Beep Beep // Weekly Tasks 5/11

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  • Ver would pad as per usual to one of the larger rooms before letting out a howl to garner attention, she was used to hosting these by now. They were simple and came easy to her, she had a bit to much experience with them now between her many clans yet there was always a kind of childish excitement that glimmered within her whenever she was allowed to here. She guessed it was all in due part to the fact the Rogues were her home, her first found family and the one who'd introduced her to this world and taught her so much in such a short period of time. Her entire body and soul was indebted to them.

    ”Rogues! Get over here if you want a weekly task!” she'd bark loudly.


  • "I'll take one!" said Narcissus in a track.





  • She was more than happy to see her apprentice around again, it’d felt like eons since she’d seen him though it was likely only a week. Time seemed to be going so fast, escaping her as things moved and moved without and sign of stopping. The Rogues were the closest thing to a rock she had. She’d smile softly towards him before woofing ”I’d like for you to head pass the pines and hold a stargazing session” seeing the stars above them within the desert was without a doubt the best part of living in somewhere so open.


  • Lampetia -----

    Here is the place where I love you.

    " too!" squeaked thin air a second before Lamb materialized out of nowhere. The girl smiled up at Ver, one of the few people she didn't enitely feel like fainting around. The girl glanced around, a bit sad that not many others had come. Swollowing thickly, she pushed herself to stand up straight, square her shoulders and puff out a confident (though notably still shaky), "I-I can take TWO tasks!" If no one else would come, then Lamb would do enough tasks for everyone!

    If uh - if Ver didn't mind giving them to her...


  • As she approached, an amused smile would blossom upon her lips at Lampetia's enthusiasm. When asked why she loved children so much, this was one of the reasons -- this innocent, 'give-it-110-%-!' attitude. There was so much joy encapsulated within one tiny being, it was hard to simply stand here without being infected with it.

    "I'll take two as well," Saoirse stated as she came to a halt beside Lamb and gave the other a friendly nudge, "Just to make things interesting."

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  • ”Two taks huh? Color me impressed Lampy you're make no stops at all all” she chuckles warmly, one paw reaching out to try to ruffle the kits fur gently on her head in a sort of affectionate noogie. ”I'd like for you to hold a little power seminar for everybody. Get everyone to show off their powers no matter how big or small” possibly it'd give her a chance to really show what she was capable of. Invisibility was a wonderful power, one she admired greatly. ”Also why not do a little arts and craft session. Make some toys or draw something whatever you feel like” she couldn't give her anything to hard so these two tasks seemed to fit the bill perfectly. Both being things the little kitten looked capable of completing. Not that she had any doubts.

    Than came the girl she wasn't entirely keen on just yet, her first impression wasn't the best but neither was most of hers. It was possible she'd been in a bad mood when she joined but Ver couldn't help but doubt that as harsh as that sounded. She'd nod at her faintly before woofing ”Why not hold a bird watching session.. I'm guessing you know plenty about them” her muzzle would lift to gesture towards the bird perching on her shoulder.

    Saoirse was next, a common sight but one she was glad to see. She too took the challenge on and she could appreciate the effort greatly ”Why not give us all a swimming lesson. You're a fine swimmer and I've been meaning to pick up some new tricks” she wouldn't be able to replicate her grace for sure but she could still try. ”Also why not give everyone a Rogue-styled history lesson. You've ben here a long time Sao and i'm sure the newbies would love to hear some stories” they weren't that far apart in age but Saoirse definitely had more maturity and understood more of the workings of being a leader as opposed to her who was still a fledgling.

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  • Lampetia -----

    Here is the place where I love you.

    The fear of the responsibility she had just dropped on her own shoulders were immediately dashed as Ver smiled at her. Puffing up into a ivory ball of joy, she felt her throat tighten with emotion. Already about to cry again, she nodded vigorously, her smile wide and more eager than ever. She'd do anything to make Ver proud! Despite the required social aspect of her two tasks, Lamb was on a roll and would not be brought down. "I-I'm on it!" she practically sobbed, but quickly she dashed away her tears and spun around to leap away, eager to begin her tasks right away and earn herself another compliment from Ver. With every step, a wild bouquet bloomed - white hollyhock, bouvardia flowers, and lavender trailed behind her like breadcrumbs, leaving a wonderful flush of flowery scent into the air.


  • Ver would watch with a soft amused gaze as the girl ran off so enthusiastically to do her task. She would’ve called out to tell her to slow down but she didn’t want to ruin it for the girl. She seemed so dedicated (as tearfully as she was) to do her task and she wasn’t going to punish her for her dedication. Not at all.

    She hadn’t noticed Magi arrive till the other shepherd spoke. She’d turn her gaze towards him ”I’d like for you to give a history lesson about something. Rather it be a general one or something about one of your former clans” it could be said that she was prying but in all honesty she just thought it’d be an interesting task.