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  • He was tasked with finding things to decorate the camp, so naturally, Veil spent a whole day out of camp all by himself. It was nice to have a fresh breath of air, with alone time to contemplate anything that came into mind if need be. He hadn't thought about much other than death. No, he didn't want to die, but at the same time, he had almost no one else in the world left for him. If it wasn't the ToEH's will for him to die, then he would have to keep on living. He had to live a full life, partially for Panther, Dust, and Flicker, all of whom were fairly young at death. He had to live a full life for Duskheart, a life taken far too soon; right after their lives seemed to be perfect. He had to continue his mother's legacy on being a stoic pillar for the Tribe to rest upon.

    But this task of decorating was supposed to put his mind away from all that. He had gradually brought home a few river stones and a few colorful feathers and flowers he found out in the territory. "Tribe, I have brought home some materials for decorating the camp. It'll brighten up the mood in preparation for summer. Anyone is free to join me." He announced, trying to keep his tone as lighthearted and cheery as possible, but it just wasn't in his blood to be a bucket of sunshine.

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  • QFSVbbe.gif The cave was very dull sometimes. With no plants growing within the walls and everything was pretty much the same color. Frog made her way over to look at all the materials. Wondering how some of the other cats would go along to decorate it. "Wow this is amazing!" she thanked the other feline. Her eyes continued looking over the material, trying to pick something else out to use first.

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  • Ember materializes next to Veil, and gives him a gentle, friendly shoulder check, adding teasingly, "Well isn't this a bit too sweet for your family bloodline."

    Though maybe that means he's beginning to feel better. She worried about her closest friend, especially after Panther died. It as just so much loss for one cat to handle.

    "So. Where should we start?"

  • Bumble would silently pad over, as he had offered Veil assistance in decorating the camp if needed. He was rather eager to see what exactly the place would look like when they were done decorating, hopefully more homey... And well hopefully less depressing because sometimes a large dark cave with nothing but black and gray can be. "Yeah, let me know where you want assistance. I'm willing to help out with anything." He meows as he sits down, he was out of ideas of what to do himself...

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