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  • Hollyshade. It was weird to call herself that. She still thought of herself as Tansy, although it really had only been a few days since the change. She was apart of this clan now, and yet, she still didn't quite fit right in. Her nest was tucked away by the entrance of the warriors' den, away from the others. She went on patrols by herself unless she was instructed otherwise. She ate alone. She thought, a lot, and didn't really have any friends here. Everything about her day-to-day routine seemed to simple on the surface, but it felt so very complicated at times. Should she stay and talk to that apprentice or duck away to go hunt? Hunting it would be. When a warrior looked her way and seemed interested in talking to her, she excused herself to the dirtplace. Being here in WindClan provided so many things she never had as a loner, but there were sacrifices she'd had to make that she didn't think of when she joined. She just wasn't....social.

    Currently, the ebony molly was seated near the freshkill pile with a piece of rabbit between her paws. She'd caught it earlier and brought it back to the pile. A couple of times she had been gently reminded that she wasn't supposed to eat until she brought something back to camp, which confused herself a bit, but she obliged anyways. There was plenty more kills in the pile, so she felt content to enjoy what she'd brought back.

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    Lizardbounce knew all to well what it was like to not fit in. After the death of his parents, he had built high walls around himself, only allowing a few people in. He was still like that, but..lesser than what he had been for so many years. After being a warrior for a few moons, he had basically forced himself to be social, and now it wasn't so hard. He still hated gatherings, but hey at least now he knew the majority of his clanmates.

    As he padded into camp, he spotted Hollyshade sitting by herself with a rabbit. The three legged tom padded to the fresh kill pile, and picked up a small vole. He then walked over to join her. "Hi, Hollyshade." the tom greeted, coming to stand in front of her. "How are you liking your new name?" It was strange not calling her Tansy, but he'd get used to it. He wondered what she felt like, having a new name to go by. The thought of getting a new name sounded cool to him, but he'd been Lizardbounce for so long it would be weird to change it. "Oh! I forgot to ask, mind if I sit here?"






  • "yeah, you got a great one! wait 'till you become a legendary warrior - uh, that is, if you aren't already that. my point is: no one'll ever forget such a cool name." eyes like the shivering light that the sun cast upon a river's cool waters, flurrypaw looked quite the eager puffball as he padded over to the duo. it appeared that he forgot to take into account the reserved tendencies hollyshade kept about her. whereas lizardbounce eased his greeting, the young tom's bursting salute might be totally overwhelming to his clan-mate.

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  • TAGS ☆彡being antisocial within the clan wasn't as uncommon as one would think. personally, he was the same; he kept to himself, and organized things quietly. he kept his tone polite, and usually monotone, emotion, or warmth, entering his gaze or movements when it hit him. he was skilled at hiding his emotions, but he was generally very frank, which contradicted, he supposed. sighing softly to himself, the blue tabby would lightly stretch, evergreen eyes flickering to the forming group curiously.

    he found himself forcibly interacting with others since ascending to leadership, but that was about it. his personality still remained the same, in an almost relentless way, he was afraid. your name is pretty unique, if i do say so myself, he'd agree lightly with flurrypaw, dipping his cranium in polite acknowledgement to those that were gathered.

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