• Fuck. The 'bad' word was preached like a mantra in his skull over and over again as he tired to wrap his mind around what he was supposed to do here. Frankly when he had joined he hadn't actually wanted to go through the whole meet and greet. They just seemed boring and lack a real social interaction. Others just coming up and asking you your name and what was your favorite color and dumb shit like that. It was boring and he swallowed thickly before sighing. He hated being put on the spot but the hellraiser as new as he was didn't think he would have a chance to actively be in the spotlight again unless he was forced and he supposed this was just going to be one of those times that he would have to grin and get through it. Coming out of room 17, he dragged a large bag with him and was careful that it didn't snag on anything. Once in the lobby of the prison he dropped it and pulled out items, food in particular that he had collected just for this occasion and a bit of the bubbly. That was right champagne for the classy fucks that they were. Setting this up was going to be easy but he had no real idea what the hell he was going to say about himself. Ugh. "Hey Exilers! Come over to the lobby, I'm hosting a meet and greet for everyone and you can either say something about yourself or look the other way and get drunk or whatever. Can you even get drunk on champagne?" He allowed his paw to pull a glass to himself, eyeing the bubbling drink before he shrugged his shoulders. From there he gave a low sigh before shaking his head a little. Alright, here went the part that he didn't actually want to do. "Keeping it simple, name's Barghest. Been around for a long ass time but I decided to actually join a group for the first time in my life. Have to say mildly disappointed but I'm hoping that things will get spicy soon. It's whatever you know. Um...I'm a sucker for something sweet, and I hate thunderstorms. If you want to come to my room and chill the doors open just leave your problems at the door. I ain't about that sappy shit." And that was about it as far as he was concerned.

    -- hi! so my name is valkyrie or invalid if you want to know my other account. umm, i've been on FF for a very long time and have led many groups along the way. i have had a lot of characters and some are retired while others i keep bring back to life because i love them way too much to let them go. i try my best to be active but i have a job and other responsibilities now but if you ever want to plot with barghest just shoot me a message on his account and we can definitely chat it out. i'm heavily interested in music, but i love to read and write and i typically find myself watching a lot of youtube. i'm always open to chat and i already enjoy the exiles and i hope that bargh is a good fit here!

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  • cordy had to say there wasn't much about her that was extremely interesting, nor was there much about her that she wanted to share. but she would show up nonetheless to the event seeing as she was rather bored. glancing over at barghest she listened with silent, mild interest as he blabbered on about himself. she personally was no fan of alcohol as she saw it as a way for the weak to drown out their sorrows with a rancid tasting liquid but she would by no means voice these thoughts out of "fear"' of making someone a little bit too angry for their own good.

    "i'm cordelia, that is all," there wasn't much to say. she was a boring woman with a boring life. after vanishing into what was practically thin air for five years she was back with nothing to show for it.

    // yooo, i'm zeis, I've been on FF since like 2011 when it was called WCRPG but I took a three year hiatus before coming back in like late 2013 or early 2014 and then I left again in 2017 and came back just last November. There's not much to tell, I never had any really amazing or known characters but I did rp with some really well known people. I don't really have any hobbies other than eating cheese and ice while looking a bit like a rat but if you ever want to plot or just chat hmu and I'd be happy to talk c:

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  • "Look me in the eyes, tell me what you see"

    -- This was interesting, Broken approached, clearing her throat. I'm Brokenrecord, I was born here when Rick Grimes started leading, I left for about a year... but I'm back. She said, taking a seat.

    //Hi! I'm Wolftantic Rose, I've been on here since 2016, I started roleplaying in the Exiles with my first charrie, Moonfang,but Brokenrecord was my first character to be born in the Exiles and I've always had her stay here. I left for about a year, but I'm back now and I really missed FF lol




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    "Don't know, but we can try," Damion drawled as he approached. Shit, where did Barghest rustle up some of this good stuff from? Champagne here? He would quietly listen to Barghest's intro, noting down that the canine wanted something 'spicy.' Huh, he would be delivering on that, soon enough. The cave lion's tail flicked as his attention went to Cordelia, with her curt reply, and then to Brokenrecord. Was it his turn now?

    "Alright, I'm Damion Lannister," he began. "Outside of my official duties as your Warden, I'm a part-time bard." At least, he like to think he was. What else could he say? "I enjoy walks around the canyon. Very scenic."

    // hello! I'm Pax! I've been on the site for quite a bit and I've been with this iteration of the Exiles since November-ish. I enjoy doing art, playing video games, and reading (mostly fantasy, non-fiction, history).

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  • you see a gathering beginning to form and mull over your choices here. you could go over, join the crowd (which happens to include your mother and damion) or you could walk away from the effort of socializing. you're not feeling particularly anti-social today, so you trot over fairly happily. you brush up against your mother in greeting - nothing over to top, and you don't stay next to her in the end. no, ultimately you ponder for a moment before moving over to stand beside damion, giving him a small smile as you settle. "cyrus cipher-disharmony. born and raised here, and as of yet no intentions to skip town for somewhere else," you start, flicking your ears slightly while you speak. "uhh.. seen quite a few leaders in my time, but i was born while circusclown was in charge. outside of that, im pretty passionate about family, i guess," you try to keep it fairly short, most of the more interesting stuff about you is a heavier topic load and generally saved for people more intimately involved in your life anyways.

    [hi!! for those of you who don't know me, im astro/cyrus (yes i stole my name from the cat yes you're allowed to make fun of me for it) and i used to go by timm but someone else is using that name now :0 i've been on the site across a few accounts since 2012 and been in the exiles off and on with cy since 2016! outside of ff i write + perform my own music, do art (which many of you have seen from my free art thread - i'll be getting a new one of those up soon probably), and am an admin on a minecraft server because im cool]



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  • It'd been quite some time since the male had attended a mass meet and greet, in fact the last one he joined in with was his own, he was pretty sure. Even if he wasn't always the most talkative fellow with the most informative things to say, the Saboteur didn't see any harm in introducing himself to all those newcomers he'd missed in the baby-boom. The storks on Agrelos must've been awfully busy recently. Slowly approaching, Cody would offer a small smirk to those already present, sitting down as he began to talk. "Name's Cody Wilson, son of two guys who don't like this place. I was born in the Blackheart Rogues, but I lived in Shadow Veil during my apprenticeship... glad I bailed on that shitshow. I don't really have much interesting I can say, other than I've been rocking three legs since I was born and I kinda like to train. Sorry if you get clonked over the head with my new limb,".

    / hey there, i'm vexxy, a long time rper on the site! i've been around since 2012 but i took a long-term break last year due to some things. i normally have a few characters at a time who normally get played for 1-2 years and whilst i've only been active with cody for a couple of months now, my record for a long-term character is 5 years (he's still going xD). outside of roleplaying i don't have much of a life, i'm just an avid 19 year old video game player who's waiting to do history in university this september and spend most of my days being a bootleg cinderella in my house. ya'll ever want to chat just let me know, i'm terrible at reading social cues but i like to think i'm chilled out xD