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    Last Name: Alastair Belevance Cadwell Daremo Euthalia Paine Pantala Varco Schmidt



    • Discover the identities of her parent's murderers. [1/2 Discovered]
    • Decide on revenge...or forgiveness to said murderers. [1/2
    • Grow to prove her family proud. [Believes Failed]
    • Discover the reasons for why she can see and hear spirits.
    • Defeat this sickness that has its hold on her.
    • Watch the stars with Ladon [Failed]
    • Visit the clans her mother and father had lived in, if they still exist.
    • To unite this crazy world in a goal.
    • Not to fail the promise again to her Aunty Nymeria


    sexual & romantic orient. / extra info / single or taken, interested?: Single, No interest

    describe how to form platonic and romantic relationships with y/c

    Parents: Ventus and Kate

    ☾ Grandparents: Feli and Deustchland

    ☾ Siblings: Discopup


    [CURRENT BODY:] Wolf-Dog - 3/4th Wolf, 1/4th German Shepherd

    ↳ A wolf dog aged past a year in state, they've grown considerably taller from the higher wolf genetic traits that were inherited from her mother and father, this gives her a generally more wolf like size and weight. She bares a faded scar under the tan fur of her rear leg from when she had fallen into the River during her warrior ceremony. While she does live within the jungles, much of Laika's appearance brings a more fitting style to the colder lands of the north. In times of fear or stress, it is noticeable that a small layer of frost begins to form upon her paw.



    ☾ [EXTERIOR TRAITS] Trusting, Stubborn, Prideful, Day-Dreamer, Timid

    ☾ [INTERIOR TRAITS] Kind-hearted, Forgiving, Optimistic, Joyful

    ↳ full, described personality goes here

    — DISORDERS: None



    [The Sight - 20% - Known/Not Mastered] Laika was born with a fascination of the stars, given to her by her Mother, she would watch them for the spirit's to climb the star ladder. As she grew this fascination never ended, on her last hunting trip before leaving with old teacher, she had begun to awaken the Sight that has rested latent in her. Another recent event occurring in the glowing lake as she spoke to the spirit of the past leader of the Thunderlands. Currently she hold no means of proper control of this power and thus has been seeing the random spirits and hearing the whispers of the dead when near the recently deceased. It is said when the sight is activated, the specks appear thinly in her eyes, similar to the reflection of the stars in the night sky. The sight is a trait both her parents once possessed.

    [Ice Manipulation - 60% - Known/Not Mastered] The stress of the sickness in her body has triggered an awakening of a trait in her bloodline. A mutation consisting of the mixing of her mother's molecular manipulation with her father's elemental powers, has allowed her to summon forth and control Ice. This ice being far colder than the norm and refusing to melt at a normal melting point. This ice requires a large unnatural flame almost, to truly begin melting. Currently in its unknown and unmastered state, Laika can not control it's summoning and still feels a bit of the cold to come along with it. Triggered by strong emotions.

    [WEAPONS:] A European Long-sword gifted to her during the growth ceremony by her Opa

    physical Medium/ mental: Medium

    won't start fights / will end fights / won't run

    Peaceful Powerplay allowed.

    attack in BOLD and mention Laika E.

    Laika's Stars

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