twisted was strained. Her heart broke every time she thought about the friendships and trust that were broken - and she was called to StarClan before she even had a chance to explain herself.

    This was not the time, though. This was a ceremony for Twisted. It was something Kestrelsong had looked forward to so much. Nightstar was a good, solid leader, and Twistedtail would be too. "You deserve this. I am more proud of you than you will ever know. I give you the life of forgiveness. Rise above the hurt and the wrongdoings, and search deep within your heart for forgiveness. Others are struggling and may need your help. Find it within your heart to accept apologies, mend relationships, and build trust again." It was a special life to give and she hoped that with it, Twistedstar would be able to one day forgive her.

    Placing one starry paw in front of the other, Kestrelsong touched her nose to the new leaders and a rumbling purr rose in her throat. "Congratulations, Twistedstar." When she pulled away, she let her eyes connect with the she-cat's. They were encouraging, motherly, hopeful.



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