Berrybounce's Family adoptions remake (Traditional ThunderClan)

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  • My Ex-ThunderClanner Berrybounce has gone through quite a bit since she started on here a few months ago. I am hoping to build some family to either help her or hinder her in the future.


    Berrybounce was very permisuous in the past and ended up having and accidental litter. Terrfied of her abusive mother's reaction, Berrybounce conspired with her sister to pretend Berrybounce's kits were really part of her sister, Duskeyes', litter.

    During the famine, Berrybounce sided with Ivyleaf out of fear for her secret children starving and joined the molly in a raid against RiverClan. After which Berry was quickly exiled from ThunderClan ripping her from the very kits she wished to protect.

    Berryboucne found shelter in ShadowClan under the protection of Sorrelstar. There she ended up adopting two kits when their mother, and her new friend, died in childbirth. Unsure if she was deserving of the role. Berryboucne poured every last ounce of herself into raising these kits.

    Unfortunately, these children left ShadowClan with no explanation. Leaving Berrybounce crushed and grieving.

    She currently resides in RiverClan. Where she is building the courage to face her fears of Blackstar, tell her kits she is their mother and severing ehr ties with their abusive mother.

    Keep in mind you can change the name and colors if you like these are just placeholders. Berrybounce is 31 moons so her siblings will be that age and her kits will be 7 moons.

    The form is free for all but, be sure to have fun!

    Littermates - 3 (3 left)

    Duskeyes - Brown tabby molly with a cream underbelly, white chest, and bright green eyes (This character is very close to Berry and knows her better than anyone else in the family)

    Darkbird - Dark brown splotched molly with high white and blueish green eyes

    Milkstripe - Cream spotted tabby tom with high white and amber eyes

    Parents - NPCS

    Redfeather - Red-spotted tabby molly with high white and yellow eyes - is strict especially with Berry. Berry and her have a strained relationship

    Dustfoot - Muted brown tabby tom with white paws and green eyes

    Berrybounce's kits - 3 (2 left)

    Ruddypaw - Ruddy brown she-kit with a white chest, paws and green eyes

    Creampaw - Cream colored tabby tom with gold eyes and a white paw

    Whitepaw - White masking red tom with gold eyes

    Duskeyes kits (Apprentices) - 1 (Optional)

    Free for all! But there are only 2

    cherrypaw ! --

    a slim, light-weight copper tabby molly with seafoam-green eyes, she bears a slender poofy tail resembling that of a feather-duster. cherrypaw is a bright, balanced, and while shy is extremely curious and adventurous.


    Ex-ThunderClan || Female || 32 Moons || "The Unreliable"


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  • Berrybounce --

    here she is i hope she's ok-ey! oh gosh i'd love to roleplay with maybe meeting whitepaw or somethinggg,,,,

  • well Duskeyes would have said Berry did it for them. Berry also adopted a kit in ShadowClan that left her to be in Thunder with her crush, Featherpaw and her brother Scalepaw.


    Ex-ThunderClan || Female || 32 Moons || "The Unreliable"


  • Berrybounce --

    ooooh that makes sense, though i'd still prefer to make cherrypaw a liiiiil indifferent but nonetheless excited to meet her mother. oh gosh i wanna rp,, :,,00! i think cherrypaw would be hmm not so friendly towards featherpaw and scalepaw but would also badger them with questions on how berrybounce was like.

  • If Cherry is Duskeye's baby then Berry is technically her aunt XD Unless you were taking a slot of Berry's kits

    I can start a thread later if you'd like! Berry is very fragile still and may be prone to sadness and crying. She feels like she has lost everything she cared about though she is being healed emotionally by the very clan she raided lol


    Ex-ThunderClan || Female || 32 Moons || "The Unreliable"