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  • BASICS ―― lyrics here

    Vale | "Snake Girl"

    Vale has two meanings. Valley, and a lesser known one, farewell. It depends on the pronunciation. Vale changed her name to mean 'valley' because she felt it was prettier.

    female | she/her | sexuality | 23 months | ages at roleplayer's choice/ages real time

    coven of elysia | penumbra | keeper

    inspirations, reincarnated from, other char notes etc

    RELATIONSHIPS ―― lyrics here

    npc x npc | no known family


    single | [0] crushes | not looking | develops attraction/crushes?

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    APPEARANCE ―― lyrics here

    CURRENT APPEARANCE: a snake-leopard hybrid

    Vale looks just like any leopard you might see, the small, lithe body, big paws, long tail for balance. However, it's when you reach her face that you notice some discrepancies. Underneath some patches of spotted fur, if you look closely enough, you will find something that resembled scales on her face, and bright green eyes that look more similar to a snake's than a leopard's. Her eyesight isn't perfect, but her ability to detect vibrations in the ground makes up for what she's missing. Her canines are a bit sharper, just barely poking out from her lip, and she has venom glands herself. She has different types of venom, from ones that paralyze to ones that kill.

    And, of course, what she is most known for, is the snakes she keeps with her. At least one is always by her side, they keep her calm, and act as friends and protectors to this quiet individual.


    mutations: there are some scales on her face


    PERSONALITY & QUIRKS ―― lyrics here

    KEYWORDS: calm, collected, observant, friendly

    Vale is a very calm and collected individual, usually, if not a bit quieter than others. She's exceptionally observant of her surroundings, and can easily get and process information, retaining it in her head for later use.

    She is noticeably more reserved and shy, finding more comfort in her 'friends', or her snakes, rather than others, especially at first. It takes a bit of time for her to open up, but deep down, she's a friendly individual. More often than not, she has at least one snake with her, without them, she is noticeably more nervous and anxious, losing what little confidence she has in the first place. In short, she becomes an anxious mess, and do not take her snakes away from her.

    Vale is more of a peacekeeper or adviser than a leader, unsurprisingly. She simply doesn't have any leadership skills, more of a follower than anything, and she is well-aware of it, and accepts that as her role in life. It is very likely she never will gain any.

    She also really loves people who aren't put off by her 'friends', or as she puts it, 'more open-minded people', often preferring their company to those who might request that she not bring her snakes anywhere near them.

    Despite her being quite calm and empathetic, she holds no qualms about hurting or even killing others who want to harm her or her snakes. As a child, she was much less empathetic towards others, due to her upbringing, and due to the fact that people were not very accepting of her, her personality was almost nonexistent. She was more focused on survival then, and for her, the memories are a bit fuzzy of that time. She's also a bit childish at times, and doesn't really act her age.

    Vale becomes much more confident and full of life when it comes to talking about her snakes, much like how a mother would brag about her children. Due to this, she can be a bit too straightforward about how lethal the creatures she keeps with her are, often unknowingly putting distance between the people she cares about, and sometimes, will still try to stick close to them, completely unaware how much fear they may now feel. So with this, her relationships with others are almost always doomed, leaving her lonely.

    Confrontation is something she can not handle well. She will lose whatever confidence she might've had before, and lose confidence in herself and her words. Threats of any kind, however, she reacts differently to. If she feels that somebody is a threat, or is directly threatened with something, Vale doesn't take kindly to it, at all.

    She often will actually speak for her snakes when they want to say something, though she is plenty capable of forming her own opinion, she's usually more likely to act as a translator for her snakes.

    mbti & hogwarts houses and why

    disorders anxiety

    HISTORY ―― lyrics here

    Vale doesn't really remember events before she turned a year old. She knows her name, her companions, and select memories, but many of her memories are actually quite fuzzy, and will remain so. She can't recall certain things, such as her parents and what she did before she turned a year old.

    She had actually been raised to be an assassin, mostly by using venomous snakes, by a small group that trained children from birth in such things, never really giving her the chance at a normal life. There, she was given the name Vale, which meant farewell, a fitting name for somebody who ended many people's lives. Then, she was an emotionless shell of herself, often just getting the job done, and moving onto the next. That was her future.

    However, one of the people who raised her, the closest thing to a parent that she had, felt that it was too cruel. They had begun trying to send children out, claiming that they were killed, when in reality, their memories were tampered with and they were dropped off in other areas of Agrelos. Vale was one of those people, which explains her spotty memory and the fact that she's socially inept without her snakes.


    AESTHETICS ―― lyrics here

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    INTERACTION ―― lyrics here

    medium difficult physically | easy medium mentally

    venom glands

    powerplay peaceful actions

    training level?

    I tried my best to laugh at it

    but all I did was cry

    tags. | played by Mirror's Edge

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  • ELI ―― black mamba

    Eli is the oldest snake that she keeps with her, and is as deadly as he is loyal to the young leopard. He's a bit wary of strangers, preferring to stay by Vale's side, rather than to spend it with others. Thus, she does her best to not let him wander, in case he does bite somebody.


    VERA ―― coral snake

    AVA ―― kingsnake

    IVY ―― emerald tree boa

    Ivy is the calmest of them, and amongst the most trustworthy. Instead of staying with Vale, the boa really doesn't like interacting with people much, unlike the leopard, preferring a good tree and meal to any social event.


    LEO ―― saw-scaled viper

    One of the shorter tempered ones, Vale constantly has to ensure that he stays in check when she first picks him up. Named Leo, for the fact that she thought he was really brave, like, stupidly brave, he lives up to the name, often striking out at others, and among the first to do so. As time moves on, he becomes more protective of Vale rather than flat-out aggressive.

    NICO ―― southern black racer

    Nico is the youngest snake, and the one with the shortest temper.

    I tried my best to laugh at it

    but all I did was cry

    tags. | played by Mirror's Edge

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