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    Candela had never seen a place like the jungle, her experiences outside of Blizzardclan were limited. She’d run away once before but hadn’t strayed far and had returned not long after. This time it’d be permanent, she wouldn’t go back not if they gave her no choice. A murderer like her didn’t have the luxury of living a happy life. Her tail was tucked as she approached the border, ears pinned harshly against her head as she stared into the expanse of jungle waiting to hear the fronds ruffle. Waiting for anyone to come investigate.

    Plumes of flame would dance close to her pelt in a nervous twirling motion that extended from her ruff to her back. The scent of smoke would as always be so pungent around wherever the wolfdog stood.



    What the fuck was that smell? It sure seemed a lot like the scent of burning fire. Obviously, that was a scent that set Tokyotower's gut at some unease. Instead of running from it, though, the dhole instinctively changed course, darting towards the concerning scent. And what she ended up coming across just made her both confused, and concerned, all at once.

    What Tokyo saw was an apparently scared wolfdog just standing there, her fur on fire. Why wasn't she trying to extinguish the fire on her body? Was this a suicide, was she in shock? The other girl wasn't someone she recognized yet, but that wasn't her concern at the moment. She immediately let out a loud bark at the other female canine, oblivious to the fact the fire actually might have been more innate than a danger to the other. "Oi! STOP, DROP, ROLL! You're on fuckin' fire, and not in the way that means you're on a roll, the way that means you SHOULD be rollin'!"

    [ tokyotower ... female ... dhole ... 20 moons functionally - spiritually/actually unsure but over 70 moons ... no current powers ... thunderlands ]

  • Glitteringgold lifted his angular head in curiosity as a thick, distinctive smell pooled into his nostrils, choking his senses. There was no mistaking it, that was smoke. Concerned there may be a fire occurring on the territory and that the lives of others may potentially be in danger, the domestic feline naturally made no hesitation to investigate the source, golden oculars warily sweeping his surroundings. However, upon arriving at the scene, what manifested in his field of vision was far from what he had expected. An unfamiliar wolfdog stood with flames dancing from their pelt and an alarmed Tokyotower opposite, who he recognised from when he himself had joined only hours prior. Unlike Tokyotower, Glitteringgold did not immediately settle on the conclusion that she had accidentally caught fire, as the demeanour of the wolfdog seemed to suggest that she was calm, albeit wary, and that she was in no pain. He had come across those with elemental powers in the past, but this was the first in some time. "No need to worry Tokyotower, I believe she is a fire elemental, she is immune to her own flames," he chuckled lightly, turning to face Candela with a friendly smile. "You are on Thunderland territory. What is your name and business?"

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    Emma had ventured along to the border as well, watching in awe as the flames danced around the canine, eyes following the fire as it licked Candela's fur. She hadn't actually seen many powers, and it always intrigued her how these creatures managed to hold such fine control over elements. It also made her wonder if she herself would ever get them. It would be interesting, wielding that kind of power.

    "So you guys can control stuff like fire. Amazing!" She beamed, the smile on her face showing how ecstatic she was to witness such a thing. "It's very pretty, miss! Though are you sure that you won't accidentally set something on fire?" The last sentence was added as an afterthought. Though this was a jungle, there still was plenty of risk of fire spreading.


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