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  • leader(s);; ____ general

    deputies;; ____ major

    assistant deputies;; ____ captain

    medic;; ??

    medic apprentice;; ??

    shp;; ____ specialist

    shp;; ____ sergeant

    shp;; ____ corporal

    stepping stone;; ____ private

    members/lowlanders;; lowlanders

    children;; ??

    elders;; ??

    prisoners;; prisoners

    guild #1: guild name

    — this guild has a main focus on the more physical aspect of the clan’s everyday life. they are the members who are dedicated to starting raids, leaving corpses on clan borders, and many other aspects that would fall within this ranking. these are usually the more aggressive and bloodthirsty members of the group, and will stop at nothing to satisfy their thirst for blood.

    - guild head: tbd, penned by tbd

    - guild members: tbd, penned by tbd

    guild #2: guild name

    — this is the slightly more peaceful side of the clan, dedicated to recruiting members in other clans, as well as acting as the welcoming comity towards the new members of the clan who have proven themselves to be trustworthy. these members however, will still be willing to impose violence on those they are attempting to recruit should they deem it to be necessary.

    - guild head: tbd, penned by tbd

    - guild members: tbd, penned by tbd

    guild #3: guild name

    — this guild is dedicated to all members of the clan (peaceful or otherwise) who have the desire to learn about or teach the art of medicine. these members are most often the most peaceful members of the clan who do not wish to partake in violence, but would like to contribute to the clan in some other manner. most often, these members are the acting healers of the clan, or those simply with an interest in medicine. it is rare that violent mannered members choose this as their main guild.

    - guild head: tbd, penned by tbd

    - guild members: tbd, penned by tbd

    title name: awarded to the most bloodthirsty members of the clan. these members actively participate in raids and battles, as well as impose their own threats upon other clans.

    title name: awarded to the members of the clan who take an active role in medicine, as well as teaching their clan mates about their knowledge as well.

    title name: info

    The Lowlander’s Handbook to Success: How to be a Successful Member of the Order

    CAPTURES: Any member of the Order who captures an enemy must make it a public event upon their return. This includes showing off their prize, as well as describing how they captured the new prisoner. The actual manner of capturing can be done in any way, as long as the enemy is not majorly harmed right away. Some members will often capture their victim in a game of cat and mouse, fancying the chase, while others will go right for their victim without wasting time.

    TORTURING: When it comes to torturing captured prisoners, each member will react differently. Everyone will take a different approach based upon their own views and morals. While some may feel that any means of torture is needed, others may shy away at some of these other potential options. Just remember that the Order has no say in what’s right or wrong on these terms, but should any of this be inflicted on a non exiled clanmate, the same punishment shall be inflicted upon you.

    WELCOMING MEMBERS: When welcoming new members into the clan, you may act as you please towards them, however it should be noted that until they’ve proven themselves as trustworthy, they should not be treated with full respect.

    (ooc note: please do however, be very welcoming and inclusive occ wise!! we want these new members to stick around and will not tolerate occ rudeness/drama!!)

    Welcome to the Order, an anticlan set on acting on our own thirst for blood and power. Are you too one who has a thirst for blood, the desire to feel powerful as you overtake your enemies? You've come to the right place then, should this sound like you. We're pleased to have you within our rankings should you decided to join us.