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  • Well Lavendercrown had a bit of a suprise to share with The Sancuary hadn't he?. A rather big one on top of that. This time Lavendercrown did not come flying in to greet his clanmates like he usual would do. Instead what the meet was a beautiful ivory white lupurca how smelled like lavenders just like how Lavi usual did. Aside from this still had this liliac colored orbs that could give some sort of sign that this lupurca was indeed thier beloved Honor, but not only that he was a female too. A soft hum would escape that of elegent mouth of his with a such pleasant tone until he arrived into camp. He noticed some stared at him with suspection but that was something the prince decided to handle rather smoothly and swiftly to lay down on this confusion. " Oh ,don't worry my dears it's me Lavendercrown back from Solaris kingdom as well to bring some wonderful news." he smiled afterwards and after noticing some relaxing a bit as they come to term with that this indeed was thier most beloved Honor the prince decided to contunie on. " With Val's blessing i and Fourthwall decided for some weeks ago to have a allience litter together to strenght the bonds between Solaris kingdom and The Sanctuary. I have keept all of this a secret until now because i wanted to make sure it actually would work. Now i have and happily wanna share this delightful news that i have pups growing inside of me. "

    This was excellent news since it meant his plan would work exactly as he had planned for it to be. This litter where very much importand for the future he was planning for himself. This litter would be seen as a such generous blessing to The sanctuarty and the Solaris kingdom. Giving both clans children over the summer to raise and how would grown up to become useful members for the society. It was perfect, strenghtening his own reputation to be seen like someone how did something good after all both clans needed more members after this harsh winter, The Sancuary especially. That was all he saw from this litter. He had no attachment of even much as caring for the lives growing inside of him, no not at all. They where simple tools to use for a bigger goal in mind. Of course, the fact he had to carry them and get fat and even give birth to them had not been something he had planned at first...Fourthwall did not had possession though so had agreed to this sacrifice for a better cause in the future. It didn't meant he looked forward to it though knowgoing to be stuck in this body until he could give birth to this pups which meant no more flights or him having to leave his beautiful body behind for the time being.... or even worse how fat he was going to become. Probably the most awful thing he had to suffer through. This pups better be worth it...

    At least he was going to take this very seriously. He had gather as much information he could to proper for a healthy and succeedful birth. He wouldn't allowed this to be a failure not again now when he was carrying this well deserved prize was going to make sure he did this right and when Nathaniel decided on something he never failed. Success was the only thing he ever would accept. This litter would be the key to everything.

    // sooo i had to skip ahead a bit since fourthwall roleplayer have unfortunately got perma banned but this was a plot we discussed beforehand and this litter is a very importand for Lavi's future development, also SURVIVALINSTINCT. since i had a bit of rush in this since solaris kingdom will get a new leader tomorrow had to move ahead from that thread i tagged Val in there Lavi was going to ask permission for this litters, so i hope it was okay i assumed Val was okay with this litter <33

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  • ❝ DO I DARE ❞

    The foreign, canine voice that rung out was enough to draw Vivienne away from her book, however slowly. She terribly misses her library back in the Serein Copse and has often wondered how it is fairing. Has her old room been raided for forms of life? Perhaps they've stolen the many volumes she had acquired and simply burnt them in some hedonistic and wasteful celebration of their own cruelty. Both images bring great pain to her heart. Those books had been her dearest friends and she would so love to see them again. Vivienne knows that her future is nearing a close; there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and it is that of an old friend. What she should cherish is her past.

    Presently, the female gentle closes her book and runs a paw across it's hard face with a loving tenderness. Vivienne can think of no reason to disbelieve this lupurca in their claims of being Lavendercrown - by extension, she can scarcely place the name in her mind. Is this one that she has learnt and forgotten, or simply never learnt? It is of no matter. She decides to do her best to remember the name, especially since it shall soon carry many others with it.

    "My congratulations, Lavendercrown. By chance, do you know when you are due? Canine gestation escapes me, I am afraid," her gentle tone is matched by a soft smile as she approaches, not able to comprehend the weight of such a state of being. Bearing children had never occurred to her. Vivienne has never had the urge to continue her bloodline, nor to foster a deeper love with another creature by creating children. Though, the thought of seeing bright, young minds wandering the meadows makes her smile. These pups can be only good.



    i have heard the mermaids singing each to each

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  • Children. What an odd concept that was to her.

    Andraste would have no children. Not out of choice, although if she were honest she would never give her up her sword, station and reputation to become a mother when she was still mortal. But now, as a vampire, Andraste was barren, unable to ever have children. Turning children was considered to be unethical - no one would wish to be a child forever - so there was no way that Andraste would ever be a mother. It did little to phase her, but perhaps one day it would when she met someone who made her cold heart skip beats.

    As such, she's unsure of how to even react. Children had between groups to strength bonds and ties were not unheard of Andraste - but it was usually cemented with marriages before children and from what she could gleam, that was not the case. That was probably not the custom here, but she forces herself not to judge as much as she can. It's not her place, she's simply to learn what the mortal world is like nowadays.

    "Congratulations upon your conception - I wish that your children may be hale and healthy."



  • Showstopper probably had some children somewhere in Agrelos that he wasn't aware of. When you're around for so long, you tend to just get busy and then forget about it. But he wasn't sure if he'd ever have a litter with someone with such a bad rap as Fourthwall. Most of what the man had heard was simply rumor, in passing, and none of it was ever confirmed to him as secure fact. But whatever it was, it was displeasing, from what he had learned. He wasn't sure how anyone would be interested in doing that with such a man. But he supposed he shouldn't judge. An alliance litter was an alliance litter, he supposed. "Well, congratulations," he said with a dip of his head. "Do you know which Clan the children will be living in? If they'll be here, I'll be happy to help care for them while I'm needed." Did the Sanctuary have a medic, even? Or was he all they had?





  • Just like Solaris kingdom The Sanctuary was giving him thier blessings as well for this litter. That pleased him not like he had suspected any other reaction then this one. What he had done was for the better of both clans future so there was no real reason why they wouldn't agree to this litter especially when it would strenghten bonds between two clans. Lavendercrown would smile warmly at all of them before his gaze landed on Vivienne, a face he didn't saw much around here because there was no way he would acknowledge the thought of perhaps it was him how not was around enough to get more familliar with this one. " Oh thank you hun, i'm very happy to know this litter will be welcomed here." he smoothly played with his own words, looking to have some sort of affection for this lives growing inside of him although so was not the case. " If my guess is correct i will give birth around six weeks from now on. However i plan to visit a doctor to get a more direct date as well to make sure the children is growing like they should." He did not think The Sanctuary had a doctor here though, and recently thier medic in Solaris kingdom had vanished as well... Perhaps he should check with The Thunderlands?. He had heared they had some couple experienced members there with medicial experience.

    Hale and healthy. That was something he wished after as well. " I hope so too." even if he not was much concern on that matter believing him knew enough to know how give a healthy litter. Showstopper asked a very importand question though, one he actually had been waiting for someone to ask. Where would this litter go?, which clan would they belong to?. " They are going to live here with me until they grow old enough and then we will split them. Half of them will stay here and half of them will go and live with thier father and me." Of course they would be allowed to have duel-memberships if they wanted too and would even arrange to this children would get to meet each other if they wanted too. Lavi then smiled in gratitude over Showstopper's offer. " That would be so generous and sweet of you Showstopper. I would really appreciate the help." Now he had both a babysitter in Solaris kingdom and The sanctuary it seemed like. Perfect. Now he had someone to ditch the children too when he needed a break from them all and give himself some space to breath.

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  • he's pregnant. eyes of burning lilac still into some otherworldly emotion, a thing of past where memories flicker and dance. soft little paws, the mewling cries of creatures so small and hungry, hers, hers. defenseless, so she defended them. unsteady, so she was their rock. new, so she was their teacher. loved, for she was their mother. her children have all grown up, now, haven't they? yes. yes, she thinks so. whatever happened to them? comes half of a thought. she misses them.

    "congratulations, lavendercrown. i'm very happy fer ya." chicagocrimes will murmur on lilting tongue tip as forth she steps toward he, gaze sweeping over the group before her and then returning to him. "if you need help or advice or whatever, ya can come to me. i'm a mother, ya know."


    ◜ . and i burn breathing her in┊ information . ◞