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  • Technicolor was all about earning her keep. Oh, and painting too. But, it became clear to her very fast that she did not really have to earn her stay, everyone just liked her. She also was in a funk with her painting, wanting to do more portraits but only knowing abstract and landscape, so in general people didn't see much of her. The dye she had on her white fur was fading, and she was generally looking like a depressed college kid between classes.

    She was still Technicolor of course, with her constant desire for self-improvement. So she was practicing her color bursts at least, and could make bigger, brighter balls of colors. However, the kit's photosensitive albino eyes didn't appreciate it, so today when she went outside for food-like substance she made a burst of yellow-orange that burned her eyes for a second. "Ow..." she stumbled, before thinking up something cool she could do with this. She put a red blotch on top of a green streak in a rough approximation of a rose.


    And every color in between —— tags.

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    Life is about using the whole box of crayons.