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    — swanfeather, swanpaw, swankit

    cis male, masculine, he/him

    pansexual + polyamorous | no preference

    — 25 moons, ages double on the 14th

    created april 14th 2019

    traditional riverclan | warrior


    — dark gray, longhaired maine coon mix with a white mask.

    his chest and underbelly are a lighter shade, and white hairs are scattered throughout his pelt.

    bright gold eyes

    — smells like sandalwood and apple blossoms

    detailed description:

    — swanfeather has a heavy-set, powerful build. his dark fur is long and layered, glinting with hints of silver and deeper blue. he is tall and broad-chested, suggesting an aura of dominance that is undercut by his more gentle personality. faint tabby marking score his face and legs. he walks gracefully, but often with an air of unconfidence that betrays his inner insecurities. his eyes are warm honey, swirling with dark copper and flecks of white light. his left ear has a large, triangular nick given by an eagle, and his shoulder is scored with faded scars from a fox attack. his left shoulder still occasionally seizes from the muscle damage he endured during the fight. despite his intimidating appearance, his inexperience in battle and large frame makes his fighting style a clumsy one, more reliant on brute strength than clever tactics.


    swan is laid-back, relaxed, and humorous. his main concern in life is to have a good time, which pairs well with his natural extroversion and friendliness. however, his pursuit of short-term enjoyments can leave him hurting in the long run; he often shirks responsibility and is quite forgetful, although not maliciously so. more responsible cats may view him as immature. he feels a general loyalty towards riverclan, but feels more connection to the land and cats than the entity of the clan itself.

    he is very non-judgemental, and his trust and friendship are easy to obtain; this also means he is quite gullible. swan isn't unintelligent, but lacks focus, often speaking without thinking and appearing empty-headed. he is impulsive and reckless, as he rarely considers the consequences of his words or actions beforehand.

    he can seem lazy and hedonistic, spending as much time as he can eating, sleeping, and goofing around. he enjoys both telling and hearing stories, and seems to have his head in the clouds. his adaptable attitude can easily slip into complacency.

    despite his casual nature, swan struggles with deeper emotional connections. he is often afraid to be serious and may try to maintain an inappropriate cheerfulness when others are upset. he finds great difficulty in expressing his emotions, and fears commitment of any kind.


    family: swanfeather was born to riverclan parents. his father left the clan after falling in love with a rogue, and his heartbroken mother died the next leaf-bare to an outbreak of greencough. he was raised jointly among the nursery queens, but failed to form a meaningful parental relationship with any of them.

    mentor: n/a

    romantic relationships/mates: n/a

    close friends: n/a

    friends: n/a

    enemies: n/a

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    25 moons | riverclan warrior | played by midsummer

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