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    Cicada- no Ver hadn't expected her exiles excursion to go as sour as it had, her mission had been simple but had quickly became convoluted as she'd been found out from the very start. She'd been made into someone she wasn't, forced to feel things and be someone she truly wasn't. Cicada was an act, a person she created to serve one purpose to be her mask to allow her entrance into the heart of the enemies territory. Cicada for weeks had been used against her, the form ruined and dismantled only to be lazily put together by her captors who were to dumb to realize that she still had a will and morality that even this husk hung onto. Her brain rattled angrily in it's prison, aching horribly within the cranium of the feline like a beast in an all to small cage. It pierced with pain, her asleep mind racing in two ways one that was aware of what exactly she was and one that put a haze over all one sloppily slapped on by the man dubbed Trash. But like all seels it broke with time, like a string pulled loose to a knot. Ver didn't regain her complete memories with a bang but with a muffled whisper, a repressed gun shut that shock her core suddenly as she was out hunting for the people who'd taken her in when she supposedly had nothing. Her mind would lapse and her teeth would grit as her forms finally connected as the lucidity and falseness of Cicada grinded against each other till they were in harmony erasing one little by little until they both once again became the same. She'd blink, claws unsheathing as she dropped the flimsy lizard she held in her maw, watching as it ran away back into the sands.

    ”What the fuck was the first thing that came from her maw as she took a seat in the middle of the territory trying to comprehend what had happened and what she was even doing out here suddenly alone in the desert in the midst of ruins territory. So this was why her memory had been so spotty, this was why she was supposedly "sleep walking" and waking up in the home she was sure wasn't where she slept in the night before. She thought of the exiles, what they were doing what they'd done to Petra and countless others and how they spoke and parties while they slaughtered and destroyed the innocence of creatures who weren't even born yet. She wanted to throw up, no she wanted to run there right now and rain down the hell they precisely deserved. Her paws would rise to her neck feeling her still sore neck as her paws ran down the scars criss-crossing her neck. She'd wince as they pressed to harshly into the bruising biting back a groan as she tore her paw away.

    Her scars in this form had carried ever so slightly into her other, into the real her and she'd finally remember why. She could still feel the pressure of Vera's paws on her windpipe as Trash dwelled into the innermost crevices of her mind. She felt exposed, torn open only to be lazily patched together. She'd get her revenge with time. She'd promise herself that, she'd also do whatever she could to get the few actually decent creatures she met out of the crossfire. She'd slowly shift back, remembering faintly how to and using that information to meld her body back to normal. Letting out a satisfied grunt as she did, so thankful to be freed from such a pathetic body. The pathetic skin of Cicada, the husk who'd covered her for to long...


    The shepherd would appear in the camp, tail swaying and wings and head lowered to clearly say she wasn't any danger. ”I have a lot to explain” she'd state out loud voice risen to garner attention from any of the familiar members nearby ”I'm Cicada- or well much rather I was. I'm Ver in actuality, I know how convoluted it sounds but there's a lot i need to explain if anyone will hear me out” where the hell could she even start? She was still piecing together events in her mind still, trying her best to make sense of what had happened. How was she possibly going to try and explain something she didn't even comprehend to them? She'd try. She'd try her fucking best, that's what she'd do.


  • Nadine looks up from the paw she was very busily grooming just moments before, her eyes instead training on the sight of a familiar canine. It occurs to her that ambassadors normally just wait at the boarder, like Ver has done in the past, which makes her frown. By the time the serval has gotten herself to her paws, stretched, and prepared to ask 'what the fuck are you going on about, hun?' she has a lot more questions to ask.

    She's Cicada? The Exiles traitor who helped Petra, with the horns - oh. Her face flushes at the horns, both because of how much they'd distracted her and the fact that they'd distracted her from a very important fact. She doesn't know anyone else with horns. Sand shifts under one nervous paw as Nadine struggles to reconcile her own dumbness with herself. A beat drags the silence like a fine cigarette until Nadine can convince herself to approach the stranger-turned-acquaintance.

    "I'm all ears, Ver, but you should still make it a fucking good story." There's nothing harsh underlying her words as she speaks, punctuated by the flick of one specially large ear, but nothing terribly warm either. The idea that Ver might have some knowledge about the Exiles to help them end this stretched out war makes her eyes widening ever so slightly in anticipation. "So, what do you have to say for yourself, young lady?" Oh, that was definitely teasing, her mood flipping with the practice of an acrobat. A smile eases itself onto Nadine's maw as she waits for an answer.


  • Abbi had been nearby as well, doing his best to scrounge together some herbs for Haruka. They weren't easy to find in the desert, as far as he knew, but the border of the Pines were plentiful with a few of them, and who was to say what side they grew on? Plus, allies were allies, and Abbi was adamant on not being a thief. So, he justified it in any way he could. But, that was besides the point. He toyed with the idea of doing his boring task beside Nadine, simply enjoying the older feline's company, when a familiar creature walked into camp.

    "Ver?" his ears tilted to the sides of his head in mild confusion. Even Ver, a woman of three Clans, respected borders when she could. And yet, he she was, practically spouting nonsense that Abbi couldn't quite understand. It took him running the same words over again in his head to properly capture what she was, or rather, who she was. He became upset, however not angry. Just... disappointed. Damn, he felt like a bad parent, all the while not being one.

    The boy approached on slow paws, sitting close to Nadine, as if she was his safety blanket. In the current situation, she was. He trusted Ver a lot, with his mother, his life, his Clan - but it was all too confusing to think of her as Cicada, as an Exiler. It was one of his worst fears coming to fruition, though she seemed to switch sides before he came to play the sick game that was the Exiles. He remained silent, pulling one of his tails over Nadine's for subtle comfort, all the while ignoring the flirtatious reactions she had to Ver and her normal body.

  • It felt horrible to stand here, to completely have no regard for the privacy of her ally. She was meant to represent the Veil to them not waltz in like she owned the place. But that didn’t matter right now even as the embarrassment at everything bubbled in her blood. Her ears would flatten and she’s tempted to curl her tail around one of her legs like some beaten dog but she manages to save face. Puffing out her chest but keeping her head and tail down submissively. Posing no real threat to any of them.

    The first voice is perturbing, it isn’t harsh but it’s still spoken in a way thats firm and that her explanation better back up and compensate for her presence. She blinks at Incarnadine looking the serval over, nodding once to signify she was going to obey. Than the atmosphere was broken with her next comment and Ver feels a metaphorical sigh of relief leave her lungs as she smiles lightly. ”Hah young lady? Didn’t know you were such a mom Incarnadine” she’d woof pleasantly about to go on before another arrives.

    One of her own and one she really hadn’t wanted to see like this, as much as she utterly feared it many children often saw her in a very different light than she did. She wasn’t entirely aware of it but it made her nervous to know that she was expected to act a certain way, to be something she still wasn’t now used to. Loyalty was something she learned, and even now it was being tested all the time between the ties that kept her down in the Clans she swelled in and the distant fall of the wild that always cried for her return. She wants to look away from him to come up with an apology, but she needs to explain to them for once something she went through. She has to Ben completely honest even about her failures and tribulations that led to her being an exiler.

    It was better she told two who were familiar with her at first rather than the more aggressive of the ruins bunch. She’d sigh before continuing on ”I had not intended at all for things to go this far. But it wasn’t my choice, at first it had been. I received a mission to spy, to collect information and destroy the exiles from the inside all while holding an identity neither the enemy or the ally knew. That was Cicada she’d start trying to simplify it as much as she could. She’d take a breath before going on ”It would’ve went well if I didn’t get caught right away. I went in to confidentially and winded up having my scent found out despite the precautions I took. I’d managed to stick to my words while being beaten to the floor and narrowly murdered all for the chance their leader wouldn’t finish the job.” her muzzle would curl distastefully at the mention, thinking of the bitter tang of blood in her mouth and the running blood pouring out of her cuts.

    Her tongue would swipe over her maw ”The Leader night as well killed me. I made a deal for him to mess with my mind to see if I was lying. Instead of keeping his word and doing just that he had his goons strangle me while he did some shit with my head to try and make me into his little fucking servant” she’d snap the words but would compose herself. She’d settle the score with time. ”I was left to my devices afterwards living in the exiles unaware of what I was meant to do. But I did manage to soak up some information it wasn’t a failure. Not to mention helping out Petra she’d take a break to wait for more to arrive to see if they’d question her more so or demand the information out of her. She’d been intending to tell Lastbastion first but she felt the Ruins deserved some of the info first.


  • Well, this was going to be interesting.

    A confused look had crossed the face of Stone as he padded over to where Ver was pouring out her story about her time in the Exiles. He knew Ver, though maybe as only an acquaintance. He had seen her at various political and social events between allied Clans, and he liked her enough, considering what little he knew of her. He knew she seemed respectable and loyal, and that she knew what she was doing. She looked nothing like the one called Cicada who had returned with Petra and the cubs.

    Maybe she didn't always know what she was getting herself into after all.

    After wandering too far for comfort into the Ruins' territory and spilling her guts about a secret mission in the Exiles gone wrong, Ver was left to be greeted by the King. Normally he wouldn't take kindly to trespassing, and this instance still rubbed him the wrong way (as he didn't know the extent of her memory lapses and loss of time), but for now he remained silent. He knew that she knew more Ruiners better than she knew him, so he acted like she was really only telling the story to Nadine and Abbi. "Well that was a real yarn you spun, Ver," he observed when all was said and done. "Of course, I have to thank you for helping save Petra and her children, but consider me surprised. I never knew that spying was in your wheelhouse."


    with their names in big bright lights, all they do is take take take ——tags.

  • Ambedo Aeternum wasn't a boy of a temper. He wasn't one to get upset easily or let grudges fester and boil. He didn't often get worked up over any emotion in fear of driving everyone away again, often resigning to simpler traits, softer smiles. Maybe he would become excited at the idea of bonding with former friends again, or become upset should his family name be desecrated, but not ever would he lash out angrily.

    However, unluckily for Ver, the Exiles was something of a trigger for the helpless boy. His tails stiffened as her story went on - a story of heroism, of misfortune. She was making herself out to be a creature with a mission who happened to misstep. She was the victim in her own story, her mind controlled and her memories stolen from her. And yet, Abbi could only cling onto the alliance she had - the Exiles.

    He abruptly stood to his paws, his claws extending into the sand for stability, something he hadn't done in a while. He was reverting - he could feel himself spiraling with disbelief and anger. Imagery played in his head of the black cat that Ver used to be, of that body towering over defenseless creatures, laughing at the pain, causing more of it. His eyes narrowed as tears pricked the corners. He had to leave, he didn't dare let anyone experience his fall before he could control it. This wasn't his time, this was Ver's. Ver had her own redemption arc, he was just a small supporting character. He didn't need these extra feelings, and yet they begged to be set free.

    "Thank you," he said briefly, tails low as he took steps back, his invisibility slowly taking over his body, "I will be taking my leave, now," he finished, consumed by nothing. His steps were displayed clearly in the sand as he padded away, though the sound was muffled by his powers.

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